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The Vision of Indalo

“We mean real natural skin care”

The Brand

When I first started supporting and promoting local business’s it was important for me that the name of the brand connected with the cause and quality of the products. In previous posts you have noticed that I reviewed a lot of clothing brands for kids, but I have also realised that Mom’s, it is so important to look after yourself as well. When I first read about Indalo, I couldn’t help but feel all warm inside. This was a brand that gave back to the community, helping to empower poorer communities and bringing natural and wholesome products from the local community to the local community.

The NGO, named Ikhaya Le Themba identifies individuals from disadvantaged communities to partake in this initiative. These individuals are then trained and mentored to afford the opportunity to be developed as Sole Proprietors, who then manufactures and supply Indalo with their products for sale in the market place. The products are handmade, hand packaged and labelled which enables more job opportunities for the unemployed.

What is in the products? 

If you are looking for 100% natural, chemical free products then Indalo skin care products are for you. The back story is that these skincare products were originally developed to help patients suffering from skin conditions at the Ikhaya le Themba Home. Indalo quickly recognised the value and benefits of the products and have now created 13 products which includes both a baby and sensitive skincare range.

The ingredients that are used are, bees wax, water, olive oil, macadamia oil, almond oil and other essential oils. Indalo has gotten the balance of fragrance just right. There are no additives or chemicals added to the products and they are safe to use as part of a grey water system and are biodegradable.

Product Properties

Olive oil and almond nut oil contains antioxidants and makes the skin healthier from within. It does not clog pores, reduces dark circles and delays the signs of aging. I found the lip balms by Indalo to be everthing a lip balm should be. My lips feel moisterised without it feeling and looking oily and you need just to apply a small amount.

The Macadamia nut oil has a non-greasy feel on the skin. The body butters especially, feels luxurious on the skin and leaves it feeling fresh and of course smelling real good.

The essential oil properties include, cedarwood, lavender, Moringa, Sandalwood , tea tree and lemongrass. All of the above are among my favorite fragrances, and I cant bring myself to pick a favorite.









Indalo products are made in Cape Town, South Africa. You can find more information on

On Instagram: @indalo_natural_local_together

On Facebook: @indaloptyltd

Support Local Businesses, But especially for a great cause.

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