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MOM the Giveaway Series

Mother’s day has come and gone, but if you are Mother, your challenges continue every single day. Mother’s should be celebrated every single day. With this blog post I would like to give you the opportunity to tell me which prize you’d love to win for yourself or your Mom from the MOM Giveaway . Also tell me what makes being a Mother special to you or why your Mom is special to you. Remember you can enter the MOM Giveaway Series on Facebook as well as on Instagram.

I am going to select FIVE Winners from this blog post! I am looking forward to reading all your comments. Remember you have to follow all the steps and follow all the brands. Double, triple check before you comment.

Good Luck!!!!

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  1. Tania Brewis

    Who I am today, who I will be in my future, is shaped by one person in my life, my mother. On the outside, my mother may look like an ordinary woman, but in her tiny appearance lies extraordinary strength, perseverance, a generous soul, and a kind heart. She is not only my mom, but my friend, my big sister, whom I can share all my problems and stories in life with. I am who I am because of her, and there are no words that can express how thankful I am to have her in my life! I would really love to win the sunglasses for my mom and I.

  2. Kelly

    I would love to win the saints and sinner shoes

    1. Cisca

      Don’t forget to answer the second part of the question.

  3. Dawn W

    I would love to win the James Bensen Sunglasses for my Mom and I.

    My Mom is special to me because from the moment I laid eyes on her I knew this would be a lifetime of love and commitment. Someone who would love me unconditionally, who would guide me through all the ups and downs, never judging me, always supporting me. A mother is the truest friend we have. My mother was there for me throughout my pregnancy, guiding me as I learnt to deal with constant nausea, holding my hand as I threatened to miscarry, never giving up on this miracle inside of me, easing me into motherhood and teaching me that unconditional love is the root of motherhood, crying with me as I lost one baby after another, looking after me as I went through hours of labour losing yet another baby. I have my miracle child, despite being told I never would and my Mother has been that special bond, that glue that holds me together and I can only hope and pray that I will one day be just half the woman she is, someone who is loving, kind, giving and never has a bad word to say about anyone, always seeing the good in every situation and never losing faith!

  4. Candice Vincent

    I would love to win Prize #1 (Copperfox Gin & Tonic and JackRabbit Chocolate) for my mom. My mom is special to me because she is always there for me and stands by me no matter what. She is always there to listen to my problems and gives me the best advice she can. She has taught me to never look down on anyone and that no matter what life throws at you, you must always get back up and never give up. She is one in a million and I am grateful and blessed to have her. She loves gin and she loves chocolate so I would love to win this prize for her.

  5. Bernice Vermaak

    The Saints & Summer Navy Sneakers
    Im a mommy of Twin Boys, now tweens. Everyday is a blessing with them. They were born at 6mnths 995g & 1051g in NNICU. Being at hospital with them everyday for 3 mnths not knowing what the next day would bring, seeing people not take their babies home. Im Soso Thankfull every second of the day that I have them. They are my world. And a mommies Love is so unconditional. You would give them the Moon if you could. You always put them first & let them know how much they are loved & that you would be there for them no matter what.

  6. Zamandayi Kunene

    I’d love to win the Copperfox Gin & Tonic and the Jack Rabbit Chocolate. My mom loves their gin and she also loves chocolate. It’s the perfect pair. It’s time for her to be pampered and spoilt now. She has been my rock and number one supporter all my life. After carrying me for nine months, being in labour for 8 excruciating hours and putting up with me through my teens, now that’s what I call special. She is phenomenal

  7. Nthabiseng

    I would love to win the saints and summer Navy sneakers, being a mother is so special to me because I’m a stay at home mum so that means I get to spend time with my daughter but we all know that sometimes we need a break so winning this will be absolutely great for me because I haven’t bought myself in a long time.

  8. Louise Moonsamy

    I would love to win the Saints and Sinners shoes and what makes being a Mother special to me is having to stand by and watch your child may choices you may not always agree with , then watching him fail and then being there to support him and show him where he went wrong and how to fix it, also showing him that in life we make many bad choices but getting up from them and learning from them will make you a better person. I know this may sound cruel but I know it has made my son a better person who can deal with and handle failure.

  9. Sanine Manuel

    I would love the saints and sinner shoes, being a mom is something special, kids are a blessing from god, they like mini me’s lol,being a mommy also means loads huggies, more kisses, experiencing different phases our kids go throught we gp through it together. Being a mom is exceptional and something beautiful, especially the bond ypu developed witb your child or baby.

  10. Ncuthwa Luke

    U would like to win Copperfox Gin & Tonic please.
    My mom is special bcs she sacrificed a lot for me to be were i am.Thru all her prayers and love tht has made me to be a better woman i am today♡

  11. Anusha Naidoo

    Firstly thank you for your awesome blog and for the giveaways. I would love to win prize no: 9 The Sandalwood & Rose Body care Range for my precious mom who is most deserving , I am absolutely grateful to my mom, I was sadly widowed at a young age and left to raise a little daughter, my mom is my pillar of strength, she wiped away my tears, stayed up with on lonely nights, she encouraged me to be a success in life, to be a strong independent single mom. I owe all I am to her. Its a very difficult journey to being a single mom, its challenging, gets lonely, demanding playing two roles, but my mom is my comforter, my go to person, she is just a phone call or text away when I need her. Being widowed is painful but I accept my fate in life, I chose to remain single and be the best mom I can be and enjoy life’s beautiful journey with my daughter. Making memories to last a lifetime , which I couldn’t with my husband a angel in heaven. To all complete families I wish them all the best , be happy, forgive, and appreciate every moment as a family. Its what I miss especially for my daughter who never got to know what its like to have both parents. God Bless

  12. Tania

    Very difficult to choose as I love all the pampering, skincare prizes BUT I really need a new wallet – mine so dated, zip broken and struggle to open and close it. Doing the wise thing and choosing what I need – the Desert & Rose BOURBON GENIUNE LEATHER WALLET (mint)

  13. Judy macgregor

    I’d love to win the belleandbeau gift box for me ! All me it’s full of so many delightful spoils.
    Motherhood to me is a journey that we often not ready for, but along the way we find out feet and a mother is created. As our children grow so do we as mothers discovering strengths and abilities we never knew we had. Being a mother teaches you about life, shows you the meaning of love, fills you with joy ( and sometimes heartache), allows you to sacrifice and place someone above your needs and gives you the courage to do anything for your child…in short motherhood creates superwoman.

  14. Simone Abrahams

    I’d love to win from the Aneen Henze collection. Simply because every time I have extra bucks I buy for my son. His name is Kai. He will be 9 in June. Since he was born I feel like fulfilled my purpose in life. Nothing has brought me more joy. I love teaching him but the best is when he teaches me. Which is more than I ever dreamt of. I love seeing how much he is like his dad and my brother. Doing for him is no job at all.I love doing it. Now that he is older it’s so rewarding to see his personality shine and I look so forward to guiding him reach his full potential. One day when I see he is happy I’ll sit back satisfied and sip on my tea 🙂

  15. Meryl

    I really want to win the Saints and Sinners Sneakers. This year my 14 year old was diagnosed with depression. Its been extremely tough to deal with and there are very few support structures for parents in Cape Town. We have ensured that he is getting the help he needs which means I work shorter days to be around to drive him to the very many dr visits. I’d love to win a prize that’s for me only because I feel like so much of who I am has had to be put on hold to make sure I do the best for my teen.

  16. Lauren

    I’ve always known that I wanted to be a mother one day, ever since I can remember as a little girl it was a dream of mine. Well my dream came true and today I am a mother. It is so special to see myself in my daughter, even in the little things which are not taught but that she just does. Hearing ‘I love you mama’ is just the best sound in the world! When one becomes a mother you appreciate yours so much more as you then understand what real love is. My mother is always there for us even in times when she isn’t well. Seeing the bond between my mom and daughter is so special.
    I’d love to win the the Saints and Summer sneakers because they’re so awesome and well you don’t want to see what my current sneakers look like .

  17. Leandra Krige

    The perfect giveaway was your Mom Giveaway series!! The products are perfectly selected to make any mother feel special and valued, but if I could choose one of these perfect giveaways I Would choose the Desert and Rose Bourbon Geniune Leather wallet in Olive, this will compliment my leather handbag i got from my precious little boy, Hunter.
    It is a difficult question to answer, “What I love about being a Mom” as I love all ( most) of it- even the yucky parts ( when he is sick ), because it is then when he wants to be super cuddled and he turns into my little velcro. Yes, it gets challanging but it only lasts a few days. I love it when he sees me after a long day at work and give me his super awesome smile. I love being a mom when he comes to me with trusting eyes and want to be held by ME , and by no one else . I love being a mom when he says “Mamma” and makes my life complete. Somewhere I did something right to be blessed being the mother of this awesome little boy, Hunter Reed Krige. ❤

  18. Maxine king

    I would love to win the saints and Sinners sneakers for my mum…
    My Mom is special to me because no matter what I am going through I can always depend on her she is a goofball,caring,my best friend and confidant…since my real mum passed away I have turned to her even though she never gave birth to me she is my mum and I love her so much…she is mom to many others aswell she loves us all so selfishly she is simply the best

  19. Bianca

    I’d absolutely love to win #12, the Esse skin products, for my mom. My mom has taught me to be independent and rely on myself. From a young age, she taught me to find the inner strength to get through anything life throws my way. She has also taught me how to forgive. This has been the greatest blessing. Through her vulnerabilities she’s taught me that all of us are human, and that no parent is perfect – something I will hold onto when I too become a mom one day.

  20. Tahira

    I would love to win the sunglasses..I am overwhelmed by the precious gifts the Almighty has given me .I am humbled every day with their awesome characters their love for me and my love for them truly blessed

  21. Maritska

    What I would like to win mmm anything will be perfect. As a mommy of two beautiful girls Ciska 4Years and 10months Leah. I’m so blessed to have two perfect girls to learn and make them two powerful women one day. Like my mom and how my mom teached me to respect themselfs and other’s and always be humbled. It’s the best give ever to be a mommy and a blessing to still have granny. My world my everything my girls.

  22. Maritska

    I would like to win mmm anything will be perfect. As a proud mommy of two beautiful girls 4year Ciska and 10months old Leah. You can’t explain in words what it is to be a mommy it’s the best feeling best love best friendship best everything in life and they are mine. I live for my kids I resigned my job to look after my kids. Sometimes I’m so busy being mommy and forget about myself but there’s still a tomorrow for myself but today I’ll never get over again with them. My mom always told me to believe in myself and to be humbled. I want my girls to always remember the relationship mommy got with my granny for them to have that with me. I love my girls and mommy my heart beat my life

  23. Chinky Deonarian

    I share a very strong bond with my mom. We are like best friends and we share everything with each other, we give each other advices and we go shopping. We too have arguments with each other for some time but at the end of the day, we know that we love each other immensely. And the way she has brought her 6 children up is something that I admire and would like to inherit from my MOM. She is a very optimistic person. She is patient as well. My mother being a religious person has always taught me to be a nice human being at first. Her motto in life is ‘help ever, hurt never’. All the good things which I have in myself so far are due to my mother which I have inherited from her.
    I would love to win the DESERT & ROSE BOURBON GENIUNE LEATHER WALLET please

  24. Amy

    My mom is one of the strongest woman I know, she has been through a lot, gone through dark times and came out stronger than ever. I pray that I have the strentgh like her. She has been there for me, stood by my choices and guided me throughout my life. One of my hardest decisions was to move from Durban to Joburg, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to see her every day. Being a first time mom, I miss her even more now that we are apart. My mom has taught me so much and I will pass on everything she has taught me to my little boy. I love you mommy

    P.s It’s hard to choose, there are so many wonderful prizes…but for my mom I will choose the Clay Creation salad bowel

  25. Charlene

    When God made Mom’s he gave me the best. My mom is special to me, always knows when we feeling sad always wipes our tears, sew our buttons when its pulled loose and make those yummy peanut butter jelly sandwiches. What more could we want. What I really would like to win is a GHD hair flat iron straightener. Having to save and pay for a wedding coming up can’t afford to get one. Would be the perfect wedding gift for me and my mom knows how much it would mean to me if I should win it. Holding thumbs and mom hugs.

  26. Teniele Bishun

    I would so love to win the Cherish Beauty set. Just to spoil me and have some ME time.
    I am became a mom to a gorgeous little girl on the 19th of April 2018.
    Her arrival was highly anticipated and many years of prayers where answered. Being a mom has been a wonderful and awesome experience. My little girl has brought such happiness to us and we have experienced a new found love as parents. I have a
    new found appreciation for my mom, she really has done alot for me throughout my years, she has being my strength at my weakest times. There’s so much I could say about my mum but to some it up, she’s a SUPER WOMAN.

  27. Bianca Moses

    So I absolutely love the Saint & Summer sneaks or the Dessert & Rose wallet for me. I actually still can’t believe I’m a mom to my little miracle Lacey-Grace. Due to health reason I was not suppose to see my 30th year or see a positive pregnancy test or even at all see a perfect little bub in my arms. But here I am almost 2 years later a mom to a gorgeous girl that keeps me on my toes. I get to be a mom and not one second will I take that for granted as it’s all a miracle. I love being a mom in the deepest parts. Thank you for celebrating moms. It’s not always easy but it’s always oh so worth it!!

    1. Cisca

      How amazing is that. Sometimes we just need to kick life in its ass! and you did it. Motherhood is a tough journey and I dont think you can ever get an expert at it at all. Lacey-Grace is a beauty and I can see how she fills your lives with love. xx

  28. Sofiah

    Any prize would be great. I love that I’ve been blessed with such an amazing gift, love my babies smiles and hugs. He’s too adorable. Also being a Mum is a learning lesson, teaching me to be more patient.

  29. Zayne Khan

    I would like the Belle&Beau gift box.
    To me..being a mom is more than giving birth to a child. Its nurturing, guiding, supporting and allowing a child to develop into a confident, strong individual who is a compassionate, accepting, giving human being. Its not being perfect but understanding and most important.. Be there!

  30. Brenda Fernandes

    I’d love to win the Copperfox Gin & Tonic and the Jack Rabbit Chocolate.
    But any prize would be a blessing .
    My mom is a lady and only drinks G & T
    She is also the reason I have such a sweet tooth.
    Mom is wise caring elegant highly intelligent comforting the best mommy no the world my angel and wise owl

  31. Sandy Meyer

    Hi Cisca!

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win the Esse products!! I’m turning 40 soon – it would be an awesome treat….as my kids (as with most moms) comes first and I would much rather treat them than myself!

    What is better than being a mom? Absolutely nothing in this world. We tried very hard to fall took us 6 six years. And one day out of the blue the magic positive pregnancy test arrived!!!! We were blessed a with a gorgeous daughter, now 4. And last year our second miracle, a brother, now 10 months old, arrived!!
    Motherhood and my journey to motherhood most certainly taught me patience, perseverance, and above all, uncondtional love! It taught me to take each day as it comes, to enjoy every moment with our kids, and to never ever take any part of this journey for granted.
    How blessed are we to me moms!!!??
    What an tremendous joy and honour!

    1. Cisca

      we truly are blessed to be Moms. really the greatest Honor xx

  32. Bronwyn Arendse

    I would love to win the James Benson sunglasses.
    My mom inspires me so much as she is kind, humble and extremely generous. She has always put everyone else’s needs before her own without any complaints. Her faith in God is so strong and I am thankful that she has instilled those same values in her children. She is a great example of what a mother and wife should be and I can only but strive to be like her. Love you mom.

  33. Dannette de Koning

    Wow! Where to begin… so today is the day I became a Mom, 21 May 2018. So what makes being a Mom special? Gosh, that’s easy after all that pain I got a gorgeous little boy. He has everything he needs, a Daddy and a Mommy, a full house of Grandparents and even Great Grandparents. There is not only one special thing but a host of things I could talk about but when the Dr placed his little body onto my chest and I felt the tiny human that was inside me on my skin and saw his beautiful face it’s just indescribable. How Great is Our God?!?
    So after a day like today I would love to be in line to win the navy sneakers from saint and summer. #momgiveawayhdk
    Best of luck everyone
    Love and Light
    Dannette x

    1. Cisca

      Its amazing, I often wonder what it would be like to welcome a second baby into the wold. Best I get on it, hey xx enjoy your new bundle of joy

  34. cindy menigo

    I would really love the Saints and Sinners sneakers. My mom is an amazing women. Humble, kind and God fearing. Family means everything to her. She is always putting others needs before her own. She is a woman of few words and hardly complains. She adores her 3 little grand daughters and I am so proud of the values she has instilled in myself and my siblings. Raising 4 kids in just my dads salary was tough yet she always smiled and her heart was always happy

  35. Eve

    Wow…I’m loving this giveaway…I’d LOVE to win a pair of the Saint&Summer white sneakers ♡
    I think to me being a mother is the best gift ever…it’s an indescribable feeling but I know it’s a great feeling…I love my daughter SO much! I also want to say that I love my mom for infinity because she gave me life and has sacrificed so much in her life for her kids she’s so funny and sweet and has a heart of gold. The best ever ♡


    I would really love to win #Giveaway13 from for me & my mom to share as we both love red wine & dark chocolate! …The best part about being a mother to me is that even on my days when I feel down or like Im not really winning at life, I know that there are 2 little beings who love me unconditionally and in their eyes I am everything! <3 I love that I am their Superwoman even when I don't believe it myself 🙂

  37. Ellyn

    I stumbled across the mom giveaway series just a week ago and was amazed by all the comments I saw about motherhood. I may not be a mother myself but I have the most trustworthy and kind hearted mother in the world , and beautiful is an understatement when looking at her. She has a reputation of helping others in need, giving everything she has to others and giving the best advice- she is a real super hero , with her NEVER treating herself to nothing I know she would appreciate any gift, from James Bensen sunglasses to a belle and beau gift box or a pair of earrings.

  38. Simonè van Zyl

    You never truly understand a mother’s love until you become one yourself. I have always admired my mom’s strength. Shes been through so much and despite that remained such a beautiful soul, always putting our needs above her own. Now that I am a mom myself, I completely understand what unconditional love means and try to show my mom that I love her as much as she loves me. Those Kolmio earings and James Bensen sunnies are AMAZING and definitely our favourite. But knowing my mom, if I won this for her, she would just give it to me or leave it (accidently on purpose) at my place. So, I would love to win the Copper Fox and Jack Rabbit prize for her. Chocolates are her weakness and who can turn down a good gin 😉

    1. Cisca

      I know! who can turn down such a combo x

  39. Casey Kidson

    This isn’t about me being a mom or about my mom but it is about a mom. I recently got to experience first hand a mother, my younger sister, will her baby into the world. To be so young and put every part of herself aside to bring her beautiful baby girl into the world is something I’ll never forget. With Amoré only being two weeks old its been tough but Mother instinct is as true as the words iv just typed, something that is surely experienced once you are a mom. I know she is going to be a great mom and for this reason she is my hero.
    – #momgiveawayhdk 13 red wine and chocolates could never go wrong.
    She would just have to keep the wonderful wine till after breastfeeding or shoes could be great!

  40. Nicola Meyer

    I think my Mom would love the Kolmio jewellery. My Mom is strong, helpful, giving and creative.

  41. Richínka Deonarian

    My mom is the role model of my life. She is my beacon in the stormy days. She has always taught me to face the challenges with courage and trust in divine. I have seen her going through various ups and downs of life but she was never been discouraged by them. In fact, she endures cheerfully. Her cheerful nature has always added laughter into my life. As I grow more mature and go deeper into my life’s experiences, I find myself, being supported by her values and lessons. I feel very much privileged to be born as her daughter. Every day, as I step forward into my life, I want to become a little bit more like my MOM. ❣❣❣
    The Saints & Summer White Sneakers please. Thank you

  42. Ashlynne

    I would love to win opperfox Gin & Tonic and JackRabbit Chocolate.
    For me, being a mother has been the biggest life lesson… As much as it’s amazing to watch my daughter grow, I realise that I too am growing. Small things that were so foreign just become second nature as a mother, and the thought of life without this little human being is unbearable. The love between a mother and child such a raw and deep love that is truely unexplainable.

  43. Aadila

    To the most amazing lady, my mother, I have ever met with love, today I want to say that you are someone, to whom, I can talk about anything and everything, and I know that, you are someone, who will be with me in the darkest of the times. My mum means the world to me. I would love to win this for my mum and I. #SoonToBeFirstTimeMum

  44. Carolyn Augustus

    The Desert & Rose BOURBON GENIUNE LEATHER WALLET. Being a mom is special cause it’s the beginning of a journey of self- discovery and growth,it’s rewarding, challenging but also the best thing ever.

  45. Jade Adams

    This would be a spectacular redemption of May which was spent in and out of hospital with our little one. Man mom Life is tough sometimes! Luckily mom Love is tougher!

    1. Cisca

      much tougher and stronger then we think sometimes. xx

  46. Ayesha

    Being a Mum is a life changing experience. Any gift would be great except the alcohol lol

  47. Bhavana Singh

    My mom super special because she loves me unconditionally, even more than her own life and shows me in more than a million different ways. My mom raised and nurtured me with so much love, care, trust, understanding, patience, good morals and values into a respectable, responsible, spiritual, caring, educated, helpful, graceful, successful and independent woman. My mom is my pillar of strength, always standing by me with love. understanding, support and no judgements. We share a strong, remarkable, everlasting bond, that is the bond between mother and child. My mother can take the place of everyone in my life but no one can ever take her place. She was diagnosed in her early years with asthma and arthritis yet she still worked hard to support our family and always with a smile. I truly admire her for her confidence and high will power. She has the most kindest heart as she also cares for others. She believes that as human beings our prime purpose is to help those in need. She prepares delicious, healthy meals for the less fortunate at shelters and orphanages. She also serves as a foster mom to the abandoned animals at the shelters. She lives by the saying, “help ever, hurt never!” That is my special mom! I would LOVE to win the STUNNING #JamesBensen glasses for my special mom and I! FINGERS CROSSED! THANK YOU For This FABULOUS COMPETITION!

  48. Chané Gouws

    Which price would you like to win?

    I would love to win for my mom the “My Skincare” hamper, because i think she deserves a little pampering with wonderful skincare products like these!

    Why is your mom special to you?

    My mom is a wonderful woman who alway tries her best to help people where she can, it doesnt matter if its a charity, people in need, colleges or family and friends. She has a heart of gold. I look up to my mom a lot, because she is a strong, brave, courageous, kind, loving and a hard working woman. She learned me that you can do anything in life if you set yor mind to it, and if you believe you can do it. You can only achieve in things in life if you work hard and if you have a possitive outlook on life. My mom is my best friend and I love it…

  49. Linda Laing

    I would love the saints and summer blue sneakers….my “mom” is my elder sister who took care of me all my life since our parents passes away when I was nine years old. She has sacrificed her life for me to be able to provide for me and make my life normal as possible without parents. She did not even marry because of her devotion and love for me. Now as an adult she is still my rock and always there to lean on and still helps me through tough times. She is a constant presence in my life as well as my kids lives and is more like a granny to them than an aunt. She is simply my pillar of strength since my husband passed away almost nine months ago and there are no words to adequately describe the love, appreciation, respect and gratitude I feel for her for all the constant support and love she has bestowed on me and my kids.

  50. Zzana bhayla

    I’d love to win the saint and summer shoes in white ✌️

    My mum deserves to win this because despite everything she’s been through, my mum has never let her struggles show in the love and support that she’s always given to us, so freely. Her perseverance through difficulties have molded me into a better version of myself and has taught me how to get through anything that life throws at me. Her strength has got myself and my 3 siblings through every high and low in our lives. Winning this would be the treat that she deserves❤️❤️❤️

  51. Stephanie Morton

    What I love about being a mom….seeing my little guy grow everyday, learning new & exciting things all the time, the joy my son gives me is just the most amazing feeling. I love the A Love Supreme cushions, the protea range is gorgeous, the Esse prize my mom would love & she deserves the pampering. She has taught me how to be the strong independent woman I am today! She is amazing.

  52. Monica

    I’d like to win the Copperfox Gin & Tonic and the Jack Rabbit Chocolate. Being a mom has taught myself more about myself , what I am Capable off (From Physical to emotional ) which I never would have thought off was possible. I experienced a love I have never felt before- the love I know my Mother have for us.It’s a special love, wanting the best for your children, seeing them succeed, seeing them happy,protecting them and giving -rather than taking. I have definitely learned from the best.

  53. Sofiah

    Sanity and summer sneakers
    I love my mom because she is my best friend, someone I can rely on for anything, she’s always there for me and helps me a lot with my children

  54. Kim Muller

    I’d like to win the pink shimmer gin from the @ginboxsa.

    For me, being a mom is everything I’ve always wanted. I have 3 children, each of which bring something special to our lives in their own way. When my kids are sick and want only me, that’s special. When my eldest comes home proud of something he did at school that day, that’s special. When my littlest smiles and gives me belly laughs, that’s special. When my middle hides behind my legs because he’s shy and I’m his shield, that’s special. There are so many special moments and occasions that make being a mom special. My mom passed away a couple of years ago, so trying to keep her memory alive for my kids is something I I am striving for daily.

  55. I would love to win the saints and summer Navy sneakers, being a mum has taught me to be patient and naturing. l am loving every minute of being a mum because its so rewarding to have a little person to depend on you for everything. l loved my mum very much who was so loving, caring and generous who made me who l am today. l miss her so very much especially our special moments together as she was my pillar of strength who was always there for me.

  56. Any prize will be a blessing to me, as being a blessing to me too. A mother to 2 loving & respective Angels is a double blessing. Being a mother is a good & humbled experience any woman can love to go through. The feeling, the love you have to give & to received. Oh the smile you see & the cry you hear everyday can melt your heart. Oh I love being a mom/ mother

  57. Leanne hartwig

    Hi Cisca,
    I waited till the 31st to choose my favorite however all the prizes in the giveaway are beautiful I’d be over the moon with any of them. My top 3 though is purely based on my needs at this stage I live in Durban and don’t own even one pair of sunglasses , my wallet currently consists of different pockets in Jack’s nappy bag, I haven’t bought a new pair of shoes in nearly 3 years…
    So Mother’s Day has always been a very emotional day for me. The short version is as follows. I lost my precious Mom in October 2016 to cancer. She was incredibly brave and the doctors only gave her 2 to 3 months to live as it was so advanced when finding it. Previous to this I had tried for 12 years to fall pregnant, our last miscarriage just after Mom was first diagnosed. Fertility was so expensive and now my priority was to be there for my Mom….we put falling pregnant aside while I decided to stop work and look after my Mom full time.
    The lessons she taught me in those last few months of her life was life changing for me. I’ve never seen a more braver fight and courageous women in my life. She rallied against the doctors prognosis and fought her stage 4 cancer for nearly a year. Even though she knew how hard and devastating the cancer fight can be as we lost my Dad to cancer 9 years earlier…. my amazing Mother never gave up right until the end. I held her hands and my head on her chest as she took her final breath.

    3 weeks after she passed, by whatever miracle Hayden and I conceived Jack completely naturally. No fertility, no more miscarriages and this after the fertility clinic told us to start looking at egg donors as there wasn’t much hope of even IVF taking anymore.

    Our little miracle boy is named after his Granny. Her name was Erica and Jack’s second name is therefore Eric. She would’ve adored her new grandson and I tell him about the most wonderful angel called Erica every night who delivered him to us.

    Thank you for letting me share my story.

    1. Cisca

      Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing a little peace of you with me. xx

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