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Firstly, I have no knowledge at all about cars. As long as I can get in, turn on the ignition and drive, I am happy. Whatever is happening on the “inside” of the car, my husband has to deal with. But there is one thing, that I am always concerned about and that’s the “life” of the car’s battery. As a female and a mom, one of my worst fears is to be stranded with Hudson on the road, with a failed batter in winter. What does one do? Here are Five tips that you can follow to ensure that your battery is charged up, all winter.

Know where you stand

Depending on your driving habits, car batteries generally need replacing every three to five years. The battery specialists recommend getting your battery checked twice a year. Before winter is in full swing, get a free battery check at Battery Centre. You can also get your starter and alternator checked for free at your nearest Battery Centre.

Stay warm and keep moving

Park your car in a sheltered area such as a garage or car park. A fully charged battery minimises starting problems so go for regular drives to allow the battery to recharge itself.

Have patience

Don’t expect magic on the first turn. If your car won’t start after 2-3 seconds, give it a short rest before trying again. Make sure there is sufficient starting power for your engine by keeping all electronics, such as your radio, lights and air conditioning off until after you have started your car.

Clean up unwanted resistance

Increased electrical resistance causes your battery to work much harder. Any additional grime or corrosion on your battery terminals only adds to this resistance. Always check for corrosion – a white, ashy substance on the terminals – as it can lead to a poor connection and battery failure. Get your battery checked and cleaned for free at your nearest Battery Centre.

Be ever-ready

Engine oil tends to thicken and flow slower in winter. Enhance the overall working condition of your car with an oil change. Always keep a set of jumper cables close by and get your battery checked regularly.

Very Important

Don’t let an aging battery catch you by surprise. With a little bit of attention, your battery will go the extra mile and get you where you need to go. For expert advice, visit Battery Centre, South Africa’s leading battery specialists in every season.

Review of service- Battery Centre Kuils River

Instead of calling the Battery Centre in Kuils River, I decided to just pitch up. I have found that, that is the best way of observing people in their environment, and I wanted to get an authentic experience. The Battery Centre in Kuils River has been operated by Arno van der Merwe for over 20 years. Located on the main Road, its easily visible and accessible.  I was greeted by, Freddy Smith, who has been an employee at the branch for nearly a decade. At first he was a little confused because he was not informed about my visit, but remained friendly and patient as he contacted his Manager to inquire about my visit. I spoke to Arno on the phone, who greeted me with a friendly voice and welcomed me to their branch and apologized for not being there to meet me. He told me that Freddy would be able to answer any questions I have and that I am welcome to pop in anytime when he is there.

Freddy took me through the whole process. I thought you just go in and buy a battery and off you go. They have a testing system inside and one that they take outdoors to examine the state of your current battery. He had excellent product knowledge and was able to advise on the battery requirements of the different car models I inquired about. The prices of the different type of batteries were also visible to the consumer, in the centre. As a female and not having any knowledge about cars and batteries, I felt at ease knowing that Freddy was very informative, knowledgeable and also easy to communicate with.

If you are in doubt and not sure whether your car needs a new battery, then click here and select your nearest Battery Centre. You can have it checked, free of charge. Before deciding on whether I will do business with a company, its important that the level of service I receive is of a high standard. I can definitely say without a doubt that Battery Centre, Kuils River, will definitely be seeing me again.


Battery Centre and I care about your safety. I am delighted to say that I have partnered with them and you and your partner/friend stand a chance at having  your batteries replaced with Raylite Batteries from Battery Centre. Each winner gets a complimentary Raylite Battery replaced and fitted to the value of R2500.00.


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