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Beauty without Cruelty

If you are looking for a Vegan and all Natural skincare range, the look no further. My Skincare Coterie uses only the best plant based ingredients and is 100 % endorsed by Beauty without Cruelty. My Skincare Coterie uses organic where possible and you can be assured that there are no pesky Parabens or synthetic ingredients.


Time for you

On Sunday I posted a blog about the importance of feeling human, feeling like a female. What better way to do that than to indulge in products that are not only great for your skin, but takes the environment in consideration as well. I am at that age now, where I do not feel like experimenting with all different kinds of products, but I want to be introduced to a range that promises and most importantly delivers.

Review on My Skincare Coterie

I was so excited to receive my scrub and body mousse. You will remember from the unboxing that I wish I could send you the smell. Luxurious and oh so decadent. Because of the current water restrictions in CPT; taking a bath is sort of a distant memory. My me time before having Hudson was taking an undisturbed bath; exfoliating and scrub and then to pamper my skin with a lux mousse. Because of the drought I do not get the bath in the equation; but I definitely get the treat.

What I love

I love, love, love the scrub. I have used so many scrubs before; and this one… A little goes a long way, so you do not need much. With some scrubs, I often find that its very harsh on my skin; but with My Skincare Coterie it literally glides on on the skin. The best part was that; I did not have to spend hours cleaning the bath tub, which I find other scrubs do. The body mousse too my back to my childhood. Do you often get those flashbacks that a smell triggers a memory? That is what i got from this body mousse. I could not pin point the exact memory, but I lathered my whole body with this mousse and it was just ooooh aaah!

Again I love the fact that it adsorbs into the skin quickly and that I do not have to stand around and rub it in for hours at a time. when you know that you are giving your skin the best nutrients you appreciate the hands that make these products even more

About My Skincare Coterie

When I first started corresponding with Haley the creator, she immediatly came across as someone that is very passionate about her brand. I asked her about her future plans, and this is what she had to say.

“Plans for the future – believe it or not, I don’t intend for world domination because then I become one of the evils that deforest the world. Granted everything I used it vegan and ethically sourced but when things become popular, a blind eye tends to turn and I don’t want that. So a moderate African takeover would do as I would rather keep the brand unique and exclusive. Future plans – be incredibly unique and stay true to being 100% natural. Obviously when it comes to cleansers that is not always the case as not all ingredients used in foaming agents are completely ‘natural’ but I will keep it as close as possible. I am busy importing a whole range of unique ingredients – which literally are not in SA so it will place me in a different category. If you see the link to me at it states we use ‘weird and wonderful oils’ which we do.I have googled Coffee Body creams, and there isn’t one. Let alone one with Organic Broccoli Seed oil, or Organic Mafura Butter or Organic Sacha Inchi Oil. A lot of research has gone into this! And I love my baby”


Hayley and I are planning a litttle something -something. So make sure you stay tuned. You cane find My skincare Coterie on:

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