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One of the main reasons why I love to buy Hudson’s clothes locally, is the quality and durability. Local is Lekke! He is at that stage now, where he loves to explore his surroundings. He rides his bike- crawls under the coffee table and he wants to feed himself! Shopping locally can be a bit pricey , but you have to be wise about it. Wise? Know when to shop! Spot great deals. Remember you are supporting someone’s dream, someone’s livelihood. Here are some tips on supporting local, but still saving!

1.Specials – Discount Codes

Who doesn’t love a PROMO code? Jump on board and buy bigger sizes for the following Season. Purchase pieces that you know you can mix and match with clothing items that catches your eye in the next Season.

2. Flash Sales

Dandy Lion often has flash sales, so always keep your eyes posted on their Facebook page. I bought a lot of Hudson’s winter clothes from Dandy Lion and a few pieces from Tiny Tribe last year when they both had flash sales.

3. Black Friday

YES! It is so worth staying up until 12:00 am and to get what you’ve always wanted for less! Last year I gave you guys a heads up on local brands that were hosting specials. You have to plan well! especially if you are going to shop online. Set up a budget as to how much you want to spend and at which online stores. Remember! Mix and match.

4. Bargain bins at Markets

In Cape Town, we are very fortunate to have weekend markets that’s family friendly and sometimes dog friendly as well. Most of the time, if not always you will find a few of your favorites at a market and they often have bargain bins. GRAB SOME!


Before you shop on the website, always check the categories. Some brands have a dedicated section for their SALE items.

6. Budget

Plan your budget. It’s so easy to shop for our kids and we often forget about ourselves. I’m very guilty of this. Recently I’ve started with a budget for myself and for Hudson.

Some of my favorite brands

Lullaby Rock

Looking for trending outfits? For both boys and girls; from newborn to toddlers and older? Lullaby Rock has you covered!

Noochi Kids Wear

Not so new kid on the blog! Looking for great quality and unique designs? This is the place!

Rosie Bee Children’s Clothing

Beautiful pieces; and you can even twin with your little one in their snood range!

Dandy Lion Kids 

I do not even have to say anything here. The brand and quality speaks for itself!

Lucky Little

Unique? Different? This is it! Shop for adults and custom Tees!


Maaiki is your convenient online shop for locally-made, premium fashion basics for babies and tods! Perfect for mix and matching!

Happpppppy Shopping! And remember Local is Lekke!

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  1. Leandra Krige

    So true!! I need to get a budget for myself. Since Hunter has been born I have bought 3 pairs of pants, maby 2 tops for me. My whole budget goes on clothing for him!! I looked at something this weekend and thought it looks a bit tatty, just to realuze I bought it 20months ago and not “the other” day!!!

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