Me Time spoils


The older I am getting,the more diligent I am at following a skincare routine as well as knowing which products work best. Go back a few years, and I would have told you that I did not have a skincare routine, or products that I can recommend. Weirdly enough, I remember that when I was in my mid twenties, I would often have to change products. My skin had a personality of its own. As soon as it would get “use” to a product, I would have break outs and I would have to change the brand that I was using. Being a Mom now, I realize that it is also very important to have Me Time Spoils. I know that sometimes its very difficult to get Me Time scheduled into your weekly agenda, but it is so very important.


Name brands! Yes, I have tried them all. I have used every single product that you can think of, to eliminate blemishes, oil control and the list can go on, and on. With some “expensive” products I have found some success with, and others not so much at all. With the recent #CTMOMSWHOBLOG event we had, our goodie bag consisted of an array of locally manufactured products that were animal cruelty free, all natural and filled with goodness.

Beauty Beard SA

We received a clay mask; hand balm, foot salve and heel balm. The containers were just the cutest! Compact and could easily fit in your bag. I used the clay mask once a week, and let it on while doing my ordinary duties. Daniel and Hudson got a fright the first time they saw me, but the got accustomed to it every week! I loved how cleaned and not dried out my face felt after each facial, and can definitely recommend the clay mask for sensitive skin as well. Are you also tired of bulky beauty products in your bag? I am. Some days I forget to put heel balm on my heels, in a rush of getting Hudson to school and jetting off to Stellies. With the compact containers from Beauty and Beard SA, that fits in my bag so nicely, I no longer have that problem. Super absorbent and the hand salve does not leave your hands with an oily residue as so many other hand lotions do.

The Cupping Clinic

Makes a unique range of 100% all natural chemical free products for mom and baby
As an alternative Medicine practitioner; Dr Osman created a specialized range of products. Baby oil is safe to use on all skin types
Oatmeal; coconut oil and rooibos soap which is also for sensitive skin- a gift for mum, but safe for babies as well.


You might have seen some of the CTMOMSWHOBLOG rave about Zinplex. Ladies, if I can give you one piece of advice try Zinplex! Between my hubby and sister stealing my products, this is the real deal! Affordable and does exactly what it sets out to do. All natural, and all goodness for you. Use the mask once a week, for a fresh and beautiful feeling.

Be Bare 

I actually had these two samplers on my bedside table for a few days. I loved going to bed with the aroma lingering in the air and waking up to it as well. Honestly I didn’t want to start using the product, but I was curious at the same time. And I fell even more deeply in love!


I did a review and giveaway last year with Homespun, and they will always be one of my favorites. The lip scrub, is heavenly and leaves your lips smooth and ready for that lipstick, but personally I prefer the lipbalm. It does not make your lips feel oily like it has to much product on, and it leaves it nice and soft.

Our next #CTMOMSWHOBLOG event is sure to have even more goodies. Can not wait to share those with you.

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