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Right! Let’s break it down. If ever you are deciding on using a service like Ucook, then this blog post is a must read for you! I’m going to take you through my own experience using the service. PS- this is not a sponsored post and in no way affiliated with any meal service.

The Process

The website is easily accessible, which is always a plus! I don’t have time to go through a ton of steps, so straight forward click-click and there you go! What I like about Ucook is that you can decide which meals you want from the different categories (Easy Peasy; Health Nut; Vegetarian) You also have the option of choosing the amount of meals per person as well as how many days. This works well if you’d prefer to entertain guests once in awhile or if you just don’t have the time to plan meals in advance; do the shopping as well as spend hours in front of the stove.

Bonus Points for UCOOK

Delivery was ON TIME! My box was not delivered at 18:00 on a Monday evening, but early in the am at the designated time I requested. Packaging is always a plus in my books. I love that each meal was placed in a separate brown bag. This made it so much easier and accessible when the cooking commenced. Most of the packaging could be reused- from the containers the sauces came in to the little ziplock bags the spices and herbs came in. The recipes were also easy to follow. I didn’t find myself having to google certain cooking terms, like I did with other recipes. Most importantly, the timing of each recipe was spot on!

Whenever I received correspondence from Ucook I was always addressed as “Chef”, now I have to say I was quite chuffed whenever I got an email or text from them. Ucook also collaborates with renowned chef’s on a monthly basis, so you can be sure that your taste buds will be taken on a magical carpet ride. Yip, I am singing “A whole new world” out loud! This week we ordered another Ucook box, and the recipes are looking delicious! There is a definite guarantee that you wont mess up supper, anymore!


I have personally found that we save at least more than R2000.00 on groceries, by making use of this type of service. I save time, why?because I do not have to sit on a Saturday night, planning a grocery list for a trip to the supermarket on Sunday mornings. Also, my husband is loving that he is not eating the same menu each week. Most importantly, try out different service options, and then make a decision on what makes your family’s tummies happy and of course your monthly grocery budget. PS: Sign up for Ucook’s Newsletter, so that you are always in the loop on month end special offers.

Visit the website: https://ucook.co.za/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ucooksa/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ucooksa/

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