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Krokkenoster Cool things for little humans! Have some wooden toys in mind? That is what you can expect from this brand, Krokkenoster. A start up business from a husband and wife team, Krokkenoster was born to offer parents and individuals the opportunity to lay their hands on the perfect and unique gift for their little humans.  Having two kids of their own, they often found themselves battling to find descent and affordable gifts. They made the ultimate decision to gather all their favorite things and to offer a service to others finding themselves in the same predicament.

One of their main aims of their business is to keep the cost of their goods low and affordable seeing that raising ones tribe is already so expensive. This power couple has also afforded crafters the chance to work with them giving them a platform to show case their handmade goods. Launching on 22 February, this brand has a lot of potential and the excitement is building up to see what they have in store next! Some products that they have:




Which toy is your favorite? From the photos one can already tell that a lot of thought went into each and everyone of these products, with its main consumer in mind, your little one. When purchasing a toy it is always important to look at the practical designs of it as well. It is also important to look at the education and development level that it has. Krokkenoster will be launching their online store on 22 February, but in the mean time you can follow them on

Instagram at:

A small business with a BIG DREAM! Supporting local brands, is helping these individuals follow and live their passion. So who is excited to get their hands on one of these cute little items above. I am !

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