The Decision

The decision

Right! So I’ve been dwelling on the thought of making a decision to start writing/starting my own blog for quite some time now. And like many things in my life , or should I say many times in my life I often doubt my abilities and fear to “expose” my thoughts on this,that and the other. Tonight was just different! I decided tonight is the night! Let me give it a go and see where this will take me. Part of me also made this decision as I really just need space to write and clear my mind. So….. from the name of my blog and also the tag line , you probably guessed that I became a first time Mom (at 37 I might add )in 2017 (gasp!). I’ve been a mom to two yorkie pups, Charzi and Minka, but THiS year! I became the mom of a HUMAN!!!! With this blog post I hope to take you on this crazy journey that is mine. This journey will be filled with highs and lows of my Phd completion, going through the motions of raising a little human, being a “perfect”wife, sister and daughter! Ooooooh yes! Along this journey I hope to take you on my discovery of THE SELF and all things that composes it! Wow now if only I can type this many words in my dissertation in 10 minutes!!!!! Are you ready for this journey? I sure am!


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