During my Boot camp – Week 2

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Week 2 Completed! The feedback that I have received so far has been AMAZING. My week in review. On Monday I planned to do the 5:15 am class, and let’s just say I blame it all on Hudson’s cuteness for missing the class. BUT! I made it to the evening camp and I definitely put in double the work (True, story!)

I decided to try on one of my pre-pregnancy dresses. Which b.t.w I have been dreading on doing. Two reasons.

1. That it would not fit me.

2. That I would not like what I would see in the mirror.

After putting on the dress and seeing myself in the mirror, I finally started feeling like me. The “me” who felt comfortable in her skin. While pregnant my shoe size increased from a Size 4 to a size 7! My husband could wear the flip flops I was wearing while pregnant. I grabbed a pair of heels to see if there was any difference and…..IT FIT!!!

The pictures below were taken three years ago, and thanks to Google Photos, I was reminded of this time. Which is not always a bad thing. Why do I say it’s not a bad thing? Three years ago I was the healthiest I have ever been. I could walk into any clothing store and they had my size. I was happier, not because of how “thin” I was, but because of all the energy I had, to do more. My body will never “bounce” back to exactly what you see in these pictures, but the fierce attitude I had, well I can tell you now already that it is in me and that fire is starting to grow day by day as my body, mind and soul grows stronger.

Last week Wednesday morning, I joined the 5:15 am camp. I have to admit it was very difficult getting out of bed at 4:30, after having had little to no sleep with a teething baby. It was dark, not a lot of cars on he road and low and behold what song starts playing on the radio? “All by myself” Celine Dion’s version. I was very temped at doing a live feed to sing that song out loud, but to change the chorus line to “so not all by myself” but alas will do my own pop idol performance for you soon. The session went REALLY well. When I say that, I was able to run longer at a speedy pace and I kept the momentum up throughout. Something I could not do last week as I started walking after running for about 2 minutes. It was leg day and I got through all the exercises, but still have to conquer the star squad jump.

Friday’s camp was led by a different trainer Jason. It was a full body workout. I have always liked abdominal exercises, and after having a c-section, it took me so much longer to do a proper sit up. If I got to 2 sit ups in the past, it would be a miracle. I can proudly say that I can now do 50-60 crunches in a minute 30-40 sit ups in a minute and 50-60 leg lifts in a minute. Pow! Wow! Boom!






Week 3! I am ready for you! #investinyourself #committoyourfitness #slaytheday




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