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A few weeks ago, I did a post on our bedtime routine, that starts with a good old bath. Hudson’s enjoys this time so much, and we often struggle to get him out of the bath. He is also at that stage, where he wriggles everywhere, and he wants to stand in the bath and turn the taps on. Bath time should be a calming and stress free time, and herewith I share with you the secrets, to have the best bath time with your new born, baby or toddler. Krayons is a well known baby skincare brand and here are some tips that you can incorporate in your bath time routine.

Tip #1: Be prepared

There’s nothing worse than missing a crucial cream or object when in the midst of bathing your child. Prior to even running the water, make sure that you have everything you might need. We have a special place in the bathroom with all Hudson’s toys and all the bath essentials that we need. Also remove any distractions from the room i.e. your phone. The key to a soothing and calm bath is being completely focused on your child and enjoying the experience with them.

Tip #2: Warm the room

When Hudson was a new born we gave him a bath in his room. His nursery created an ideal calming environment.We would switch on a heater prior to bath time, especially in winter, to raise the temperature.  Giving him a bath in the big bath, all windows are closed and the door is closed while we run the bath. Keep your baby warm and comfortable during bath time to avoid tears. 

Tip #3: The perfect temperature

From the time your child is born, it’s a good habit to run the cold tap into the bath prior to turning on the hot tap. This will ensure that the water is always cool first as opposed to scalding – especially when you have a toddler on your hands attempting to climb into the bath early! It does not have to be a fancy thermometer, and you can find really good ones at Clicks or your local supermarket as well.

Tip #4: Bath time tactics

Keeping your baby or toddler entertained while in the bath makes bath time a happy and bonding experience. With a newborn, stirring or gently splashing the water around the baby makes them settle and listen to the noise which is similar to the movement of fluid whilst in the womb. When your child is slightly older, placing colourful, water-proof toys in the bath provides endless entertainment – something as simple as two small plastic containers also does the trick. We put some of his play balls into the bath and he absolutely loves it.

Tip #5: Select pH Balanced, dermatologically tested products

Your babies skin is soft and precious and it’s important to choose products that will protect and care for their skin. Opt for an Aqueous product as a soap replacement if your child is very young, moving to a soap bar when they’re slightly older and their skin is less sensitive. The Krayons range offers moms a lightly fragranced Aqueous cream as well as compact soap bar for children of all ages. All Krayons products are pH Balanced and approved by dermatologists to keep skin soft and supple.

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89 thoughts on “Make bath time Fun

  1. I love to see how my baby enjoys the water and splashes its so fun and I love that it helps my baby sleep well.

  2. I love bath time with my kids its not just wash and go we play we have colour water and they can be silly, its us time

  3. Love bath time with my little girl…its a time for learning aswell as loads of fun bonding.

  4. I love that my baby enjoys playing in the water and special moments with him. #Love

  5. I love watching my grandson play in the water. When he gets out of the bath he always loves to give me a big wet hug

  6. It’s the best time that we get to bond together with Dad. Since mom does most of it during the day. Night time baths are dad’s time to have fun and spend time with baby

  7. I love how he starts to enjoy the feeling of the water and kicks his legs…happily and smiles.

  8. I enjoy bath time with my baby because he loves playing in water an it’s a wonderful time to bond with baby

  9. I love bath time with my baby.. He is so cute and funny. His 11 weeks old now and absolutely loves water now that his more lively kicking those little legs and those big smiles. Special moments.. funny part is he cries his little eyes out when you take him out the water. Real water baby…❤

  10. What I love most about bath time is the quality time you get to spend with your little one and finding new ways to entertain them to make it fun, Playing and laughing.

  11. My little one is 7 weeks old, and when we put him in the bath his little face just lights up. He is so calm and just loves the water. I love this time with him.

  12. What i love most about bath time with my baby cause he loves water and gets excited the minute he knows its bath time.

  13. Favorite part about bath time is seeing the joy on my boy’s face when he is splashing and having fun

  14. What I love most about bath time ;I love seen the excitement in my baby girls eyes ;she loves playing in the water ;Kicking;splashing and laughing with joy and happiness ,its her happy place to be herself .

  15. Love bath time with Declan if batteling to calm him down a give him a bath a d he is so much more at ease afterwards he is a month old

    1. That is what we do as well. It is almost as if Hudson knows it is bath time because he starts getting all restless. Once in the bath he settles down and all is forgotten x

  16. I love watching him play with the water and splash about, his big beautiful smiles as he plays with his water toy ducks, bonding time, priceless moments. 🙂

  17. Watching my baba have so much fun is the best part for me. He loves the water and playing with his rubber duck bring him such joy. Previous moments for me and I look forward to bath time

  18. Bath time is a place where we can connect ; have fun , use our imaginations and just take a break from the busy day we had. My daughter started nursery school this year after being at home with me .So It was a big step and we dont spend as much time together anymore.So we both look forward to bath time.

  19. I love bath time with my little one especially those nights when you say yes to a bath with popsicles and bubbles. I have a motto that I ask myself if it’s hurting anything and if the answer is no then it’s an automatic yes from me. Because… now is now. And that’s all we are promised!!

  20. Bath time is my boy’s favourite time! Full of smiles and giggles and splashes! Too much fun! And the way he smells afterwards…..Is my happy place 🙂

  21. Bath time for myself and my little one (with another on the way) is a chance to unwind. Making the transition from a hectic/busy day to entering a peaceful environment for relaxation and rest. Having had a colicky baby, these were just one of the methods we used to try and make her slightly more comfortable along with having the lights dimmed for when we come out the bathroom and although it was hit and miss, to this day, she still enjoys her bath time.

    1. Wow!!! That is actually such great advice. Will definitely mention it when I post about this subject again. All the best with your second pregnancy Momma! You are doing amazing!

  22. Bathtime has always been a favourite bonding time for us. Since she was a baby, she loved being in the bath. Family often asked why she doesn’t cry in the bath. Today, its her play and imagination time. It is the most relaxing time of day and settles her for the evening. She loves bubbles and squishy toys. The best part for me is wrapping her in her towel and cuddling and laughing with her. I enjoy using scented baby lotions that makes her smell like a baby. After all, they grow up so fast. I want to cherish these moments forever.

    1. Love this!! I wish there was a pause button; just to keep them smaller for a little longer. Hudson also loves the songs we sing, and when he gets out, we do the Rocket lift off song and the same when we wrap him up. The cuddles and laughter will forever stay with us. x

  23. Love bath time with little one it’s a fun time for bubbles laughs and smelling good great to bond too

  24. I love spending time with my two daughters in the bathroom. They will sing songs together, and just have fun!

    1. Aww I can not wait for Hudson to start singing. At the moment I sing and he claps hands. It is the cutest!!!!x

  25. Both my kids, 4yo little girl and 5 month old boy love their baths ❤️ And I love bathtime because we are focused on each cellphones / tv etc just me…bonding and focusing on the kids ❤️

    1. Its so important to have these moments with them, especially without any distractions like cellphones and the sound of TV’s Enjoy it Momma x

  26. It’s our bonding time……….he loves soaking in the bubbles & I get to listen to all the stories

    1. Awww I can not wait for Hudson to tell me stories; he communicates in his own way now, but man I cant wait for his make believe stories. x

  27. Bath time for us is bonding time and play boy loves water so much “the splashes”always cries when i take him out .

  28. Bath time is a time for baby a daddy to bond. Our little girl likes to bath but she likes the cuddles and massage after her bath even more.

    1. Awww Hudson does as well. Funny enough, he didn’t like massages when he was younger, but now he loves it. Enjoy Momma, and Good luck!

  29. i have 2 littles ones and the best thing about bath time is bonding time. ots mom and son alone time to play sometimes even i get showered.

  30. I love bathtime with Hunter as it is the one time he can voluntarily make a mess and he knows it!! He splashes everything he see. He loves his bubbles, and knows that the more he moves the more they get. My least favorite time of bathtime is getting him out as it ends up in a cry or wrestling match!!! *sigh *

    1. I wish there was a pause button; our boys are growing up way too fast! Well done to both of us xx

  31. My daughter, Kyla, loves the bath. It’s is the best part of our day. We get to bond, play and simply enjoy each other’s company.

    1. Don’t you wish there was a pause button? just the other day Kyla was so tiny, and now walking!!!!!She is growing so beautifully. Well done Momma

    1. Just another reason to learn not all babies are the same. So glad that you are experiencing this with your little one.

    1. I think we all need to really just stop and appreciate the little and smallest things in life. That is the joy our little ones bring x

  32. I love bath time with Diego…He enjoys the water and loves splashing, by the end of bath time I’m even wet from all the splashing! He loves his bubble baths so much that he even eats it. I ran out of bubble bath the one day and I had bubbles left from a party and while he was bathing I blew bubbles all around him, he loved it, so it’s something I do now again with him. I love the bonding time too and is noticing all his body parts now too, lol.

  33. This is the best time of the day. Bonding, blowing bubbles, imagining we’re in a coral reef with all our fishy friends and other sea creatures. This make her forget to wash her mane of strength! My 3 year little girl dislike washing her hair, whilst she’s “snorkeling and diving” this clever Mama washes her hair without her even noticing it. Oh how I wish she can stay small a little longer. Where is the pause button?

    1. I know right, where is the pause button. Its really moments like these that I honestly treasure and wish I could fill a bottle up with. Beautifully said Momma.

  34. Bath time is the best time of the day, just to see how much my son loves playing in the water and bubbles. It just melts my heart to see my little person so happy 🙂

  35. I love that that is our time when we get to spend quality time together and the quality of my Daughters sleep after a bath is fantastic.

  36. My 9 month old daughter loves the water. I love just watching her splash and feel so much of joy by being in the bath.

  37. Bath time is our favourite. We generally have a shower… My baby girl, who is now 9 months old, loves playing in the water. She loves splashing and playing with her toys. Bath time is our special bonding time.. I think my ultimate favourite moment was one time, she fell asleep in the shower. It was the cutest most adorable heart melting moment.

    1. I need a pause button sometimes They grow up so quickly and this is definitely a time for us to bond and share as many moments as possible. x

  38. Little J loves bath time. My mom bought her these wind up bath turtles that swim in the bath. She always tries to catch them and those belly giggles when they “swim” past her are so priceless.

  39. Love bath time with my niece as she just loves bubbles and always spa lashes around like a little fish

  40. My niece and nephew both love taking bubble baths and could sit and enjoy themselves for hours and hours. In fact sometimes they don’t want to get out. They must also have all their toys with them as well and soon the bathroom becomes the swimming pool as well.

  41. My toddler absolutely loves bath time and he knows its just mommy and him. He is big brother now so he wants to do everything himself but when it comes to bathing I’m the only one aloud to wash him. An my baby girl just loves the bubbles and splashing around. She hates getting out tho so she breastfeeds a little before I can dry her

  42. seeing my child experience a bubble bath for the first time was just the cutest. we waited until he was a year due to his sensitive skin. the look on his face was priceless. he had so much fun playing with his dad in the bubbles. he even tried to agitate the water to make new bubbles. was very cute

    1. we did the same too! my husband actually went out to buy a big bottle of bubble bath; so now Hudson get a bubble bath every second night and on the other days just a normal bath

  43. I wouldn’t know yet, mine’s still on the way!
    But I love how my nephew revels in the different properties of water and sees how he can make his toys do things that they can’t “on land”.

  44. My little one is 19 months and he loves his bathtime. I bath him and his big brother together. I love how the 2 of them play and giggle and having fun in the bath. They especially love their bubbles!

    1. Its not a bath if there arent any bubbles hey, lol. Hudson’s whole face lights up when he sees all the bubbles

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