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Did you know?

Petit Bunny launched the ORIGINAL Multipurpose cover babeshade in SA over a year ago. Needless to say a lot of other brands copied their idea, but Petit Bunny continues to pride themselves on service & quality.

About the brand

“Petit Bunny was created with a vision to provide luxurious, yet affordable baby goods to new parents. Having been in the retail industry for many years, we saw a gap in the market for exquisitely madenatural fibre, locally manufactured and ethically conscious baby goods.Thus the brand and its product’s were born. We continue to look for items needed in everyday life, and pursue expanding our baby range accordingly, all fitting in line with the handwriting and ethos of our brand.”

Mathi the owner of Petit Bunny says:

“We have had great feedback on our products & have loyal customers who have tried and tested them and return to buy more as gifts etc, which is great! I have been in the textile industry for 9 years & so fabrics and garment quality is really important to me.”

Knowing that Mathi understands fabrics and garment quality is very important to me as a mother. Petit Bunny is constantly expanding their product range, so keep a look out for new products that will launch in the near future. As a Mother of a 3 month old, Mathi understands the needs in the baby industry and she has first hand experience as well.

What is Mathi’s favourite product?

The little Petit Bunny ‘my first blanki’ range. It is a perfectly stretchy swaddle for a newborn,  and second to the babeshade which she uses everyday.  everyday!


                            Have a look at some of Petit Bunny’s range:







                                    To sum this brand up in one sentence:

“Luxuriously integrating fashion and quality baby products, for the stylish parent.”

I just love it when a product speaks for itself and Petit Bunny is definitly a brand that I would place in that category.

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