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I just LOVE the name of this brand! When I first saw Koosh-uhn’s products online, I really fell in love with it. One can sense the pride and love that goes into making each individual product. When conversing with the owner, Marina she stated that she really takes pride in her work and that each and every product is hand made by herself and she feels that the love she puts into each product is reflected in the final product that is sent to each customer.

Two of Koosh-uhn’s best selling products are definitely the Braided Cot Bumper and the knitted balls.

The Braided Cot Bumper:

The Braided Cot Bumper is the perfect gift for a soon to be mom, new mom or newborn baby. We’ve all seen the traditional bumpers before, but these braided cot bumpers are unique, modern and definitely in a league of its own. It is also very functional as it can be used for tummy time, add a pop of colour to any room and  very importantly as a safety function to keep a toddler from rolling off a bed when tucked under a fitted sheet. You can order the braided cot bumper in various sizes and colours and it can even be custom made in the size and colour that you need. Win-Win!

The Knotted Ball Cushions:

These cushions add a funky pop of colour to any room or photo shoot for that matter. These unique cushions can be used in almost any room and will definitely be  a real conversation starter. They can be made in a variety of sizes and colours or custom made in the size and colour you want. AnotheR Win-Win!





Bonus! If you send them your email address, they will send you their discounted price list FIRST on 23 November in preparation for BLACK FRIDAY.

NB: They are constantly loading new products so make sure that you check their website and IG regularly

Find them on www.koosh-uhn.co.za

Email: kooshuhn@gmail.com

Instagram: Koosh-Uhn


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