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Now is the time, to get all the Dad’s, aunties, uncles, granny’s and grandpa’s on-board to partake in this Giveaway. You know the drill, like, follow, share and tag! I will be choosing 5 people (directly into the final draw of this bundle) based on their comments from this blog post. Remember that you have to subscribe to my blog in order to validate your blog entry.

The first bundle of joy consists out of Five brands and the value of this bundle of Joy 1 is R1400.00.

Bundle of Joy 1- Monday 18-6-2018

Hello Dolly Designs


Pure Beginnings

Snuggle Bebe

Voguish Tots

Value: R1400.00

The prizes for the Bundle of Joy 1 are:


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  2. Comment and tell me which of the prizes you are most excited about winning and why this bundle would mean so much to you.
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This Post Has 85 Comments

  1. Tanya

    I’m so excited about the Hello Dolly Design gonna redo my growing baba Marks room

  2. Theshnee Reddy

    Excited to win the snuggle bebe wrap!! This bundle would really be awesome to win because it’s everything I’ve ever wanted.. Unfortunately finances are tough and sometimes we have to settle for hand me downs which I don’t mind at all.. But it would be nice to win something new

  3. Maritska

    Pure Beginning would love to use the product on my beautiful baby girl.

  4. Aadila

    I’m excited to wanna win this because I’m a soon to be a first time mum. My baby girl is my miracle baby.

    1. Aadila

      I would love to win hello dolly design for my baby.

  5. Bev Oelofse

    Definitely the Pickalilly prize for my grandchildren

  6. Maritska

    Pickalilly OMW it’s so cute and my little girl wil look so gorgeous

  7. Lianda Colquhoun

    This prize would definitely bring us as much joy as our precious bundle will, we in the process of adopting a little boy and just waiting for final documents,so in the next two weeks we can have our baby.

  8. Liza

    I would love to win this for my baby girl. I love pure beginning baby range. That clothes is just beautiful. Since my baba is a bit bigger now that carrier would be perfect to put her in when going to the mall

  9. Lianda Colquhoun

    Pure Beginnings is definitely one of my favourite prize items, I plan to use these products for our baby.

  10. Simone Abrahams

    Hello dolly design is stunning. I’d love to win and bless someone with these gorgeous things 🙂

  11. Candice Shabodien

    Pickalilly would be awesome!

  12. Teresa Sayer

    The Voguishtots range is stunning. Would love to dress my little one up.

  13. Although I love all the brands in this fantastic prize, I would definitely love the Pickalilly and Pure Beginnings prizes. I have a beautiful little girl who is two months old with sensitive skin, Pure Beginnings would be great for her skin and I would love the Pickalilly prize for an upcoming photoshoot when she is 3months.

  14. Nirisa Govender

    I would appreciate any prize as I my baby is 4 months old and changes alot due to his reflux and that’s alot of washing including my 2 other sons.

  15. Rachel Goldstuck

    I love the Voguishtots range the most but love all the providers. Those jerseys look so warm and snuggly especially in this cold weather.

  16. Liza Luyt

    Snuggle Bebe wrap. I love having my baby close to me, and this would be so warm and squishy for my little squishy.

  17. Angelique Barnard

    Really trying my best to win everything and anything I can for my brother and sister-inlaw (aged 37), who UNEXPECTEDLY is expecting twins, babies no 4 and 5. In this give-away I would be very happy to win @pickalilly as we have to start from scratch with these two little surprises (the other 3 children are all in school) so there is a big age gap and no baby goodies left in the house

  18. Nthabiseng

    Pikalilly because they are products are just so amazing I would really love to win this for my daughter absolutely amazing thank you for the awesome giveaway

  19. Leana Russouw

    I am expecting my second child and that is why I would like to have every single product 🙂 not to be greedy but it is the truth 🙂 i cannot single one out because I want all of it 🙂

  20. Tiffany

    The snugglebebe prize for sure. Absolutely love this product

  21. Michelle La Roux Dale

    I’m entering to support all these amazing pages but who don’t love a win right. I’m entering the bundle of joy for a very special friend who is soon going to be a 1st time mommy and is going thru alot at the moment. I believe by receiving this special gift she will be even more excited about her baby on the way. I would love to be part of giving.
    There is some amazing items I would love for my own little baby boy to.

  22. Christelle Schrenk

    HELLO Dolly! Love love love their decor products. Specially the new pillowcases.
    Too cute 🙂

  23. Cassandra Duarte

    I would absolutely love love love to win this amazing prize! All the products are amazing, but I would especially love to win the Snuggle Bebe baby wrap, so that my little piece of my heart that lives outside my body, will be close to my heart at all times ♡♡♡ holding thumbs and toes ♡♡♡

  24. Zayne Khan

    Already a subscriber..would the Pure Beginnings for my baby’s delicate skin. Fabulous giveaway..best of luck to all entrants!

  25. Nicia Manders

    I am most excited about Pure beginnings. I have heard so much about this amazing product and I see alot of moms using it and I would really love to try it out myself for my little one.
    So I am excited about winning this giveaway because I am a new mommy to a beautifull little girl.
    We moved to a new city just before I got pregnant and I dont know anyone here execpt the people i had worked with. Not knowing anyone and having my family and friends so far away I didnt have a babyshower and because I have to buy all my baby stuff myself it is really expensive and I cant afford all of these fancy stuff and I would love for my daughter to also have nice stuff and that is why I am entering this amazing giveaway and hope to win something for my baby… I am holdinh thumbs. Thank you for this opportunity.

  26. Cindy-Ann Menigo

    I love pure beginning products. its amazing and organic and good for my daughters skin as i battle with ecsema. Awesome giveaway yet again 🙂

  27. Alison Johannisen

    Pure beginnings for quality organic products

  28. Claudia Mc Namee

    I was never one to decorate or do the whole wall deco thing with my first two babies and boom now we got a little “late arriver” baby of the family of course and as usual clothes, toiletries, needed essentials from bed pram etc all sorted cause we know the drill by now what is needed and my eldest goes Well you sure missed out on one thing and its decorating his own personal space making it his ……and it just dawned me both my kids have their own signature decotouch to their rooms why not start something new with A little deco to welcome our little one In a weeks time he will be here and would just LOVE to kick start it with HELLO DOLLY 😀 Following all these deco trends lately and would love to get this <3

  29. Sarah Campbell

    Overwhelmed with love for my little man. Would love to win the snuggle bebe wrap and enjoy keeping him close and snug during this cold winter.

  30. Leani

    Without a doubt my top pick would be Pickalilly! I am an absolute fan of many years and not only love their style but the quality of the product is superb and can be trusted to last!
    This is really the perfect bundle though. I am also a firm believer in babywearing and currently I am borrowing a wrap. Baba is a very difficult teether at the moment and my very own wrap would just bring the silver lining back to this cloudy stage. And then there are even more treats to decorate babies room in our newly moved into home. All the time looking stylish and not worrying over another eczema flare up!

  31. Kristin

    The Pickalilly outfits are too cute! Would love to dress our little man up in one of these outfits when he arrives in a few weeks!

  32. Esmeralda

    Voguish Tots!! I just love this… and i have a baby girl due in September and it is really cold in the Freestate… and its absolutely just beautifull!!!

  33. Senzi lwandime

    DefinathelySnuggle bebe ,would really appreciate a wrap carrier for my baby girl

  34. Courtney Toontas

    I’m really excited about the entire bundle! I personally don’t have a baby or not expecting one any time soon but I have a friend, Tania Botha, who is currently expecting twins and unfortunately they are a bit tied down financially. This bundle would be great for her and I’ll be so excited and happy that I could help her!

  35. Simonè

    I love all the products, is so hard to choose just one. I love the pickalilly outfits or the pure beginnings hamper. I love entering giveaways, because i love to share the posts as awareness of all the amazing local brands. Winning a giveaway also means I get to try amazing products.

  36. Angelique

    All the prizes are amazing. We are very excited to welcome our first born. Our baby boy . Dad works out at sea so he misses out on most of the months.. sure to make up when baby born

  37. Brenda Fernandes

    The Hello Dolly site has so many beautiful items …all items on the list are cute

  38. Surene

    Pure Beginnings en die wrap. Pure beginnings is wonderlik en ek love dit om op my 2maande oue seuntjie te gebruik. Die wrap sal ook great wees, op die oomblik leen ek my sussie s’n.

  39. Taryn Spark

    I love the Voguish Tots clothes I would love to win this for one of my many pregnant friends

  40. emlyn THOMAS

    snuggle bebe will be awesome

  41. Ilke Robertson

    Im sooooooo exited about the Pickalilly prizes. I love dressing my baby in this brand. Would love some more of it.

  42. Jan (JankiesDaddy)

    I am exciting about the Snuggle Bebe wrap. I would love to win it for the Mother of my daughter. Our princess is still very clingy and want to be near her mom all the time. This would be amazing for her so she can still get stuff done and have our little close to her. She also said she loves it and wants one so bad. It is stylish and would also make our mall trips and beach walks so much easier.

  43. Grace

    Wow this is an amazing prize!! I would absolutely love to win the snuggle Bebe wrap and pure beginnings products. I’m seven weeks away from my ye date and it’s the first boy on my side of the family. I live far from my family so the wrap would be amazing to make life a little easier on those tougher days when things need to get done as well as when I go back to teaching and I can take baby to work with me The pure beginnings I also love I have learned about them through my working with children and I love that they are organic and smell amazing!! I would LOVE to win this prize Baby boy due 2 August

  44. The Voguishtots range is stunning. Would love to dress my little 8 weeks old cub. Awesome giveaway, fingers crossed.

  45. farzana

    im super excited for the snuggle bebe baby carrier! as a first time mama to be,Im so looking forward to that feeling of bonding with my bundle of joy, plus cant wait to see babys daddy wearing a baby carrier and bonding with baby tooo!
    this is such an amazing prize bundle to give away. im just about to begin my parenting journey, being almost 39 weeks pregnant, and if theres one most important thing i have learnt, is that the necessities are veryy costly!! so it leaves me so limited when wanting to but such cute little things like wall paper designs or adorable little outfits!! winning this giveaway would be amazing as i get the opportunity to indulge in some quaint extravagances and i will be crossing fingers and toes hoping to win at least one of these amazing bundles!!! the pure beginnings would be such a great addition to my hospital bag and to my babys daily routine! #reallyhopetowin

    1. Cisca

      Almost there

    2. Cisca

      You have won this Bundle!!!! Get in touch.

  46. Ragmah

    My daughter is 6months now and I’m actually loving all the brands who r giving something awayvoguish tots have some really really awesome clothing that I got for my 3year old n I love it to bits, shukran ruks ❤️I’m in need of pure beginning products(I’ve never tried them yet but I have been eyeing the products for some time).hello Dolly has the coolest apparel and pickalilly has some really cute things aswell. All these brands really teamed up nicely n I can’t wait to actually win any of these prizes, they’re awesome

  47. Khadijah

    Snuggle bebe
    Need one for my 6 week old baby..great product looking forward to trying

  48. Bhavana Singh

    Thank You For This FABULOUS COMPETITION! I would love a Snuggle Bebe Wrap for my Precious Bundle of joy. I always like having him close to me at all times and with this Amazing wrap, he will be close to my heart, where he belongs. I would also share this Awesome prize with my friend who is having her first baby soon. She is in difficult financial times so I an helping her with anything I can. Sharing is caring. FINGERS CROSSED! 🙂

  49. Faathimah Variawa

    Would love to win this prize… Everything looks amazing but my favs are the voguish tots and pickalilly outfits… For my little girl, coz i mean, a girl can never have enough clothes, right?? And these are oh-so-stylish

  50. Kendall Marwick

    I LOVE the Snuggle Bebe! Baby wearing is such an important bonding tool & so practical – you can keep baby close & snug while going about various activities & being hands free

    1. Cisca

      Completely agree!

  51. Everything is so awesone but seeing that im going to be a first time gran to a baby girl i will choose voguish tots and pickalilly outfits. These clothes will be perfect for here. Would be great if i could win this

    1. Cisca

      Awesome Priscilla- remember to comment on all the bundle posts- there’s a new one out today x and remember to subscribe to the newsletter

  52. Anmar

    Hello Dolly Design’s wall art, it would go perfect with my little ones nursery.

    1. Cisca

      Great choice! make sure you have subscribed the newsletter to validate your answer

  53. Monique Malander

    I just love your blog.

    Hello dolly would love for the wall decor, a room needs some nice walls.
    Pure beginning, my favorite as it is all natural.
    Voguish tots and Picalilly: Winter is Coming…. and those knitwear is to die for.
    Snugglebebe i will keep for if i have second one as i really wanted one when i had my boy.

    1. Cisca

      Thank you Monique, that means so much. Good thinking! x

  54. Sofiah

    Pure Beginning is what I’m most excited about

  55. Sofiah

    This bundle would mean a lot to me because I love the brands and couldn’t afford all of this myself

  56. Irfaan

    Hello Dolly design wall art to help decorate the nursery

  57. Maxine

    Myself and my 8 week old son, would love any prize as our grattiude would be immense. We would love to dress up in Pickalilly ( baby looks like he’s come off a vogue runway and I’m on my third day of wearing the same pants)!

    1. Cisca

      Love their clothes xxx have you subscribed to the newsletter?x

  58. Danielle Brown

    I am most excited about the Snuggle Bebe Wrap. My newbown baby girl, Hannah just loves being near to me and feeling snug. This wrap would be so handy!

    1. Cisca

      Its an amazing wrap for sure x


    I am most excited about the Snugglebebe body wrap. I feel as a new mother to be my baby will need my constant care and attention. I am also extremely fond of having my house neat and tidy. I would like to be able to still do the chores I need to but also have my baby along with me while I am busy. The wrap would also give Dad and opportunity to bond with baby and carry him around in a comfortable manner.

  60. Dannette de Koning

    Oh my this is a hard one.. I think I’d like the pure beginnings starter hamper for my little chap – natural products are the way to go!

  61. Leandra Krige

    In the Bundle of Joy 1 i am absolutely in love with the Pickalilly long sleeve set and the Pure Beginnings set. We started using Pure Beginnings a month or so ago and I dont think I will buy another brand. It is absolutely amazing on Hunter’s skin!! Not to mention his hair!! Amazing perfect curls all due to their shampoo. I love Pickalilly products!! They are truly amazing and the quality is truly out of this world. I would love this Bundle of Joy 1 giveaway as it will be perfect for Hunter and I would finally be able to sort out his room and make it perfect with the Hallo Dolly Designs.

  62. Gabi Fine

    Def the wrap!!! For me a wrap is as essential as nappies for a newborn. I’ve been using a borrowed one for my baba and honestly the first time I put her in it it was the biggest game changer.

  63. Talitha Dias

    It would mean the world to me, just to win ANYTHING!

    1. Cisca

      Keep on sharing and tagging Talitha. Have you subscribed to the newsletter? X

  64. Shameez Patel

    My husband and I both have sensitive skin and would like to use Pure Beginnings on our baby to come. My friends and cousins who have used the brand, vouches that it is the best and we can’t wait to try!

  65. Shameez Patel

    My husband and i both have sensitive skin, so we are looking forward to using Pure Beginnings on our baby 🙂

    1. Cisca

      It’s the BEST!!!! Have you subscribed to the newsletter? X

  66. Irfaan

    Pure Beginings as my son has sensitive skin and pimples

    1. Cisca

      The best organic products to have

  67. Alexa Pohl

    I’d love to win the SnuggleBebe wrap to keep my little girl arriving in November close. I used a ring sling with my boy but would love to try a wrap. It would mean so much to me to win because I’ve been so exhausted through my second pregnancy & this would perk me up!

  68. Ayesha

    The Snugglebebe wrap
    So I can carry baby around whilst being hands free

  69. Marie Minnie

    Im so excited about the pure beginnings products, my baby seems to be quite sensitive. So id love to try these products! They look awesome xx

  70. Zeenat Carrim

    I would love the products on this bundle especially the pure beginnings hamper & clothing for my little one ❤️

  71. Athena Adams

    Hi there, I would love any of the brands as all of them are so unique and beautiful. If I had to choose the Voguish tots as the knitwear looks so cosy and warm for baby in winter, would be so blessed to dress my little bundle girl of 8 weeks in this cute outfits. Never won anything before would be awesome.

  72. Anoushka Nell

    I would really lo love the stretchy baby wrap. I am due with my 3rd baby soon and will definitely resort to babywearing to cope with having a newborn, a 3.5 year old and a 2 year old.
    I love this bundle because it speaks to my way of parenting. Babywearing, organic and safe baby products and simple comfortable clothing for my kiddos that will last!!!

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