Umatie Goodness!

So…. besides having a big fear to breastfeed, my second biggest fear was to introduce Hudson to solids. His pediatrician suggested to start with rice cereal at 4 months and by 6 months he should have three meals. I read the pros and cons with regards to rice cereal and you know what, each to their own. After about a month of rice cereal I made a batch of carrot purée. I felt anxious when it came to supper time, because I didn’t know how Hudson would react to it. First try and he spat everything out. I felt defeated 😕, but I couldn’t give up at all. He started getting veggies for lunch at day care and slowly but surely got use to the taste. I then wanted to introduce him to different flavor combinations and that’s when I discovered Umatie!! From the first tub, Hudson loved it. I ordered one of each tub, just to see if he would like it. Needless to say we have made our fourth order already!!! I attach the website where you will get all the details on their company and also the stages that they offer. Ordering online is easy peasy! Attached some screenshots from their website.

BE91C6C5-67EA-4D50-B3E2-BA6D993789987C6ED06D-D4B9-4669-85F8-CAEC1006881A.png4A31D146-5F44-41AB-A790-7D09057CC29EF893EA5A-F2EC-4919-A759-3F5A6B2A5A0371DFD963-0910-4D91-9052-3200850DAB2BB794BEA0-449C-4FC5-8D06-684DE0CF2EC2BDAC3B0A-DE8E-4247-8103-7CD865740B47You can order yours TODAY!

You’re Welcome!

PS: I just LOvE the names they have for each combination! Soooooo original and full of GOODNESS

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