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This is truly the ultimate Ready to POP prize. This prize does not only consist out of spoils for your baby, but some spoils for you too. Now is the time, to get all the Dad’s, aunties, uncles, granny’s and grandpa’s on-board to partake in this Giveaway. You know the drill, like, follow, share and tag! I will be choosing 10 people (directly into the final draw of this  R13 000 prize) based on their comments from this blog post. Remember that you have to subscribe to my blog in order to validate your blog entry.

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Friday 22-6-2018

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181 thoughts on “Ready to POP

  1. Motherhood definitely has changed me, its not about me and my needs its all about my daughter, I strive to be the best I can be each day as a mom. To be a great provider, nurturer, I have become more patient, I am always looking at ways to make her life wonderful and happy….its amazing how ones entire life changes , the focus is a precious joy and blessing from God

  2. I have to confess, I never wanted children (bad experience with a friends child)

    But once I had my first daughter, I wanted another, before I knew it, I had 4 children, first 3 are girls and then I had my long awaited son.

    People always ask me : how do yo do it?

    It is easy, it comes naturally.

    I always joke and say, once I am old and ready to retire, I will live with each child for 3 months of the year, that way, none of them will get sick of me, it will take 9 months before I end up back with the first child.

    How is that for an added bonus retirement plan …. just kidding (or am I?)

    Each child is such a blessing, they bring with them a unique personality, they fight, they argue but boy when it’s time to stick up for each other, they do it in 4’s

    Blessed with the best

  3. Motherhood has taught me how beautiful life is. How it can test you daily but still make you feel all warm and fuzzy at the same time. Motherhood has taught me patience, kindness and unconditional love. A new love that I never knew existed. Motherhood ia a beautiful blessing that I am so fortunate to be part of. And in October I become a mommy to another beautiful little girl

  4. Im a mom, I have only been one for 9 weeks but it’s the best 9 weeks of my existence. My little boy is my entire world. I’m a woman. Wife. Mom. All 3 of these make me who I am and one cannot exist without the other.

  5. Motherhood is beautiful. It can be terrifying yet so exciting. Its a love you cannot even begin to explain. I’m so fortunate to be on this journey. In October I become a mommy to another beautiful little girl…

  6. In 2015, I found out that I had pcos. My gynaecologist at the time informed me that I would not be able to have a child because my case was bad. In 2016 I started treatment (encouraged by my grandfather’s brother, who is a GP) within 3 months I fell pregnant with my first baby.. It was a miracle for me.. He was born at 35weeks.. Spent a week in NICU.. I was scared at the time.. But my baby was fine.. 3 months after his birth, I found out I was pregnant with my second child.. He was born at 36 weeks and healthy. Motherhood can be very difficult, especially with babies of the same age.. But I would not change it for the world.. These two boys of mines are everything to me.. Watching my son run towards me.. Giving me those mischievous smiles.. It makes my day.. Watching my smallest in his walking ring.. When he sees me he runs and grabs my clothes, picks his hands up for me to carry him.. Those are the moments I live for.. Motherhood has matured me.. It has shown me that everything isn’t perfect.. There’s always mistakes.. But being with my sons make everything better for me.. ❤️

  7. Once I became a mom- nothing was & will ever be the same again (our 2nd is due in August).
    Motherhood is hard but it’s also the most rewarding & important job I have .
    Everything I thought I knew has been turned on its head & I’m still learning everyday.

  8. I’m so looking forward to motherhood! Only a few months to go. I have already noticed some changes: I’m quicker to stand up for myself and my choices, and less timid about disagreeing with someone rather than just going along to keep the peace. I’m also feeling more generous towards those closer to me – more love, more hugs, more words of affirmation!

  9. Motherhood. Shew. It’s been a roller coaster. I am currently expecting my second, I am literally ready to pop. my 1st is 21 months old. I had difficulty falling pregnant the 1st time so I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever be a mum of 2 under 2. Motherhood has definitely taught me patience, how your heart can hold so much of love, how to survive on the bare minimum of sleep. What true sacrifice is. The love of a mother for her child is definitely unmatched. How u can feel a million emotions at once, fear, anxiety, love and so many more. Motherhood has taught me to appreciate my own mother, and realise what she sacrificed her whole life, after becoming a mother, i see my own mum in a whole new way. I always appreciated her but now that I know it first hand, I understand what greatness the title of a mother holds

  10. Well im a Mommy to be! And Motherhood already changed me, its not about only you anymore there is a little person you must start caring for and she/he rely on you as her/his mother. It a new beginning, a new chapter and you cant start a new chapter with old and bad habits! A baby is such a wonderful miracle and a bundle of joy , excitement, tears and bring just happiness!!

  11. Being a mom is the hardest but most rewarding thing to do in the world. It made me realise that you really do love someone more than you love yourself. Every thing you do you do it with your kids in mind first. Motherhood makes my heart full and I wouldnt change it for anything in the world. Our 3rd baby is on the way and I am so excited for this new journey.

  12. Being a mom is the definition if unselfishness.. it is learning about strengths you never knew you had and fears you never knew existed.. but mom life is the best life and I wouldn’t change it for the world ♡♡♡ #aintnohoodlikemotherhood

  13. Wow I’m 32weeks pregnant and have absolutely loved each moment of pregnancy. I find it so amazing feeing our baby growing inside me knowing we will meet her soon. I never knew you could love someone instantly without ever having to meet them. The thought of meeting our little princess within the next month is so exciting but I won’t lie I’m anxious, nervous and excited and overwhelmed to say the least. But I’m blessed and grateful to be given this blessing. All i can wish for is to be at least half the mom my mother was to me when she was still with us. To be compassionate;strict, loving and never complain. That would be the biggest honour.

  14. I never knew how much my heart could carry until I gave birth. My little four people are so different yet I am able to love them each in their own special way. I never knew how beautifully exhausting it is. It’s fun and at times when they cry, I cry too from feeling their pain also from being overwhelmed. Yet when its all said and done, I will do it all over again. I now have more patience, empathy and find myself just loving every kids I ses out there

  15. I have always treated, cared and loved my nieces, nephews and friends kids as my own. I would be so attached to them all as if I were they mother. I taut that was the feeling and bond of motherhood but it’s only now that I’m pregnant with my first baby that I truly know what it feels like to be a mother, to feel the baby in the womb. To have ur baby with u all the time but only see her once a month yet feel her everyday, to talk and be interactive with her. The excitement when she kicks to respond back to me. This beginning of motherhood is amazing. She’s my miracle baby after all the struggle of infertility, God is truly great. Before my pregnancy, I was a mother to many kids even tho I never gave birth to them. No one is perfect but I hope to be the best mother that I can be.

  16. What does Motherhood means to me ? Im not sure if I can put it into words, but I will try. Motherhood means no more being alone, always dirty sticky little hands that wants to touch everything ( especially the things they should not touch) , laughter, learning your little one new things every day, unconditional love, new respect for your partner/husband, trying to be a better “you” to be a good example, more wine to calm my shattered nerves, no more “skaam wees” as a poonamie can happen anytime or place, fun, caring and always being there for your family!!
    Has Motherhood changed me!!! Oh yes!! I used to be a highly strung and stressed so much. As soon as I fell pregnant I became more relaxed and lenient. I think my body knew I was having a busy little boy and needed to calm down or I would have a stroke. I also feel I multi task a lot better- not sure how but somehow everything works out in the end. I have a lot more patience and I actually enjoy life a lot more!! I would not change my experience for anything!! I love being Hunter’s mommy and I love the way it changed me. ( mentally and physically )

  17. In all honesty I am a bit scared. Bringing a life into this world. A blessing indeed. It has already changed me in many ways… so far it’s been an amazing journey caring for him while his inside my womb. My priority already is my baby boy ensuring that he gets what he needs. I’m praying and asking for guidance for when he is here as I would love to be the best mother I could possibly be.

  18. What motherhood means:
    There’s nothing like becoming a mom to instill a deep sense of gratitude in you for your own mother. Years ago I may have thanked my mom for all she’s done for me, but these days, my gratefulness runs much truer. Now that I understand firsthand the love, the worry, and the sacrifice that went into raising me, I can’t help but thank her in a way that’s more genuine than it ever could have been before.
    How it has changed me:
    -You learn to put other’s first than you.
    – You realize you are stronger than you ever thought you were ( emotionally and physically).
    – You have more patience.
    – Your kids inspire you to be a better person.

  19. I will only become a Mom in approx 10 weeks & I absolutely cannot wait to meet our little poppet. Our lives have changed so much already – all we want & all that is our biggest concern is her & her well-being. I’m so incredibly attached to her already & love her so much, that I can only imagine how much that will grow & intensify when she actually makes her appearance into this world. Life will obviously change when she arrives, but change is great & life will be better for having her in it.

  20. Never have I thought I would be a mother. Our journey of infertility has been an emotional rollercoaster. When I lost out first I was heartbroken and gave up on being a mother. Now that we have twins our world has changed. My job is based in saldanha and being a mother to my children means so much more to me than being away from them. Motherhood had made me relook life and my career I have worked so hard for

  21. Motherhood, well I’m very new to it but it’s nothing I ever expected. Even words cannot help describe it. When my baby was born and placed on my chest there is no better feeling the love that overcomes you and the emotions are exceptional. Now I’ve been home with my newborn for a month and being a mother is the most amazing thing you get to see, touch and feel this magnificent being that exsisted inside of you for 9 months. The love exudes from me, when he is sleeping I could just watch him and when he is awake giving him kisses in his neck my heart so happy! I’m not sure what or how my motherhood journey has in store for me but I’m super excited!!

  22. My baby girl is due in 3 weeks, I’m so excited to become a mother, but just as scared about how it will change my life and what to expect. I’m am sure though, that having a baby and becoming a mom is the best thing that can happen to any woman.

    1. It is completely normal to have mixed emotions. Be prepared….its like falling in love all over again x. Have you subscribed to the newsletter? x

  23. I will be a mother to my little boy in October this year ♥️ I cannot explain the joy I feel when thinking of being a mother I fell in love with just the thought of my son in my belly, he’s movements, he’s little kicks, he’s ultrasounds, he’s tiny heartbeat I’m in love with the thought of my little boy blessing me with Motherhood ♥️

    I don’t think anyone is ever truly “ready” to be a mother, until that day it actually happens…everyone always tells me to prepare myself for the worst but I guess the good outweighs the bad in all cases of motherhood . I’m mentally preparing myself for all things possible, because you never know what you’re in for when it comes to being a mother all I know is that, I’m as ready as I could ever be ♥️ I’m excited for all the challenges ahead. I have the most amazing husband ever, he is so supportive and helpful in all situations…I know that if I have my bad days of doubting myself as being a “good mother”, he’ll be there to assure me that I am ♥️

    I know being a mother will change my life in all aspects! But for the better ofcause I’ll learn new things everyday, things from a little baby that has no understanding of life ♥️ That for me is a blessing!

    So, I’m excited for all the changes that will occur in my life, I know it will make me a better person than I aspire to be…I’ve learned a lot of motherhood from my mom (my hero), to which I’ll carry all her motherly instincts with me into my path of motherhood…and perhaps I’ll be a great mother as she is one day ♥️ I’ve been blessed with a great role model and I cannot wait to do her justice to our son

    1. Take each moment as it comes. It can be very overwhelming, BUT! Trust your instincts. The best advice I ever received. Have you subscribed to the newsletter? x

  24. I’m 20 weeks pregnant with my first baby, and am nervous, excited, anxious, happy, terrified and overjoyed all at the same time! I don’t think I will truly know what motherhood means until I have experienced it for myself ❤️

    1. Its funny how ppl say, your maternal instincts kick in- but I assure you- when you hear that first cry, its like falling in love all over again xx Have you subscribed to the newsletter? x

  25. Motherhood has really changed me. Bring a mother is a different kind of superhero. It’s not about me anymore but all about what I can give and accomplish for my little one. I can’t remember life without him.

  26. Currently 7 months with my little princess. Big brother will be two in December.

    At times Im freaking out at the idea of two under 2 but having two means, twice the giggles, twice the kisses, twice the hugs and twice the love and memories I will be able to share with them.

    I’ve started doing Makeup full time, because I’ve always knew I wanted to raise my own children. Running your own business, trying to get another launched before sis comes AND attending to a very busy toddler, while being pregnant can be exhausting. But I would not trade it for anything in this world. Before children i Iived a selfish life, one where I was the main character. How incredibly rewarding this past 18months have been, having a new “main” star in my show! And I cannot wait for his Co-star to join and turn my world upside down again.

    Heres to 1pm showers, forgetting to brush my teeth, middle of the night cuddles sore nipples … and ENDLESS love and laughter ❤️❤️❤️

  27. So I am not yet a mother but going to be one soon. For me it’s definitely accomplishment and achievement. So no matter how you become a mother you deserve the ultimate best.

  28. Motherhood will definitely change me in being original and being the best possible example I can be for my child as well as other children. And most of all upholding my beliefs and values.

  29. Motherhood has changed and challenged me in a beautiful way. I was a not very maternal, never baby sat or held other babies, babies scared me a little, especially the tiny ones. I liked the idea of having kids but was worried about raising one and whether I can do so well. 8 weeks ago I gave birth to the tiniest baby I’ve ever seen (2.6kg’s) and all the fears and lack of confidence has been replaced by unconditional love and passion for my boy since then. I miss him minutes after not holding him and am so overwhelmed with love for both him and his dad. I’m dedicated to do my best in raising and loving him. I also see people around me differently- everyone is someone’s son or daughter which triggers deeper compassion towards all no matter their background or story. This is challenging, what to do with all the emotions? Still figuring that out but I love how motherhood turned me into a more caring softy. I wouldn’t mind an army of siblings to follow this little guy.

    1. Aww Sarah! this just melts my heart. What an amazing journey you are on x Have you subscribed to the newsletter? x

  30. Motherhood will definitely change me in being original and being the best possible example I can be for my child as well as other children. And most of all upholding my beliefs and values. I believe once you hold your baby motherhood become natural and feeling of emotions that will develop you in a better person

    1. Please uphold your beliefs and values to your child. It is so important nowadays. Have you subscribed to the newsletter? x

  31. Being a mum has been the most beautiful, yet most challenging of journeys I have ever been through, and I am not done yet 🙂

    My children have challenged and inspired me to be the best version of myself and continue to do so, this journey will continue until I die and go home, being a mother is a life long journey and I am looking forward to the future! I never knew love like this before I had my children.

  32. Where to begin… The joys of being able to be a Mother, a Parent, a Best friend to our little girl- Kara, She is 11weeks old. In 2012 I was diagnosed with severe PCOS and was told I will struggle to concieve I was put on the Pill to help regulate my cycle. In december 2016 I had a Stroke (CVA) after my pill was changed. I was told I will never be able to even BE pregnant even if I was able to concieve. Just shows you what Prayers can do!!! I got pregnant July of 2017 with our perfect bundle of joy!!! I am beyond grateful for this Gift to be a mother!! I enjoy your page as it helps me through my journey!! Thank you!!!

    1. That is so awesome to hear Melanie. The power of prayer is truly a blessing. You are going to be a Great Mom!

  33. I definitely had no idea just how difficult it would be to be a first time mom… the last 7 weeks have been difficult to a point where I almost felt like giving up… little sleep, feeding non-stop, pain in the early days because baby is not latching properly… but I also had no idea just how rewarding motherhood can be either… that smile your baby gives you that makes you feel like the most important person in the world, that amazing feeling you get before you have to feed your baby, the cutest sounds that comes from your baby, those naps your baby wants to take no where but on your chest because that is where your heart is. I did not know that a love like this existed. I would never long for a life that had more sleep or more personal time because that would be a life without my little Isabella…. I only want this life with my amazing husband and gorgeous baby girl!!!

    1. I know what you mean. I have been there. The first 12 weeks was the worst for me- no sleep and so many emotions. But in the end, you brought a little life of joy into this world, how awesome is that? Have you subscribed to the newsletter? x

  34. Being a mom has taught me how to love & enjoy the little things in life, the moments that can never be experienced through other people & other things like parties & material things. Its learning to be patient about everything, even yourself. Its a everyday learning experience. Being a mom has also taught me about strengths I never knew I had and emotions I never knew existed…

    1. Its funny how before becoming a mom, you saw the world differently, and now look at it through your child’s eyes. Have you subscribed to the newsletter? x

  35. Motherhood has taught me a lot. That little people are always busy. That moms never get a break (I appreciate my own mom so much more). You need to have so much patients and listen to stories from the over imaginative minds of little souls.
    You need to be able to make all the pain of growing up disappear with a single kiss and snuggle. Your bed is never your own any more. But the more bodies we have in the bed, the happier we are.

    Motherhood is challenging but yet so rewarding and i wouldnt change it for the world.

    1. That is so true. Motherhood is a job on its own! but so rewarding wouldnt you agree? Have you subscribed to the newsletter? x

  36. Motherhood means the world to me it is something every girl want to be when they grow up is a Mom.. to have your own little baby and little human. It is such a big responsibility but it is the best thing in the world. My daughter changed my life. Even though she is just a few weeks old i can feel that I am already i diffrent person. Her dad says im really bossy now l but i just want the best for her and i dont want anyone or anything to hurt my little one. I think ten times before doing something and i always put her first there is alot of thing we cant do anymore now that we are parents but I wouldnt change it for the world.

  37. Well I’m still waiting for my babatjie, so i dont know how it will change me. I’m tired now but i bet with baby out i will be ‘tirederer’…

  38. All the way back to 2006 had my first little dude and seeing I was rebelious, did what I want my life was to me just great and out of control in a good way for me I felt I had everything a 22 year old lived for and one day I met this guy funny outgoing but put together and I thought to myself how did a woman raise this guy So after dating etc we spoke about kids and I was like oh no have you met me I will have a spawn of a little demon Well as life has it wehad a lil man and from day one a total calmness took over went from crazy insane girl to a I think I got this calm lady lol and now I have the kindest hearted easy going boy who has taught me more in life than anything else Patience, kindness, to trust and let go and I thought wow it cant be better than this Until our little drama lady arrived who taught me being strong and free willed and stubborn but still be who you want without changing who you are exists I look on her when I feel this is not going to work its like she gives me strength everyday when things are blue and down and till today I dont regret having these two little humans each in their own has taught me so! Much

  39. I think that I can only truly comprehend what motherhood will be like when I give birth to my beautiful baby boy in November. I’m almost 20 weeks now and I cannot wait to feel his little kicks. We found out we’re having a boy this week and my partner and I are beyond excited. I’ve started planning out the nursery and can’t wait to get started on it. My whole life, all I’ve ever wanted was to be a mum and my dreams have finally come true. I cannot wait to love on this little human and teach him everything there is to know about this beautiful journey of life. He is already so incredibly loved by so many

  40. Most thing I’ve ever wanted in life is to be a mother although it was a tough wait I had friends who having babies before me I wanted to make sure I had everything in order before I do I didn’t force it onto my husband I let him tell me when he was ready and today I’m 22 weeks and due on 26th October I am enjoying being pregnant and all the ups and downs that come with it..I couldn’t be more happier that God has chosen me to be a mother.. motherhood will definitely change me and my outlook on things and it’s something I’m looking forward to and I cannot wait ❤

  41. How motherhood has changed me… Lol I think I’ve become a much more loving person… Sacrificed so many things… Forgot about so many things that really wasn’t important to me(although I felt like it was). I’ve become more parent conscious… Respect and appreciate my parents more than I did before… Knowing all the things they’ve done for me(by all the things I do for my kids) I’ve become more tidier lol even tho things r much much more messy. It’s changed my relationship with my husband aswell. We forced to become more patient with things lol. I love my life right now n I can’t imagine my life without my family ❤️

  42. I am a mom of 2 beautiful boys. Becoming a mother is the best thing that could hapoen to anyone. I love my husband and our 2 boys just completed our circle. I will do anything for them, recently also gave up my job to spend more time at home and to be able to attend my eldest son’s sport and extra classes. I am so thankful and proud to be a mommy. Being a mom is such a privilege and I am truly blessed beyond measure. It’s on days when you really don’t feel good about yourself… You get that out of the blue ‘I love you mommy!’ or you see the handwritten letter, gr. 1 handwriting, that says ‘my mommy is pretty’. THAT is what makes my so grateful. I love my boys so much!

  43. This is my first little one. Im so excited, yet scared at the same time. I want to give him/ her ( dont know yet) everything I can. I want to make sure they are loved and cherised and protected. I wanted to be a mommy for years now and now I am blessed with a little one. I can not explain how happy I am to be a soon to be mommy. This prize would help loads

  44. Aaaah motherhood! A stage in your life that nothing can prepare you for. A time that seems so long and so short at the same time. A journey that is challenging but rewarding – both in ways you won’t expect.

    Being a mom must be one of the most selfless things you can do, yet I have found myself to be so much more self-aware. Having a child has made me think more about myself – my past and my current self – than anything else I have done or that has happened to me. It has made me think more about the future too.

    Motherhood is such a contradiction to me. It has shown me my many weaknesses and proven my many strengths. It has given me my happiest moments and my darkest moments. But the funny thing is that I never regret making the decision to be a mom – which is why we’re expecting #2!

  45. I had never intended to be a mum, never wanted to be..always conscious that I’d be sharing my time or always working to fulfill a need so I was selfish but that changed when Kashy came into my life quite unexpectedly. 4 mths old and such a happy baby..still I fought for my independence ..I just found it in a different way. I learned patience, discipline, organizational skills, more patience, to curb my language (what is it about toddlers that brings out the fisherwife tendencies?). I learned not to use Google to diagnose Kashy’s sniffles, to keep her stimulated and in a routine. Most of all, I learned there is a mum in me but its just Kashy’s mum!

  46. Motherhood has changed me indeed it taught me to put my kids first before my needs. It has taught me to look at life a little different.

  47. Parenthood had definitly changed me it is the best feeling in the world. I would love to win this for my daughter and her mommy to say thank you for all her hard work and I can see how motherhood made her blossom she is such a changed person so calm and loving and she always puts our daughters needs first and that made me love her even more.

  48. One of my biggest fears was not being able to have a child one day, I super excited to announce that I am 20 weeks pregnant 🙂 but life has changed so much… Physically, emotionally, mentally, not to mention financially. I have this overwhelming feeling of love for this tiny human growing inside of me. Since finding out I’m pregnant every action has been based around this new chapter. Planning and preparing for the changes of bringing a person into this world is no easy task and I have a new appreciation for all woman and mother’s out there. Hearing the baby’s heart for the first time made things official “there is a baby !”was what I shouted lol and I’m sure the journey will only get more rewarding… Any mother and baby would be extremely blessed to receive this amazing giveaway. XOXO

    1. Congratulations!!!! I promise you it’s like falling in love for the first time- all over again. Have you subscribed to the newsletter? X

  49. Motherhood to me means being selfless, caring, and courageous. Motherhood has taught me to love with all my heart, not withholding anything back, it has also made me a stronger person. The saying that each time a baby is born, a mother is also born, holds true; I’m so looking forward to being a mother again as I give birth to baby number 3 soon.

  50. Motherhood has changed me in so many ways! I went from party girl -workaholic -non family person to wanting quiet evenings, spending time with family and becoming a SAHM by choice….if you told me that years ago I wouldve laughed. I never knew you could love anyone that much and be so protective .My whole world has changed ,some days are a challenge but so worth it.

  51. Motherhood is something I’ve dreamt of for the longest time. I have no idea how it will change me, but I truly can’t wait for it to be my turn to become a mom!

  52. Eversince I can remember my life goal was to be a mommy. Those sessions we had in 1st Grade where they ask you what you want to be when you get older, I am the one that said I want to be a mommy. At the time everyone thought it was silly and we all had a laugh about it. But the urge of wanting to raise a little life so dependent on you and only you was something I have wished for my entire life. I was always the one babysitting everybody’s kiddies, the one who had 5 kids on my lap. Spending time with the little one’s always felt like my happy place, knowing that this is what I was made to do. I was then blessed by our Heavenly Father with my own little bundle of joy. After lots and lots of prayer, some time struggling and now I am over the moon about it, definitely worth the wait. I have never felt love like this before and my little one is not even in my arms yet. The motherly instinct of being caring and protective, wanting to give up your world for a little heart beat that is 50% you and 50% the love of your life, wow. There are no words to explaining what motherhood has and still will do to me. I am beyond excited for the future and the blessings it holds!! <3 MammaHood here I come!!x

  53. Being a mom made me vulnerable, vigilant, caring, strong, human, animal, protective, scared, sad, happy, happier & happiest !!! And to use an old cliché it did “complete me” I realized the other day, that’s it was all I ever wanted to be. And now getting to live it again with my daughter & God blessing het with my most beautiful granddaughter ( 2.5 going on 20) and the next one on the way, it was affirmed, My goodness to be SO BLESSED to experience al the little inherited mannerisms again, the wonder of life and living and the joy of sharing just fills up my heart like you will fill up the nursery 🙂 You have wonderful taste in sponsors, and I love that you spoil the new mom (so often forgotten) too. Motherhood changed me into a totally fulfilled human being, and I am totally blessed with awesome, beautiful, happy children & the little ones.

    1. Awww thank you Tertia, it really means a lot. A lot of thought goes into creating a Giveaway like this and I wanted it to be a celebration of Mom and little person x

  54. I am a first time mom, baby on the way and have been wondering the same thing. But already, it’s amazing to notice how someone you haven’t properly met yet, can mean the world to you. If you asked me a year ago if I would be able to give up caffeine or sushi, I would have said no, but now? Anything for this little one safety and well being.

  55. How motherhood has changed me… I’ve spent the last hour reading through the comments on this post and a leading theme seems to be “It has made me selfless, taught me about love that I never knew was possible” etc.

    For me personally, I expected to fall deeply in love with the little person that made me a mom, I felt that we were always destined to be in this world together and holding her in my arms for the first time was more familiar than I would have expected; “Oh here you finally are!”

    What I was not prepared for and didn’t expect was the sudden onset of anxiety and super vigilance – I went from being a laid back, fly by the seat of my pants kind of person to someone who couldn’t leave her home for the first four months of her baby’s life.

    I was a marketer’s dream, anything that sounded as though it would even remotely make my baby safer went onto the must-have-shopping-list.

    Lucky as the first year progressed, my beautiful wildling had unfolded into this amazing little person, two years on and she is this intuitive, creative and imaginative force of nature with a wicked sense of humour.

    My daughter has recalibrated me and really taught me how to live life to the fullest. She has lead me through the wilderness of the baby-haze back to a place where I am reliving my own childhood with her, building blanket forts, painting with our hands, rushing onto the beach and into the water, soaking up joy in belly laughs, watching ants, baking cookies and sitting on the kitchen floor eating them straight off the tray.

    Motherhood broke me, but learning to be a mom has put me back together with golden inlays.

    I’m now six months into my second pregnancy and mentally gearing up for another partner in crime to join the gang, a new set of challenges, a new season that is bound to be filled with a second rollercoasting cascade of memories to be made and storms to survive – the only thing I’m sure of, is that it will be worth it.

    1. I love your statement at the end- it’s all so worth it in the end. Nothing can really prepare you to take on the role as a mom, for me it was difficult to let Hudson take the lead and for me to follow. But I’ve learned to take moments, take moments in and appreciate the little things in life. That’s all that matters x Have you subscribed to the newsletter? X

  56. I would love to win this for my daughter. I am on my way to Australia to see my elder daughter and her family and leaving my younger daughter who is pregnant with her first baby (rainbow baby). She has just come out of hospital and we are praying baby will not arrive before I get back in 3 weeks time. She has 6 weeks to go.

    1. Wow! That’s amazing, Sheila! I will be praying that baby stays put until you return. Have you signed up for the newsletter? X

  57. I am not sure why my comments aren’t posting…

    Anyway, I said that I am a first time mother with a baby on the way and have been wondering the same thing. Although, I have already noticed a difference, how happy a kick makes me, how this person, who I am yet to properly meet, can already tug at my heart strings. I would give up anything for her well being and safety.

    1. I’m going through all the comments now, and there are a lot x – the one thing I miss about being pregnant is feeling those kicks. It’s an Amamamamazing feeling.

  58. Wow! You sure have a lot of reading to do! Your boy is beautiful by the way! I have been a mother to a baby boy for exactly 8 weeks today. And boy, has it been challenging. I still don”t know what I am doing after 8 weeks, but i continously try my best. In Afrikaans we say : “Probeer is die beste geweer.” Motherhood has changed me. I realised this week that there are so many things that I absolutely cannot control. And I am quite the controller when it comes to my personal life (home, schedule, nutrition, etc) This little boy has thrown my life upside down since birth. Having almost lost this baby at full term 40 weeks, due to a very difficult labor, him not breathing when he was born and all that, my heart has a new found compassion for people, life, babies and most of all Mothers. I have a new respect for EVERY momma that has ever lived. Because i myself finally get it. I am not sure this worry that I have for this boy will ever pass. But neither will the unbelievable, unconditional swelling of my heart. I am inlove with motherhood, the messy, the unknown, the joy and even restless nights. I don’t know how I ever lived without it. Xxx

    1. I definitely do- and so far it has been amazing to read the stories of so many women- all different and unique, but blinded through motherhood

  59. I am a soon to be first time mom (little one is due in a week and 6 days)
    I have always been scared becoming a mother.Always second guessing if I will be the perfect mother when I realized that moms aren’t perfect. We are all learning and trying to be the best we can be. Being a mother is to love someone unconditionally. To put your child’s needs before your own and to support them with everything they do.I know this new role is going to be challenging but it is going to be worth it and I can’t wait to hold my little girl for the first time.

  60. Motherhood is a huge blessings, I am thankful each day for the little baby that I have and that I can to spend another day watching him smile, laugh, learn and grow. There are definitely ups and downs, and definitely you need help and a break at times, it takes a community to raise a child, but they are precious gifts from God. Life changes completely for the better once you become a mom, you have a different purpose and I love being a mum and only want the best for my little one 🙂 which means spending as much quality time with him as I can and just being there for him.

  61. It’s a strange feeling to see a little human in my arms after 9monthd if speaking to a little growing bean. Being a mom has meant the world to me and more. It has taught me that there are no limits to love, no replacement for patience and no bounds to the feeling of pride and awe when my little girl does something new!

    1. No limits at al- you truly get what the meaning of love is. Have you registered for the newsletter x

  62. Motherhood to me means the greatest love of your life, learning to have more patience than you ever thought you would need, sleepless nights, morning snuggles, self doubt, super hearing, heightened smell, eyes in the back of your head. It means you sacrifice your body to create a new life you rejoice and celebrate the new roll as you mourn who you used to be. Motherhood is my biggest adventure and the most important role i have ever had the pleasure of playing in the story that is my life.

  63. Everyone tells you that you will change and for 9 months I had completr fear of tge “unexpected” change ahead. Little did I know how much she would help me grow up and be bold and better. So at the age of 35 motherhood has taught me to be a better human, to be a wiser woman, to be a more considerate wife, and a more present friend to those who matter. You all of a sudden forget the pettiness, you don’t bother for nonsense but this just frees up your time for more love for your tiny human

  64. Motherhood has been so much more than I ever could have imagined. Being responsible for the precious little life that has been trusted to your care when you become a mother is such an amazing and overwhelming responsibility. There are highs and lows of motherhood and both have changed me for the better and have made me stronger and more resilient. Motherhood has changed my view on love. I could never have imagined the love that I would experience when my daughter was born and it continues to amaze me how I love her more and more each day. I am so excited to see the new love that is going to come into our family when my son is born in October. It has also changed my view on my love for my husband. Watching him be a father has made my love for him grow exponentially.

    Becoming a mother has brought me more satisfaction and happiness than anything else I have ever done. It really is the most rewarding job in the world.

    1. It’s amazing how you view the world differently when you become a mom. Have you subscribed to the newsletter? X

  65. Motherhood has definitely changed me for the better!!!Actually learning what true patience is and true love I never knew you could love and overly protected another human the way I feel towards my babies !!!It has taught me so many things ,I never knew that a newborn baby just simply bringing out a wind could feel like I just won the lotto!!!I never knew that I could get so excited about poopI never experienced anxiety that way I did apoun waiting for results of a sick baby I never knew that a simple smile and hug could change my mood instantly Most importantly I never knew that I could give love the way I do ❤I have become so selfish apoun myself with many things just to see them smile&play&giggle its the most heart warming experience!!!I love like a mother and it has changed me in so many better ways, I’m more patient kind ,loving,nurturing, And overly protected I see the world in a different view to what I once saw it !!!❤

    1. For me that’s is the same- I have always been impatient and becoming a mom has taught me to take it day by day and it’s ok if things go wrong. Have you subscribed to the newsletter? X

  66. Its my dream since a little girl to be a mom, and finally that dream will be coming true in 7 months. I already feel overwhelmed with emotion and joy and cannot wait to hold our new blessing. My life is changing for the better day by day, this is the best adventure I could have ever asked for.

    1. It honestly is- no one can tell you what it’s like- you have to experience it for yourself. Have you subscribed to the newsletter? X

  67. I am currently a mother of 2 step children, one aged 6 and the other 7. I had never thought I would be a mother to someone else’s children. However, the past 2 years has taught me so much. Not only about myself and how patient, content and caring I am but they have taught me to be humble, appreciative and to be the best I can be. I’m currently 37 weeks pregnant and awaiting my first baby and because of my two step kids they have prepared me for what’s to come. I know that motherhood would change not only my personality but also teach me to appreciate my mother so much more because now I understand what she had gone through raising me and I think that is the most amazing gift of all. Being part of the circle of life.

  68. Motherhood learned me;
    a lot about myself where you are not always in control, more patience and acceptance of your circumstances;

    that you do make mistakes and your little one would not love you less for it, you are the best mom to your kid that you can be, nothing changes that;

    real unselfish, unconditional love, that I reallly only now understands;

    you can not be prepared for everything in life;

    humbleness, gratitude, its the small things that really counts;

    And last but not the least, it learnt me what my mom did for me, out of love.

  69. I’m a new momma to an 8 week old son. I’m very new to it and don’t think that anyone could have prepared me for this. My little man has changed my life for the best. Each day is a learning curve. Being a Mom – it’s the best role I’ve ever gotten to play. Motherhood means that I can invest in my family; teaching my son and being present in the moment. Then my world will truly be better. My husband inspires me every day to learn and alongside learning from him there is no doubts in my mind we will be the parents we have always dream of being.

    I have moved to a new town, being a full time momma for a little while. I am profoundly grateful to be a wife and a mother. It can be very overwhelming, but I am excited for this journey.

    1. It’s definitely an exciting journey and it comes with bumps a long the way, but the rewards are so much more worth it. Have you subscribed to the newsletter? X

  70. I never really knew what the saying meant to have a piece of your heart walk outside around until I had my son. You learn to love and protect this little person with your every being and you learn that you can survive with little sleep.

    You learn to make a lot of sacrifices and you also know when to feel helpless (especially when they are sick and you have tried every resource possible).

    Motherhood has taught me lots of patience and unconditional love and to this one (and soon to be another) you are their everything, the one that protects them, the one that can make them feel better in seconds (with a hug, pep talk/comforting words of encouragement, a kiss), their Mamma. And at the end of the day you are doing your best as their mother!

    1. As a Mom you will always know what is best for your child x Thank you for signing up to the newsletter x

  71. I never really knew what the saying meant to have a piece of your heart walk outside around until I had my son. You learn to love and protect this little person with your every being and you learn that you can survive with little sleep.

    You learn to make a lot of sacrifices and you also know when to feel helpless (especially when they are sick and you have tried every resource possible).

    Motherhood has taught me lots of patience and unconditional love and to this one (and soon to be another) you are their everything, the one that protects them, the one that can make them feel better in seconds (with a hug, pep talk/comforting words of encouragement, a kiss), their Mamma.

    And at the end of the day you are doing your best as their mother!

  72. Motherhood i don’t know jack about it as yet as im a first time mommy, i never knew the feeling would be so overwhelmed and the support from my family and friends and definitely my partner we currently dating for almost 4years not engaged or married but i believe by God blessing us with such a awesome gift that will all fall in place afterwards…i dnt knw if i must be scared or happy to be a mommy as i dnt know what its like to be a mommy but i pray and i know with the amount of love and support im getting throughout my pregnancy i would definitely get through being a mother i learn frm my mom alot and still do so with such incredible amount of support i must say im excited to be called a mommy and to be a mommy to my first baby boy whom i love dearly already and for this feeling he been giving me while being inside i know he will remain the most sweetest kind hearted person in future and would make motherhood as easy as possible for me ❤️

    1. Motherhood is definitely not easy and there is no written book about it. But you learn as you go through the paces x Have you signed up for the newsletter? X

  73. motherhood seems daunting yet in the same breath, so deep rooted in a love that cannot be explained…just being pregnant has introduced me to such a selfless love…its indescribable…loving someone you havent even met. in a way, motherhood is changing me already, into a more confident woman of the love i want to shower this little human with and at the same time, someone nervous of whats to come.. thinking will i be a good mother..will i know what to do..reading and hearing some of the stories some mums present, puts alot of pressure and fear in me.. and then you find inspirational mothers and women who fill you with hope, optimism, education and positivity, like yourseld Cisca, and other influencers i have the pleasure of encountering on social media..definitely need the truth but the motivation means alot too. all i can say is, i know there will be alot of hurdles to overcome, and motherhood will most definitely be no walk in the park, but i cannot wait to meet this little human, and be the best i can possibly be as a mother, friend, and hopefully role model..

    1. I’ve always said that we are all different and unique but we are all bonded through motherhood. Embrace it as it shows you strength that you didn’t think you ever had x

  74. Motherhood has changed my entire life as my husband is no longer with us but I know have a child who keeps me company

  75. Wow, what can I say. I never thought I could have been a mother. Since I had such a hectic social life, coming from a broken family, I never wanted to become a mom. I never wanted my children to ever go through what I’ve been through. I’m a teacher so I have a passion for children I’ve always been connected to them on another level, but that was as far as it went until I fell pregnant (unplanned of course). At 32 weeks my gynecologist told me that I suffered from pre-eclampsia and I would have to be admitted to hospital. My son was born two weeks later. There I was a mother. My entire world was turned upside down. I never knew that that such a tiny perfect human being had been growing inside of me…. A little miracle, a gift. My interests went from fashion to obsessing over everything baby. It was frightening at first but I took it a step at a time one day at a time. My son is three years old now and I gave birth to my my daughter two months ago. I love my children and I can’t even begin to imagine my life without them. They are my world my life is so much better with them. Never mind the pajama drill it’s all worth it.

  76. You never really know, what kind of mother you’ll be, until you are one. And it’s the most amazing experience! Everyday, actually every moment with your child is different. The first time I held my boy, I knew this was great. And scary at the same time. But I have loved every second ( the smiles and giggles make up for the late nights). The new words and sense of humor you see, emerging from this little miracle, is just too precious! I can’t get enough of my boy. 2 years old, and so many adventures and moments to come. I can’t wait!!! I just love motherhood!!

  77. Motherhood to me means:
    Loving in ways you didn’t know your heart could. Pushing boundaries you didn’t think possible. Becoming waaaay less selfish. Appreciating what your parents did for you in a deeper way. Never being able to pee in peace! Letting go of perfection but embracing the everyday flaws as part of the unique journey your family is on. Re-dscovering joy & wonder in things you thought mundane as your child adventures through life!

    How motherhood’s changed me:
    My son inspires me to be more patient, to be less busy, to question everything, to use my imagination, to be present, to accept others as they are & that there’s always time to play! I’ll never be the same & wouldn’t want to…

  78. Motherhood and what it means to me. So I became a first time mom 6 years ago to my beautiful little boy who at the time I didn’t know if I would have as I was very young and still thought of myself as being to young to have a baby and now I am 37 weeks and ready to pop with my second baby and looking forward to being a mom all over again. I never knew the kind of love and strong emotions you could get from having children but they are truly the best things that could happen to anyone’s life. To make and love your little human unconditionally and be loved back in return is truly a remarkable feeling that no one can take away. So when I was growing up and in my teenage years I know for a fact I was probably a lot to handle when it came to my own mom I really think most of the few grey hairs definitely came from me, but I am so grateful for my mom pushing me to be brave and letting me know that I would have all the help I needed for my first born even though I was petrified, I learnt a new respect for moms and my own mom who I wish now I hadn’t given so much grief when I was growing up. Motherhood made me realize how important my mom is to me and how I would do anything for her. She gave me life and I am able to bring two beautiful souls into this world that make me a better person all together so if there is something I value a lot in the world it is Motherhood because there is no better feeling in the world than being a Mom.

    1. What an amazing motherhood journey you have had. Good luck on the last few weeks of your pregnancy. Have you subscribed? X

  79. I stepped into this world of mptherhood at a young age, and at times I wonder what life would be like without my pigeon pair. to be honest I simply can’t, granted I wanted to pull my hair out a couple of times but this life has given me love and purpose and happiness. It really is the most rewarding job. My kids are my whole world and my only hope is tp raise them to become great

  80. Becoming a mommy in 3 weeks – its a very scary thought that I’m going yo have this little teeny baby dependent on me. I have already seen changes in myself that are baby related, I’m a lot more protective of my little family. I know now before even meeting my baby girl that I’ll do anything for her and to protect her. I can only imagine what it will be like when I meet her.

    1. This is soooooo exciting!!!! It’s normal to feel anxiety and nervousness, but you know what- it’s like a switch that turns on inside of you and boom! Treasure these last few weeks and embrace what’s to come x

  81. For myslef and hubby. Little Aliyah is our biggest blessing. Being a soon to be mommy suffering from edometriosis and having three cysts, the conseption of our little angel has been the biggest gift from God.

    Medically our gynie cant explain how it is possible for me to be pregnant after a long struggle and numerous tests and ops.

    As things stand now Aliyah might be our inly little bundle of joy as i now suffer from plasenta previa which will cause her to be a premie at about 36 weeks at the end of july.

    We treasure every moment of this pregnancy with our little angel. She is already so loved and myslef and het daddy cant be more proud of this baby bump.

    Its been the hardest but most rewarding and most grateful time in our lives.

    This little bundle of joy is already so loved and spoiled by everyone in her life .

    The reality of becoming a mommy who has been a workaholic is that my life has slowed down tremendously since i becam pregnant and i wouldnt want it any other way there is no better reward in life than spending time with my bump( kicks) and all and soon to be my beautiful baby girl.

    Every mommy and daddy in this word is so blessed and i aplaude every parent for the effort and love they offer for evrry pinkfoot.

    We are all so blesses

    1. Tanya it’s amazing what power prayer has and you are so right, we are so blessed to be able to bring life into this world x

  82. Since birth I was very sick, I could not keep my milk in. On day 13 after birth the doctor gave my mum something to thicken the milk…. I started choking and suffocated. After almost 10 minutes of not breathing, my Mun realized that she broke her nail in the process of getting my brother and sister in the car, she pressed my tongue down and I started breathing. When they got to the hospital they had to pump my stomach.
    Only at rhe age of 4 years and 9 months did they find the problem, I was born with 2 kidneys on my left side and 1 on the right(spoiler alert our baby Girl has the same uniqueness to her). A vein grew around the dominant kidneys ureter and the urine was caught up in the kidney. At 4 yearsand 10 months they fixed it and 4 months later the symptoms were back, but this time because of the right ureter does not have a valve at the blader to keep the urine in the blader. They fixed it at 5 years and 4 months. That was the first time they told my parents that I will never be able to have children. (1999)
    2012 I found out I had severe growths on my uterus that was fed by sugar and starch. I had to follow a very strict diet.
    2014 I was diagnosed with grade 4 endometriosis. Again I was told that I will never be able to have children of my own.
    I went on all possible treatment to get rid of the Endometriosis. The 5th of February 2018 both my fallopian tubes were severely blocked, the gynecologist said that if we do not remove it asap that they would have to remove both the tubes.
    By the 26th feb they removed the Endometriosis and inserted a Mirena.
    4 weeks after the operation I thought I had listeriosis. I obviously had all the symptoms of pregnancy but did not think it because of what the Dr’s and Gynecologist said.
    With my 6 weeks post op. We found out that I was 9 weeks pregnant.
    My Husband and I were through the roof.
    We couldn’t ask for anything more.

  83. My life life had changed so much. Coming from a point where I didn’t want to have children at all I soon realized what a great blessing it was. I when I fell pregnant I was so depressed since I came from a broken family I never wanted to have children at all. My son was born prematurely and weighed 1.8kg. So everything familiar in my life changed and I had this daunting task task of raising a child. If I took at it now three years down the line I wouldn’t have it any other way. The only way to describe him is a little miracle, it’s the small things they do that makes it so precious. I’ve gave birth to my second child two months ago. I thank God for her. Never did I think such tiny people could grow inside of me. My kids are really a blessing. Motherhood is tough at times but I just take it one day at a time one step at a time.

    1. I often find myself thinking how incredibly this process is of being able to carry a little human in your belly for 9 months. And I completely understand what you had to go through having had your baby be delivered prematurely. Motherhood is truly a blessing in all forms and ways x

  84. My husband and i got married in December 2016 and we’ve always talked about having a big family. 7 months after trying for a baby, we finally got the news that I’m pregnant and that brought such joy to our lives! (i still have my home pregnancy test. Hoarder i know). Being a first time mom for exactly 2 months today at the age of 24 to my beautiful baby girl is definitely another level of a special kind of love. Going through this remarkable phase of motherhood made me appreciate my mother even more, especially with her being a single mother. Motherhood means everything to me. It makes me want to be the best i can be in every way so that i can be a leading role model for my baby girl. I would sacrifice all that i have for my little human. I would give my last to my child. Motherhood to me means if my baby is sick I’d wish for myself to be sick instead of my little girl. Motherhood is definitely my greatest journey thus far and i will forever try and prosper at it for as long as I’m alive. After giving birth to my little Haaniyah, i would definitely do it all over again! (3 more times to be exact ;)). Seeing my baby girl give a little smile and squeeze my finger with her little hand and feeding on my breast makes motherhood so rewarding and satisfying. Sometimes i even stare at her and shed a little tear while thinking that God granted us this beautiful miracle of life and I’m truly grateful. I’m excited and looking forward to raising my child to be the best she can be in every single way possible. For me Motherhood is the greatest blessing.

    I think I’m going to need a terabyte of memory for my phone for the amount of pictures and videos I take daily of my baby girl LOL!

    Ps – I’ve subscribed to your newsletter xx

    1. Oh believe me you will run out of space so quickly from taking photos. I still have my pregnancy test as well it’s such a blessing to be able to bring life into this world. An amazing journey lies ahead for us x

  85. I Became a mom at a very young age not knowing what to expect &how much I would change for the better ..motherhood has changed me in ways that make me feel proud to be a mother ,I’ve grown so much spiritually and emotionally,motherhood has shown me what love is and it’s the greatest feeling to love and be loved in return ,I’ve matured and grown so much a person and it has totally changed my view on life . It has taught me to be patient and gentle and delicate .Motherhood has changed my whole perspective on life and now that I’m a mother myself and know more of what it takes to be a mother and the sacrifices you have make for your child I definitely appreciate my mother more than ever .Motherhood has truely opened my eyes ,it may be hard sometimes but it’s worth it

    1. It’s such a different experience and you gain insight into it day after day. Have you subscribed to the newsletter? X

  86. Well, for one, I have become very proficient in performing daily tasks one-handed! But seriously, it sounds like a clichè, but I’ve really never known a love as unconditional as the love I felt for our baby girl since the first time I saw her. And if that wasn’t enough, that love is just growing deeper every single day. It is something I can’t describe to anyone who hasn’t been able to have the priviledge of being a mother. It is a priviledge and a blessing and an absolutely life changing experience. I am a medical doctor by profession, and I am so passionate about what I do for a living, and I had plans, big plans about how I wanted the next few years to play out for my career. Even after we fell pregnant I thought that those plans would stay the same, but as soon as I became a mom, nothing else seemed to matter as much anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a doctor and helping others and being fulfilled professionally, but I will forever be, first and foremost, a mother and wife, and that is what matters most to me. And I just want to mention how it has changed me as a wife. I feel that this is a part that goes unmentioned when discussing motherhood. I now view my husband in an entirely different light, I love him even more that I did before Clara was born, he gave me the most amazing gift anyone could receive, he is soft and caring and an amazing father. Every “goo” and “gah” and funny face that he pulls, how he kisses her forehead and tries to make her laugh just makes me fall even deeper in love with him. Welcoming a baby into anyones life can be challenging, but if you just look past the fatigue and feeling overwhelmed (especially with a firstborn child like us), and try focussing on each other, the two people who loves each other so much that they wanted to grow their little family, you can see beauty in the chaos and in the fatigue and in the unknown. You can learn from one another and grow in ways you could have never imagined. Becoming a mother has changed every aspect of my life and I truly believe that I am a better person because of our little girl.

    1. I agree with you wholeheartedly. We so often forget about our husbands or partners who stand by us through the ups and downs of Motherhood.

  87. I have been a mother for almost 9 years and must say that it has changed me for the better. I was a wild child and have calmed down for the better. I wouldn’t give up motherhood for anything. I have met my husband about over 2 years ago and we decided we want a baby we have been struggling since then. In my I had to go for an ultrasound to check for my cysts and they would have sent me for infertility treatment. Anyways on the day I am alone for the ultrasound and they let me know they can’t worry about cysts now because I’m 9 weeks pregnant. I have never cried so much. We are super excited to welcome our little surprise in December who is due on our first anniversary ❤️ we are both so paranoid, my husband has been treating my like gold because he is so scared something happens. I have never appreciated little humans until I had my own. Super excited for my family to grow and for motherhood to make me a better person.

  88. People always asked me what my dream job was and I never had an answer. When my son was born and I help him in my arms, I knew that my dream job was to be a mom.

  89. Mother hood has taught me that no mum is perfect and that every day you learn something new. No matter how tired and frustrated i feel, just a smile from these baba’s are enough to melt my heart. I never knew that i could anyone more in my life and then i had my babies the best part is that they love me and think i am beautiful no matter what i look like

  90. To become a mom is the most precious gift a woman can receive. To hold your baby for the first time and to realize that he or she is now totally depended on you for love and care is the most wonderful feeling ever. I cannot imagine a life without my daughter. Cherish each and every moment with your child.

  91. Motherhood is one of the best gifts in love. Becoming a mother charged my life in so many ways , I have learned to become selfless , caring , loving and most of all to be strong as your kids look up to you. I love being a Mother.

  92. Motherhood has changed me, in that I am now re-discovering the world through my children’s eyes. I am stopping to take the time to look at things the way they do – to see the joy in the small things. To give longer hugs and say “i love you” as much as possible and truly mean it. Motherhood is like having your heart living outside your body! A love so fierce, yet gentle and ultimately indescribable. It’s tough and will bring you to your knees, yet it is the most rewarding responsibility.

  93. Motherhood has made me more patient and to appreciate every minute of the day as pregnancy and having baby go by so fast before you know it they are one! My priorities changed too no longer was it me me me but I had a little person whoes needs are greater than mine. I also learnt to put away the distractions like social media etc and appreciate the now with my baby. My biggest point I have realised is that the sleepless nights, the days where you can’t get anything done for you but just need to cuddle your baby all day long – those days don’t last forever and one day I may look back and long for the days again when I have a teenager who wants to be out all the time – so for that reason I relish all those days good and bad because your baby will never be that young again tomorrow and life is too short to not appreciate everything you get! X

  94. I wish I could slow down time, it feels like just the other day i found out i was pregnant. I couldn’t wait for this baba to arrive. Since I could remember i have always wanted 10 children, (i am so happy my husband feels the same). We have always been more happy than serious, laughing with every opportunity we get, and still through the sleepless nights we seem to be laughing more now than we did before. I don’t think you realize what a mother is until you become one. I have learnt to stay calm and patient. Just to go with the flow, things change constantly. Everyone says a baby should not change your lifestyle, but believe me does this 4 month old rule our lives! We wouldn’t want it any other way. The love we have for this little guy is unconditional. I wish i could record it all. We try to live in the moment, and take lots of photos and videos, we are slowly staring to run out of space at 4 months old, what is my phone going to look like when he is 1 year old. I want to hang on to every moment, looking back at his new born pics i cannot believe he was so little. I will cuddle with every opportunity. I love the way my husband has become the perfect Daddy. I love doing life with him, just seeing how gentle he is with our little guy melts my heart. I am so blessed to be a mommy and this is the best gift i have ever received, i wouldn’t change it for anything in the world xx

  95. Becoming a mother was hard, tyring and a learning experience of note! Its taught me so much about myself and about my husband. We have grown so much as individuals but more importantly, we have grown together. Being a mother, a healer, a role model and a friend to my daughter means the world to me.

  96. Becoming a mommy… i lovee it im a mother of 2 boys almost 5 years an almost 5 months and its the best gift i could ever asked for my 2 boys means the world to me yes its not always easy mom must do everything for them they only know mom when they want something dad is siting there but mom must do it at night when every one is asleep i ly in my bed and think how blessed i am what was my life without my kids it feels like they have been here all my life i love being a mom and im a proud #Boys mommy they changed my life just to have that little person to love everyday my 5 year old will tell me when i just wake up mommy you are sooo pretty they have the most love in them and full off complements they changed everything i love them i love to be called mommy!♡

  97. 6weeks in it’s still diddicult for me to refer to myself as A Mother because I feel totally underqualified. So I suppose that is what “This” is teaching me….that I don’t always have the answers and I very rarely have it together anymore and that’s okay… and that it’s good to celebrate the “small” stuff like changing a nappy without getting sprayed in the face by my son’s fire hose….

  98. Since I became a mom , my whole world changed . I view everything differently now and I have a huge amount of respect for women , for their courage and strength and especially mother’s . It’s a God given gift . And not a task , because my baby brings so much happiness and everything I do , I do for her . It isn’t always easy, but definitely worth it . Especially seeing your baby happy. My baby is only three months and I cannot imagine life without her . Being a young and single mom , this giveaway will definitely benefit our lives . I’m in love with the prizes !!!

    Being a mom means , putting everything second to take care of your little one first . But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  99. Ek hoop dis okay as ek afrikaans tik, ek kan myself beter uitdruk so.

    Sjoe, hoe het dit my lewe verander om ‘n mamma te wees. Ek droom al vandat ek kan onthou, om eendag my eie “REGTE” baba te kan hê.
    Toe wag ek en my man ‘n hele jaar en ‘n half om swanger te raak. Ek was net weer gewys dat dinge nie op ons tyd gebeur nie!
    Hoe vreeslik opgewonde was ek nie toe my grootste drome waar word nie, so dat dit eintlik onwerklik gevoel het my hele swangerskap.
    Dat ek vir ‘n hele paar dae nog in skok gelewe het toe my seuntjie net so oor 36 weke gekom het. My hele lewe het verander die dag toe die dr hom in my arms sit.
    Ek het nie geweet mens kan soveel liefde ervaar nie. Hy is nou 15 mnde en steeds wonder ek oor hierdie ongelooflike groot geskenk wat die Here vir ons gegee het! My hart wil uit my bors uit klop en maak nie saak hoe ‘down’ ek die dag voel nie hy sal gou gou ‘n smile op my gesig kom sit! Natuurlik het hy my ook gou kom leer wat geduld ook is

  100. I have a 5 year old , he is on holiday at this moment , making my head go crazy but then from time to time he has this unique moments he just comes and sits next to me and holds me and tells me how much he loves me and just then you know that motherhood cant ever be explained in words but oly by having a sweet bundle of your own , the moment i become a mother was so overwhelming and a moment i will never ever forget , when my baby was born and i heard that first cry i started to wheap , i then knew its a love like nothing else.

  101. I suffer from depression and anxiety and my babies give me something too fight for every day…i am strong for them because they give me strength…i never perfect but I try my utmost best for them ❤️

  102. Motherhood is being selfless,giving your baby that 1 piece of chocolate that you want so bad only because your baby wants it too,anything to put a smile on her face,wearing clothes from years back only for your kids to have nice clothes that fit.

  103. My babies aren’t babies anymore, but in my eyes they will always be my babies. that bond you have with a child growing inside you is the best and no one can take it away from you. The first time i found out that I am expecting twins, i was over the moon. When i feel down or cant succeed in doing something, I just look at my kids and realize that even If I dont succeed, I have already accomplished the most valuable task anyone can ever been given, to form a human life, a perfection as close as can be to God’s wishes. Heartache, joy, sorry, trust, happiness, pride, these are some off the feelings you will experience while raising your child, and every single feeling is worth it. Being a mom is the best position anyone can ever be given.

  104. I just found out I’m 6 weeks pregnant and I cant wait for this journey to begin we are so excited to become parents for the first time…. tomorrow is our first gynea appointment

  105. I am going to be a first time mom in 8 weeks time. My husband and I are so excited to welcome our bundle of joy into this world. Motherhood has always been important to me and I can’t wait to be a mom, already being pregnant I have put my baby first before my wants or needs and once I give birth and look down at our little girl I know it will be worth all the sleepless nights.

  106. Motherhood is a rollercoaster of events and no 2 rides are the same. My darling daughter is 3 years old and another is on the way. I’m so excited to be more prepared this time and even more excited to share my love with a bigger family. Emma will be a great big sister and we wait in anticipation for the start of our next most thrilling rollercoaster ride!#jan2019

  107. Motherhood is the ability to feel your heart beat along with every little person you raise, whether your own or not of the same blood. It is security for both parents and children alike, knowing that you love someone so much that you would take their place if it meant they would no longer hurt. It is showing them what it means to be a good person and upstanding and productive citizen. It is knowing that you made it a difference in someone’s life . It is unconditional love forever.

    Motherhood changed me for the better . I use to really suffer from Anxiety and self diagnosed OCD but all of that really is in a milder form now . My daughter taught me just to go with the flow and not to always want to be in control of everything . It stared with my pregnancy and gaining weight . For the first time I had a hard accepting my appearance . I use to cry so many times over developing stretch marks but I’ve learnt to embrace them , how can I not when that pure little soul was growing inside of me .

  108. We are due this oct and couldn’t be more ready or excited! Iv waited so long for this and am literally counting the weeks! I’m 36 and although I’m not “old” all my friends had babies so much younger and Iv always felt like I was missing out! It’s finally our turn!!! So blessed to be experiencing all this!

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