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Last year 2017, was a great year for local brands. This blog post will consists of a compiled list of clothing for babies and tods; essential skincare for babies/tods;  as well as stylish room decor and furniture and of course treats for Mom in the form of skincare as well as apparel. This year promises to be an even BIGGER year for our favourites. Each day I will update this post with another brand. Herewith a list of brands we love and will definitely keep our eyes on for in 2018.


  1.    https://www.madremilieu.com

Madre does decor; designs and illustrations. Her repertoire goes beyond just being another illustrator. She was on our Xmas Gift list last year and this year promises to be another great one! I finally found a frame that I loved to use for his name print that Madre did.


2.  https://www.facebook.com/LettersWoodLovee/

They specialize in hand painted wooden names, letters and signs. They also make wooden Arabic names and stock many other decor items!Check out their Instagram and Facebook pages to see more amazing products.



Kids’ Clothing 

3. http://plushpanda.co.za/

If you are not following them yet, you are going to miss out BIG TIME!. The fit, the fabric, the designs are EVERYTHING. @plushpandabyola brings you all the #localislekker feeling with a touch of European flair. Hudson is wearing the paint splattered romper.

4. https://www.facebook.com/snugster/

A mama designing and creating snuggly friends for your little monsters. Handmade with love in Cape Town.


5. http://luckylittle.co.za/

Lucky Little truly can make any vision come alive! What can you expect from them in 2018? Updated Tees for big and small. An option to select standard cotton or new luxe brushed cotton. An improved fit on the baby tees 6-12 months and 12-18 months which will now be custom made to fit your baby even better.




6. http://kleinkie.co.za/

Chantel describes her truly South African brand as 100% local, unique, modern and memorable. Have a look on their online page above, to see more of their goods.


7. https://www.madcole.co.za/

Did you know that Maddon & Cole has six product categories? Accessories; Decor; Girls; SS17Boys; Teethers. From Dino packs and tees to Unicorn backpacks and frilly dresses as well as the cutest lunch boxes for school. Make sure to watch this space. Click on the link above for more products.

8. http://www.thelittleclosetandco.com/

Sumayyah Ally just blows me away every time she launches a new piece to her collection. From stylish local brands to her own label Eemaan handmade. You can be sure that you are getting the best quality in products and amazing customer service. Watch this space 🤗 PS: I love the girly high low dresses…. Mommy inspired twinning range coming soon (wink wink @_the_little_closet_ “><

https://wolfwolf.co.za/ Last year was an AMAZING year for Wolf Wolf.  This year they will definitely not disappoint as they will be introducing new designs, themes and of course QUALITY threads. New theme? Of course. I could tell you as I am one of the first to know, but that will spoil all the excitement. All I will say is that Wolfie loves going on adventures to different countries and this year he will be going on an adventure to…….. Watch this space! Have a look at a beautiful styled shoot we did in collaboration with Tulip and Lily. http://www.tulipandlilly.co.za/ (Teepee and crowns). Our amazing and talented photographer was Nikki Oliver https://nikkioliverphotography.pixieset.com/ Keeping all the cuteness real is Isabella, Hudson;s Bestie. The two of them were born one week apart.

<<<< a href=”https://www.benrabbit.co.za/”>https://www.benrabbit.co.za/ Remember the post I did last year about something exciting to look forward to from Ben Rabbit in 2018? Well, their clothing range of Baby Growers are here! I am going to place my order of the Tortoise and the Hare baby grower TODAY! PS: aren’t these pictures just adorable 😍

11. https://maaiki.co.za/ Nothing attracts me more to a brand that is truly local in every sense of the word. Local brand to watch in 2018 is…….@maaikisa Two new collections have just launched and it is inspired by the South African Hadedas and the leopard. These two collections consists of Beautiful rompers, tee and shorts sets and bloomer and flutter dresses. Ages 0-3 months – 18-24 months

12. https://rosiebee.co.za/ “Childhood is about fun,imagination and a bit of whimsy thrown in the mix- and that is what we are about” When you go to their online store you are welcomed by the cutest little munchkin. Rosie bee has two categories one for boys and one for girls with sizes ranging from 0-3 until 18-24 months old. From the cutest Pom Pom leaf romper and shorts for girls to Monochrome Deer legging sets for boys. 2018, Promises to be a year of growth and taking Rosie Bee Clothing from strength to strength.


For Mom’s

13. https://www.foxymama.co.za/ While being pregnant with Hudson, I felt I was very limited to the clothing I could wear. Two things: 1. Either the fit was just horrible, because I had bigger and fuller breasts with a bump. 2. It was not very modern and feminine. I honestly wish I had known about the following brand while pregnant.

“We believe in modern, comfortable and beautiful maternity wear clothing. Let’s celebrate your growing body in style with designs that show off that beautiful baby bump in just the right way. Great quality products and best of all? Free delivery on all orders regardless of value!”

The above is everything I wanted and needed, but didn’t quite get through my pregnancy. I was not one of those Momma’s to be, whose belly was the only thing that got bigger, everything got bigger!. Have a look at some of their pieces….

_MG_3406.jpg_MG_3448.jpg_MG_3165.jpg_MG_3540.jpg_MG_2624.jpg_MG_2974.jpg_MG_3161.jpg_MG_2478.jpg_MG_2801.jpg_MG_3370.jpg_MG_3036.jpg Stunning!!!!Watch this brand in 2018 for more exciting designs. PSSSSSSTTTTTTT Giveaway coming soon.

14. http://momsy.co.za/ Another one for the Mommy’s to be and Nursing Moms. @nursingmomsy is a proudly South African brand 🇿🇦created by a talented photographer and Momma of two boys. @nursingmomsy clothing range can be described as comfy, stylish and trendy classic designs. How gorgeous does @minkivanderwesthuizen look in the Kale Trendy Momsy Dress 😍 @nursingmomsy is definitely on our list of Brands to watch in 2018 🤗


Local Clothing Brand

15. https://www.kapasbaby.com

Kapas Baby….where do I start. Anything that you could possibly think of and need for your little one and yourself can be found on KapasBaby’s website above. From Boy and Girl Clothing to Unisex clothing; accessories; decor; shop for Momma and a gift registry. PS: There is even a Clearance Sale category where you can also find amazing items at affordable prices. Their Summer Collection 17/18 launched last year and the prints just shout comfort.

“Our Summer Collection, a collection inspired by our beautiful, hot summer days where we play outdoors and spend endless hours with our toes in the sand and the warm sunshine on our skin. For little people who want to look good while keeping cool in our 100% cotton, locally made baby clothing. For the little boys we have a print inspired by the African Nguni Cow, a beautiful Delicious Monster for the little girls, and our timeless raindrop for the little ones who love monochrome. Happy Summer!” The fabrics used in the above collection were all knitted and printed locally in 100% cotton. A key concern for Kapas Baby is to consistently produce locally made, 100% cotton baby clothing for their wholesale and retail customers. Their plans for 2018? You can expect unique, stylish and 100 % cotton Autumn and Summer Collections. I am very excited to see Kapas Baby grow from strength to strength in the coming year.



Local Decor Brand 

16. http://mytinyteepee.co.za/

Our local Brands to watch in 2018, will not be complete without @mytinyteepee I have never had the pleasure of meeting Olivia in person, but from our chats on IG, she exudes a kind, compassionate and amazing woman. Even though she runs a VERY Successful brand, Olivia is down to earth and probably one of the most humble people you’ll come across. She is a BOSS MOM, who has worked extremely hard to make her brand a household name. If you are looking for a brand that is made up with a lot of heart and soul and an enduring tale to tell then @mytinyteepee is the brand🤗 @mytinyteepee has A LOT of surprises for us this year, so make sure you don’t miss out on ANYTHING!

Local Clothing Brand 

17. https://byroeline.co.za/

Handmade, earth-friendly clothing…. the type of exclusive designs from @byroelineandco . Exclusively, exquisitely beautiful designs @byroelineandco is on our list of Brands to watch in 2018. Little girl Mamma’s please have a look at the Limited Edition Bloomers that’s available on the site right now. 2018, is going to be an exciting one as @byroelineandco will adorn our little ones in exclusive designs.


Local Decor Brand 

18. https://www.moocachoo.co.za/

Megan is a mom of two girls aged 4 and 20 months old who runs Moo Cachoo with her Mom. Moo Cachoo brings you gorgeously Unique handcrafted products for Moms, Babies and Tots. This brand source their products from creative moms; to also give them a platform to have their unique products displayed. A few of their products and more to see when you peruse their website.




Car seat cover - Cotton Grey Chevron.jpg




Fllor Cushion Med - Black aztec.jpg

Another great local brand to watch in 2018!!!

Local Brand For the Mom’s

19. https://easycurves.co.za/

After pregnancy, your body is just not in the same shape that it use to be. For some lucky ones, you bounce back in two seconds of giving birth. For others, like myself whom have always been curvier, thats not always the case. Introducing Easy Curves …. A curvier you … 

Easy Curves is a shape wear brand for women designed by women Their pieces are put together for all types of women to be able to embrace their curves with confidence.  Their products range from waist shapers, bras ( all sorts) ,bodysuits in various sizes and padded underwear to assist with extra curves whilst controlling your tummy . They have just launched a curvier swimwear range that is for the curvier women only ( no small sizes) . If you are unsure of the sizing they also offer consultations so that you are able to find the right and most comfortable piece that best suits your wardrobe.

Local Clothing

20. https://moonandson.co.za/wp/

Moon and Son launched their range on the 1st of December 2017. Their designs include clothes for children between the ages of 1-8. Mostly natural fabrics like organic cotton, linen, hemp linen, and 100% cotton are used for their garments. All their products are designed and handmade locally in South Africa.

The main vantage point and aim for Moon and Son  has been to produce the style of clothes that they  themselves  would love to buy for their own children. How does Ralene the owner describe Moon and son?

Affordable, quality clothing that is beautiful and timeless, and made for little individuals.”

What you can expect from the range:

The range consists of both casual clothes suitable for the playground as well as formal items suitable for parties and other events.

What can we expect from Moon and Son in  2018?

Their aim for 2018 is to grow the brand by exhibiting at a variety of markets, stocking their range at more stores and broadening their online audience.

We are also working on some unique screen printing designs to include in our range later this year.”

Where can you find them?

The next market that they will be exhibiting at is Belly Blessings on the 10th of March 2018, Fourways, Johannesburg.

You can also purchase Moon and Son Clothing  at the following stores:

The Mohair Mill Shop at The Crags, Plettenberg Bay https://www.facebook.com/TheMohairMILLSHOP/

Let’s have a look at their threads

Absolutely Beautiful right?

20. http://www.sunnyandbear.co.za (Website still in progress and coming soon)

IG: @sunny_and_bear

Kyrah the owner has always envisioned creating and designing clothing pieces of exceptional quality but also a range that will minimise it’s footprint on the environment while still being comfortable, beautiful and practical. Just what us Moms want to hear right?

I love a brand who has been build on great values and principles and Sunny and Bear was build on three- Pure; Simple; Practical.

The Principles:

  1. Pure

You will notice that all their pieces have been alleviated by using concealed press studs, instead of using plastic buttons. All the pieces are made from 100% linen.

Benefits of using linen?

  • Its the strongest natural fibre and non allergic and breathable.
  • Linen is made from the Flax plant which uses less water and fewer pesticides than cotton, which makes it the more eco-friendly choice as apposed to cotton.
  • Lastly, linen is fully biodegradable and can be recycled.

2. Simple

The lined range is comprised of simple, yet beautiful and timeless pieces that can be passed down from one sibling to the next. A lot of the styles have elements of unisex, which makes it interchangeable. The entire range has also been designed to make the task of mixing and matching, easier on you.

3. Practical

It is very important to me that clothing does not only look good, but that it is comfortable as well. Sunny and Bear’s clothing range is based fully on this principle. The clothing pieces are non-restrictive and comfortable, allowing our little tribe to run around freely.

Ready to see some of their pieces?

21. http://www.bebare.co.za

Bebare is a small, artisanal skin bar business based in Cape Town. It has always been Lil’s, the owners dream to produce beautiful, gentle, cleansing bars of soap.  The need to create an alternative to what’s on offer (harsh soap additives) Bebare was established. Lil is a small business owner who works full time and finds her creative space in making beautiful bars of soap. Her ultimate dream:

small, quality range of products including my skin bars and a few other natural, organic bath and body products.

All the oils and butters that are used are sourced locally and wherever possible, organic. The consistency of the Bars are 50% olive oil and it also contains generous glugs of macademia nut oil, mafura butter, shea butter and coconut butter. The olive oil is sourced from a farm down the road where she resides, macademia nut oil from KZN.  All bars are 100% vegan, NO palm oil, NO parabens, NO sulphates, NO synthetics.

The art of making soap the traditional way, is what sets Bebare apart from other brands. She uses a cold-process soap making.  Batches are made in  small quantities ( never more than 20 bars are made at a time) It involves combining of oils, a process of saponification, adding essential oils and clays, and drying bars for a minimum of 30 days.  It’s a slow process and worth the wait.

“We believe in quality over quantity. As with most worthwhile things in life, bare. is a labour of love.  It’s the sourcing of quality, ethically produced raw materials; small handmade batches; a slow process that focuses on the process not the destination; hand stamping each bar, wrapping the soap belly in recycled paper and eventually offering the public a beautiful, safe product that they will want to come back for. ”
Some of their products:

22. https://www.gracebaby.co.za/

GraceBaby.co.za is an online baby store that sells an internationally manufactured pram, the Venice Child Kangaroo stroller which is imported directly from Venice California, USA. They are the exclusive distributor for this product in South Africa.

Grace Baby was founded because as millennial parents themselves, Shannon and her husband, could not find a modern, stylish, versatile and affordable pram for their baby. They decided to venture abroad and after a few weeks of research and countless store visits they discovered the pram they loved and made the decision to bring this concept to SA.

“The Venice Child Kangaroo stroller is sold internationally namely the UK, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and now South Africa and the brand is rapidly expanding across the globe.”
About the product:

The Venice Child Kangaroo stroller is designed to be used from birth to toddler. The Kangaroo has a smooth and versatile chassis design with no screws or welding to join the parts. Designed with a sleek streamlined frame to prevent damage and avoid the issues that normally occur with welded frames.

Carefully crafted with high-grade polished aviation aluminium to prevent corrosion and rusting. Our polished aviation aluminium gives the look of a chrome finish for added style. The wheels have a swivel mechanism enhanced with a shock absorbing technology to ensure smooth and comfortable rides. The stroller is sold in South Africa with a 5 year warranty and 2 year warranty on all accessories ensuring product reliability and satisfaction.

The Beauty:


23. https://www.babesandkids.co.za

Last year I introduced you to Babes and Kids. Experts on luxury linen for little ones.  The bedding is designed and manufactured in South Africa. Their range offers different designs and products that will compliment all nurseries and toddler rooms. Sophistication, classic and timeless designs that can be passed on from sibling to sibling. Only the highest quality Egyptian Cotton is used for their babies and kids range. This ensures a calm and comfortable rest for your little one.

A few of their unique pieces. 


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