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A few weeks ago, I told you Momma’s and Momma’s to be about the list of basic meds you need in your medicine cabinet that we received at Prenatal classes from a registered Nurse. Here is the list:

Pain and Fever : Pediatric Panado syrup or Calpol  OR Suppositories; Voltaren, Empaped or Viburcol

download (1).jpgvoltarol_suppositories_50mg_2.jpgdownload.jpgempaped-258x245-Copy-300x285.jpg






Blocked Nose: Sterimar/ Salex nose spray/ Flo Baby/ Iliadin for infant


infant_001_nose_drops_detail.pngSalex DropSpray plus Bottle NEW.jpg


Colic : Telament drops/ Buscopan (ped)/ Bennetts Colic Mixture


Skin rash or Irritation: Aloevera gel/ Pediatric Alergex


Constipation: Lennon’s  Glycerin Suppositories/ Pegicol/Duphalac or Laxette Syrup


download (1).jpg

Nausea : Medazine Syrup / Valoid Pediatric Syrup


Diarrhea: Gastropect syrup/ Rehidrate/ Smecta

gastropect_suspension_6001390962392-copy.jpgdownload (2).jpg

download (3).jpgCold/Tight chest: Baby Vicks /Nectadyn cough Syrup/ Prospan


Ear Ache: Auro Ear Relief drops


Lastly, remember the post I did on @jamieskidsa? See the pictures below:




Everything that you might need in a Medicine Cabinet is right here! All you need is the meds. It is so easy to carry around and I have to say that I feel so much at ease knowing that I am prepared. I really hope that you will all find the above useful.

NB: I still remember the day my hubby and I went to Dischem Pharmacy to  get things from this list. It is soooooooo overwhelming as a new parent to be / parent. Do not let this list overwhelm you. We bought Panado Syrup; Telament drops; Flo Baby; Nose Frida; Digital Thermometer; Aloe Vera Gel; Calpol, Prospan and Baby Vicks. If Hudson shows any symptoms of the above I have this list to refer to and to get meds, IF there is not an urgent need to take him to the doctor.  Always follow YOUR intuition as a mom as a parent when it comes to the health of your baby.





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