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Are you looking for Wall Decor; Night Lights and Toddler Benches? then look no further. Boogzie-Bee Creations is the place FOR YOU!

Who are they?

“We make beautiful and unique décor. We specialize in making creations for kid’s rooms, but due to the constant request we are more than willing to create something for the house or for the office.
We also love taking on custom requests and bringing your ideas to life. We promise that you won’t be disappointed.
Each and every item is created with love, and a lot of time goes into these creations to ensure that we make them perfect for you.”
What you can find from Boogzie-bee Creations:
– Toddler’s benches
– Wall décor
– Night lights
All made to order, aside from the current creations available.

Check out their Facebook page to see what they have available, and the beautiful custom creations that they have already brought to life.

Some of their work so far:

Boogzie-bee Black White Bunny.jpg

Boogzie-bee Fawn.jpg

Boogzie-bee Full Unicorn.jpg

Boogzie-bee Lashes.jpg

Boogzie-bee Moon.jpg

Boogzie-bee Night Light Cloud.jpg

Boogzie-bee Ombre Cloud.jpg

Boogzie-bee Panda.jpg

Boogzie-bee Stars.jpg

Boogzie-bee Textured Alien 1.jpg

Boogzie-bee Textured Alien 2.jpg

Boogzie-bee Unicorn Head.jpg

They are currently running a Facebook Competition:

Facbook Competition.jpg

Get in touch with them :
@boogziebeecreations – Follow us
boogziebee_creations – Follow us – email us for orders or queries

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