Is it a girl… is it a boy???

Ok! So OBVIOUSLY you all know what the outcome was. For our 24 week detailed scan the doctor asked us if we were told the gender of the baby and we said yes, we were told it’s a girl. The the doc reverted our attention to the monitor and this is what we saw….



I remember both of us just started laughing out loud! We had received some girly gifts, had decided on a name and this Mommy was thinking of all the cupcake tea parties we would have. We even started planning on the decor for the nursery 😱! We found out that it was a boy a week before my mom passed away.  I remember coming home straight from the hospital to tell my dad and Mom that Liefie( that’s what I called out peanut) was no longer a Liefie, but now a Tollie! My Mom was in such good spirits that day, looking forward to now having a healthy grandson. I will treasure the smile on her face forever and I know deep down inside that she would have loved this monkey of ours and that she is looking down on us seeing him grow day by day.

So! Moral of the story, if we do decide on Baby No2, I will be ready! No expectations and to wait for the 24 week assessment to confirm the gender, but who knows with my luck the gender will probably be revealed upon birth!

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