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Why you should choose Dr Brown’s?

Dr Brown’s bottles are BPA-free and contain no PVC, lead or phthalates, and have received numerous awards and acclaim from the medical community.

The above excerpt from Dr Brown’s web page makes it clear. They are the best and definitely puts you as a parent at ease. “Dr. Brown’s the best baby bottle for over a decade”. Dr. Brown’s continues to bring you innovative products that focus on most importantly functionality for mom and good health for baby.

“To maintain a brand that parents can rely on, we place a heavy focus on product research and development. This means we invest as much time as necessary to create quality feeding products with distinctive health-related benefits. Every day we strive to deliver the reliable baby products that have made us a proven favorite with moms and dads.”

Would you like to get your hands on the following Dr Brown’s products?

You can win the following:

1 x 270ml Soft Spout Toddler Cup

1 x 250 ml Natural Flow Bottle

1 x Finger tooth brush

2 x Coolees Soothing Teethers

1 x pack of Level 2 Silicone Teats

1 x Travel Cap

Entries close on 26 April and the winner will be announced on 27 April 2018

For a double entry, tell me why you would like to win this hamper in the comments.

Good Luck!



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40 thoughts on “Win with Dr Brown’s

  1. Hunter is a good candidate for this giveaway and should win as he is cutting his first molar. This giveaway has all the necessities to make it an easy journey for him. He is such a brave little boy, cant be easy cutting those molars

  2. This will be perfect for My boy as Dr Brown is the best…I love that the hamper includes the first tooth brush as my baby is teething so fast her is currently 9 month and already has 8 teeth out

  3. Would love to win this for my sister Anelle Van Niekerk she is having her first baby in July and dr. Brown’s baby products are some of the best to use.

  4. Eeek I love these products. Just the fact that they are BPA free make me so happy!! And the fact that they have been around for 10 years makes it even more of something I would love to win for my baby girl

  5. My little girl struggled with so many bottles before we switched to Dr Brown’s and never looked back. She is just started the teething process as well so this hamper will be great!

  6. I’d to win for my sister who is due in May cause only the best will do for my new niesce/nephew.

  7. Little J would love those teethers so much, currently busy with tooth nr 7. Its also amaxing that a toddler cup is included as I would love to start giving her a sippy cup, but we havent found one that works for us.

  8. My little boy Jordan is almost 3 months. Teething could start any time, and as a first time parent I would like to be asoon prepared as possible 🙂

  9. I would most definitely Love to win this amazing Dr Brown’s Hamper for my little princess, the fact that it is the Best brand for babies definitely puts me at easy. A mother always wants the best for her little one but cant always afford it.
    A few of my mommy friends also recommended the Dr Brown’s baby bottles to me and it is something I want to give my little Princess. I would love to have the finger toothbrush to keep the inside of her mouth nice and clean from a young age and also the soothing for when she starts to get teeth. This would be one amazing prize to win. Fingers crossed

  10. I have heard alot of good reviews about Dr Brown and the bottle will work wonders and the teething products would put me at ease once my 3 month old baby starts teething.

  11. I would really want to win this awesome giveaway as I know that drbrown products are amazing and it will really be usefull as my 2 baby boy are currently 4 months old and struggling with colic.

  12. Dr Brown’s functionality for mom and good health for baby The create quality feeding products with distinctive health-related benefits.
    Would be awesome to win this for little roxy

  13. I would love to try out Dr.Browns products for my 3 month old baby. Always good reviews about the products. My 3 month old also started teething so this would really come in handy for her.

  14. The Dr. Browns product looks amazing. My 3month old daughter will definitly benefit from these as she is not on any name branded products yet.. Would love to try out these products for the first time

  15. Wow am expecting in few months to come..winning thus will really mean a lot to me and to my unborn will be a great journey for parenting with Dr Brown.. For healthy benefit for my baby boy…

  16. i would love to win this for my granddaughter (Dr Brown’s functionality for mom and good health for baby The create quality feeding products with distinctive health-related benefits.
    Would be awesome to win this for Autumn….. As im a single mom Trying her best to give my Granddaughter …Her Mom she Is just 16yrs old and went back to school this term and from what I have heard this Bottles is the best by far

  17. I am 5 months pregnant ,and I know this would be perfect for my Baby boy, I used dr brown bottles for 1st son due to him being Colic and this helped him alot, dr brown best product on the market with the best quality .

  18. I am having my baby in October and would like to give him/her the best! Dr Brown is the best in the market with the most natural bottles that assists with colic and gas. I love that they work continuously on research and development to keep their products at the highest quality and the most inovative in the market. That’s no wonder that it has been a favorite for decades!

  19. I would love to win this because I’m having my first baby. #DrBrowns
    It would be such a blessing to win this for my baby. My first baby will be due in October. After all the trial and error of having fertility issues, fertility meds didn’t work etc. I lost 10kgs and by God’s grace I finally got pregnant without needing to do ivf. My miracle baby.

  20. I really want the toddler cup because my boy loves drinking from a cup in the day and i have tommee tippee because the babies r us here does not have them. And my boy it teething and has teeth so the silicone brush and the teether will be great. I wish to win this for my 10 month old boy. We love Dr browns

  21. Dr Brown’s is one of the best and safest brands around. I have used them with both my babies and never had a problem. I would love to win this amazing prize to share with my friend who is about to give birth so that she can learn how awesome Dr Brown’s really is. I would gift her the bottles and keep the toddler cup and brush for my little one.

  22. I would love to win this,im a Dr brown fan after we batteled with my first baby and colic, Dr Brown bottle were a gane changer.. and wouldn’t recommend anyother make.. with baby nu 2 on way it would make a great addition to our DrBrown collection.

  23. Hi. I am 26 weeks pregnant, this is my first kid and im 21 years old. Ever since I fell pregnant so many people advised me on Dr Browns products, because I know I cannot afford most items its all I’ve been asking my friends and family for as I’d love to give my babygirl the best. Please consider me, I will appreciate it with every beat of my heart!

  24. I want to give my niece the best start to having healthy teeth and quality bottle plus teats that won’t hurt her soft palate. Dr Browns boasts the best in research and development to help the growing baby and I’m putting trust in the recommendation.

  25. Hi I would love to win this hamper for my new little boy arriving in June. I love that the bottles are BPA free and I would love to try out this brand as I am still deciding which brand to use for my little boy when he arrives.

  26. I am an unemployed first time mother and i am also a student and my wish is to give my baby only the best even though most of the time i do not have the means to.
    I would love to win #DrBrowns hamper for my 4 month old baby who happens to suffer from collic because i can afford only the cheap dumies so BPA free bottles will be the best gift my baby boy can have. And for any other single parent #DrBrowns products are a must have because of quality especially if you are not working. With #DrBrown products you do not need to change it they last longer. #DrBrown for healthy and comfortable teething. #DrBrown Knows what is best for my baby boy!!!

  27. I would love to win this for my son .dr Brown’s products are will def with his up and coming toothie pecs.happy baby happy mommy.

  28. My little one is arriving in August and have done so much reading up on many many different products and I must say, Dr Brown’s products features on my list for baby shower news and wants This hamper is a must need for any mom!

  29. My baby girl only uses dr browns products! It’s simply the best! I am a first time parent and my baby had a lot of feeding issues and was colic. I have tried other brands and wasted loads of money… since I was new to parenting I was not aware of the dr browns brand and products… A friend finally recommended I try the dr browns products and bottles and YES! It really good. We felt the difference immediately. My babies colic symptoms reduced, she took the bottle well and is now a happier baby. We only use dr browns products and this hamper looks amazing, she is almost 5 months and has started teething, and also I will need to get new teats soon. This hamper has it all! We will love it. I highly recommend dr browns products and will definitely be using it for my next baby!

  30. I have heard so many great things about Dr. Brown’s products. I am especially intrigued by the bottle designed to help with better feeding and digestion. I have heard many great reviews and recommendations on that. I am 28 weeks pregnant with our first baby and am needing a lot of support in respect of baby essentials. I really hope to win this hamper as it would be a blessing to our baby.

  31. This is My No1 product and the best product in SA. Its also the savest product to use because the bottles is BPA FREE ect

    Ive got 1 bottle for baby on baby shower and would love more to give breast milk through as this is the only bottle she accept!

    Dr Brown MY NO 1 brand!! It makes my life easier!!!

  32. This is My No1 product and the best product in SA. Its also the savest product to use because the bottles is BPA FREE ect

    Ive got 1 bottle for baby on baby shower and would love more to give breast milk through as this is the only bottle she accept!

    Dr Brown MY NO 1 brand!! It makes my life easier!!!

  33. Would love to win this for baby Israel due in August because my first had terrible colic and from what moms have recommended Dr Browns is the best option for babies that struggle with colic.

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