Mandela Day 2018

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Mandela Day 2018

As a teacher trainer and expert in my field of Curriculum Development, I get to experience first hand in what dire straits our current education system is. My PhD dissertation addresses this and I investigate and compare our teacher training programmes to those offered overseas. Early Childhood development sits at the core of this crisis, and I am afraid if this crisis does not get more attention, the future of our kids and future leaders are looking very bleak.

Learning in Reach

Learning in reach is an NPO . This organisation is made up of  like-minded individuals with an interest in making South Africa succeed through education. They aim to empower the future generation with curiosity and a love of learning by ensuring education equality on the belief that this is the foundation for a stronger democracy.

Their vision:

Our vision is a South Africa where our children have equal opportunities to quality foundation education. We have created a blueprint of an educational support structure that opens up true enjoyment and bubbling enthusiasm for learning whilst simultaneously spreading the opportunity for change to the broader community.

This Madela day they have worked on a great initiative that you can all get involved in.

WHAT are you supporting?

Learning in Reach are currently working with 30 Early Childhood Development centres in Lavender Hill to reach minimum standards of health and safety, and teacher training requirements. Their goal is to have all 30 centres compliant by 2020 so that they can focus on delivering quality education to children aged 3 to 6 years old.

All the info that you need can be found here

Let’s all support this great cause. This Mandela 2018 day!




Attached please find our press release and poster. This is a super easy way to engage with schools from marginalised communities in a space where everyone feels safe and welcome and to make a tangible impact on early childhood learning, creating sensorial and visual materials for classrooms, equipping teachers with the tools to deliver quality education.


We work specifically in Lavender Hill where only 5 centres out of 30 are fully compliant and registered with Department of Social Development. We are looking to support all the centres to become registered as quickly as possible. Without safe structures and basic needs met, we can’t address quality education.


As a South African, this is of interest to me specifically because with two young children I can see that they are growing up with the same inequality as 20+ years ago and will be in no better position when they leave Matric than you and I. This is a time bomb and we keep raising race and jobs and poverty, without adequately addressing the foundational development of the next generation.


If you are planning a Mandela Day blog or newsletter, we’d appreciate you sharing our event with your subscribers, or maybe you’d like to get involved.


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