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I created my own Mini-me

Yes! you read the caption right. I created my own Super Mom Mini-me. When I was contacted by Kevin from was given the opportunity to clone myself, of course I jumped at the opportunity. Would you not want to create your own little Mini-me version? The process of choosing the elements I wanted was probably the best part! other than receiving my order that is. Why Super Mom, you might ask. Well that’s who I am trying to portray everyday, or should I say who I want to be everyday. I want to have Super Mom powers to get everything that I have on my list ticked off by the end of the day; but often that list just gets longer and longer throughout the day. There is always something that needs attention or pops up.

Step 1 The Process

Choosing your character is very easy. The website is very user-friendly. If you are like me and do not have a lot of time on your hands looking for things on  website, than this website is the perfect place to find a gift for him or her. I think we all yearn to be a Lego character and be part of the Lego Movie; and with this wonderful platform that Mini Me has created it is now possible. I loved being able to choose my expression. I chose the pretty, but confused expression. That is me on a normal basis, as my mind never slows down at all. I am constantly thinking and analyzing. My poor brain probably needs a vacation from the rest of my body.

I loved choosing my outfit and accessories. I chose the purple bat woman top and my accessories that I chose were things that I need every single and other day.

My accessories: a Pan (for cooking); laptop for work; cellphone to stay in touch with the world and a camera to capture all the moments with Hudson and to do product shoots with.

Step 2 Let’s have fun!

Let’s talk mom life. The journey through motherhood is amazing; but it comes with its let’s just say ups and downs. Some days I do feel as little as my Supermom character. Surrounded by all the things that mother hood entails. On days like that I rise above it and just look at finding the positive in changing a poo nappy; sucking snollies  with Nose Frida and the list goes on.

If you watched my Instastories this week; you would have seen Super Mom trying to sneak some photos of me while at work. 

These are some of the things I get up to on a daily basis.

We are all Supermoms in our own rite. Being able to juggle a career; motherhood; marriage; blogging etc is sometimes very difficult for me, because I want to give everything my full attention. But the reality is that sometimes, I just cannot. And you know what? That is ok. I wanted to take a picture of the best thing I think it is to be a Supermom and that is to be a mom to Hudson. But since he is teething and everything goes to his mouth, I thought that I would rather not attempt that at all.

Step 3: Click on it!

If you are stuck on gift ideas; then look no further. Your Mini-Me comes in a beautiful stand; you get to choose the title for your stand as well. Your Mini-Me is packaged in a plastic container. The best part is you can add more accessories; facial expressions; outfits etc as you take your Mini-Me on adventures.

And in conclusion…

Everything is awesome Everything is cool when you’re part of a team Everything is awesome, when we’re living our dream. Everything is better when we stick together Side by side, you and I gonna win forever, let’s party forever We’re the same, I’m like you, you’re like me, we’re all working in harmony”

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  1. Zeenat

    That so cute… i think i want my whole family of mini mes

    1. Cisca

      I know right!

  2. Motala Motala

    Mini mes …. so adorable really sweet love your vlogs

    1. Cisca

      Thank you x

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