Reality and the Truth!

My first question to all mom’s when I first found out that I was pregnant, was “ does your natural motherly instincts just kick in?” That was my biggest fear that I would have this tiny human in my arms and not know what to do with him/her. I think this fear stems from losing my mom when I was five months pregnant. My mom sadly passed away on 1 December 2016, on the day that my Dad turned 60. What would have been a celebrated day turned out to be a day or mourning. I felt really lost for so long. My mom was supposed to go baby clothes shopping with me and she was supposed to help me pack my hospital bag. Typing about this now, brings tears to my eyes, but! That’s one of the reasons I started this blog, to let it all out! What I’ve learned, reality is….. once you have that little one in your arms… you take on the role of a mother, the protector, the carer and the consoler. The truth is….. THE FIRST SIX WEEKS is a Test! To see if you are fit! To take on all these roles. Nah! Just kidding, the truth is that when you first hold that little one in your arms, nothing else matters, none of what you’ve read and googled about birth is relevant. What’s relevant is that from that moment on, you have formed an unbreakable bond….


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