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Perfection or Nothing

One of the essential items on your list of things to get while expecting is a Nappy Bag. With so many choices out there, it can become overwhelming, especially if you are first time parents. The perfect nappy bag can be quite expensive. But I must admit, it is very tempting to go for a trendy and stylish one. With so many overwhelming choices there are a few practical issues you have to keep in mind, when choosing the perfect nappy bag that suits your needs.

1. Quality and material

2. Style

3. Comfortable straps

4. Easy access

5. Pockets – Inside and outside

6. Don’t forget your partner

When we received our Nappy Backpack from 4aKid .I was very excited! I think my hubby more than I, because he prefers back pack wearing as opposed to wearing a sling bag. Let me take you through the review of the perfect nappy bag, by checking the boxes to the above criteria.


  1. Quality and Material – Always remember that you will be using the nappy bag for quite a few years, and if you decide to add to your bunch, add a few extra more years on to that. Quality is always a plus and makes a very good investment. The quality of this Nappy Backpack is simply excellent. The Nappy Backpack is dust proof and easy to wipe clean. It is water resistant. The zippers are sturdy and reliable which are two necessities.
  2. Style – The style of this Nappy Bag is a back pack. As mentioned before, my husband loves this and he is not the only one. I have to admit with the amount of stuff that I put in Hudson’s normal nappy bag; it can get quite heavy and uncomfortable on the shoulders. I can definitely tick off number 6 on this above list. My partner loves it.
  3. Comfortable straps – The adjustable straps are broad enough and comfortable to wear on your back for longer periods of time. There is a handle on the top, that makes it easy to carry as well.
  4. Easy Access and pockets – This is the part that I love! There is a top zipper closure. You will find front zippered pockets, a zippered wall pocket and a water resistant zippered pocket. There is also a rear zipper entry to the main compartment, which makes it easy to take out what is inside the bag. You also have access to open pockets on both sides of the back pack. Need to get to your wet wipes? easy! you will find a waterproof tissue pocket for easy access to wet wipes. The front zippered pocket has 3 insulated bottle pockets and a mesh pocket. This is great for his snacks and the insulated pockets are bug enough for his bottle and sippy cup.

There is one thing that I love most! The Nappy Backpack was designed, keeping Mommy and Baby in mind. It also retains its shape very well, and does not look bulky at all. It is a great bag with a large capacity to keep both your and your baby’s necessities. I even had Hudson wear it (there was nothing inside the bag) and it can also double up as a school bag. The dimensions of the Nappy Backpack are approximately: 43cm x 27cm x 21cm

Lastly when it comes to design, you have a choice from the following colors:

Black, Peach, Grey, Light Purple, Aqua, Red, Navy


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  5. Giveaway ends on 23 July and the winner will be announced on 24 July.
  6. The winner will be randomly drawn from the comments on this blog post, so make sure that you follow all the steps.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Giveaway is only open to South Africans.
  2. The Prize can not be exchanged for cash.
  3. All steps have to be followed.
  4. Prize must be claimed within 24 hours.

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  2. Nadia

    I love the navy blue.
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  3. Theshnee Reddy

    Would love to win the navy one!! It’s absolutely amazing.

    I’ve shared on Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp.

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  5. Donna Little


    1. Donna Little

      I entered & shared on Facebook. … your amazing giveaway!!!! Awesome giveaway. ….. Would love a black bag if I win

  6. Cheri Kok

    Hi Cisca
    I would love (seriously love) to win the Grey Nappy Backpack for my girl due in August (time flies when you create a little look-a-like hehehehe)
    I would share this on Facebook 🙂
    Enjoy your day and thank you for all the inspiration on you blog

  7. Kelly anne Nel

    I would love a grey napy bag… Its so beautiful ❤️
    I shared on fb , instagram and whatsapp … #fingerscrossed #itotallyneedthis

  8. Monica De pontes

    I would love the navy baby bag! Husband would be over the moon.

    Sharing blog post instagram

    1. Monica De pontes

      Landed up sharing blog on FB couldn’t get it right on Instagram lol. Figures crossed

  9. Gabi van Niekerk

    The grey would be awesome… I’m sharing on Facebook ♡

  10. Eve

    Would love Black. I have subscribed. And I’m sharing on Facebook (Eve Mackay) and instagram (@evemackay07)

  11. Liza Luyt

    Light purple please.

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  12. Shanell Govender

    I would absolutely love to win the navy Nappy Backpack ❤️ I have shared on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp

  13. simone

    I would love a black or navy blue bag

  14. Shanell Govender

    Sharing on Instagram as well

  15. Zayne Khan

    Subscribed! Love either the black or navy.
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  16. Janel Sunderlall

    I love black❤ shared on Facebook, twitter (@J_Sunderlall) & instagram (janelsunderlall)

  17. Nthabiseng

    I would love the black one please.
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  18. Jaclyn

    I would love to win the Navy backpack.

  19. Nicole Kallis

    I would love the grey!!

  20. Lindall

    Hi, I would love a Grey one and I shared on Facebook and whatsapp

  21. Shabana Essop

    I love the Navy

  22. Alida (Alley)

    I would love a grey napy bag. It’s handy and my husband would prefer to carry this type of bag, so much easier ❤
    I shared on fb , instagram and whatsapp

  23. Nicole Kallis

    Shared on Facebook and will be sharing on instagram too!

  24. Nicole

    Wow what a win black is unisex and absolutely beautiful

  25. Aadila Emam

    I love this nappy bag so much. Would love to win a black one that would go would everything.

  26. Tanya Pereira

    #wannawintheblackbag my gorgeous Liliana is due 1 November… this would be the perfect bag for us shared on FB & Instagram

    1. Cisca

      Love the hashtag xxx

  27. Vicki

    I would love the grey one.
    I’ve shared on Facebook.

  28. Lindsey

    Black… Because it goes with everything 🙂
    Shared on Facebook!

  29. Tanya van Schalkwyk

    This is exactly the nappy bag that I have been looking for!! Would love a grey one, but not really too picky as all these pregnancy hormones make me a bit indecisive. So excited for our first baby to arrive in September! Love your blog! Sharing, Sharing, Sharing!!! Xx

    1. Cisca

      Awwww exciting times!!!! Prepare yourself! Its like falling deeply in love again!

  30. Melanie

    I would love the Lilac nappy bag please.. Or Grey

  31. Simone

    ♡I would love to win the navy blue one ♡

    Im shareing on facebook thank you

  32. Joleen de Villiers

    What a awesome giveaway and nappy bag (I have been eyeing this bag for awhile since the start of my second pregnancy). I love the aqua or navy colour and have shared this with some of my fellow pregnancy mommies on Facebook.

  33. Adeline Pillay

    I love Black

  34. Tidi Esther

    I love me some RED pmease kindly

  35. Jann brouard

    What a gorgeous bag!!!! And so practical .I love the navy one!

    1. Jann brouard

      Shared on Facebook 🙂

  36. Alison Johannisen

    Grey as we keeping the sex of the baby a surprise until delivery so the bag would be practical and stylish . Shared on Facebook

  37. Nivesha Naidoo

    ♡I would love to win the navy blue ♡ Shared on facebook (Nivesha Naidoo)

  38. Monique Adams

    I would love to win the navy bag
    Entered via Facebook
    Love love love the bag!!!
    I just had my first baby boy ❤

  39. margaux leon

    black 🙂

  40. Faziela Prantice

    I would love the Navy blue. Beautiful bag.

  41. Nivesha Naidoo

    I would love to win the navy blue

    I’m sharing on facebook (Nivesha Naidoo)

    1. Nivesha Naidoo

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  42. Kendall Marwick

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    Black please!
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    Love this Bag in Peach or Navy.
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  45. Nashieta

    I would love to win a blaack nappy bag ❤❤Sharing on Facebook&Instagram And tagging loads of friends XXX

  46. Thea

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  48. Carla Pienaar

    GREY would work for both my daughter and my little boy being born in 5 weeks.

    1. Carla Pienaar

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  49. Sarah

    I love the Navy one – it’s gorgeous!

    1. Sarah

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    I would love to win a black nappy backpack!

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  51. Shameez Patel

    I love the navy denim!

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  52. Nadia Uys

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  53. Naseemah

    I would like the Navy Blue or Grey bag

    And I’m sharing on Facebook:)

  54. Melicia

    I would love the grey one. I love how ergonomic it is, especially with my shoulder pains from my accident.
    I’m expecting a little princess in November and my son is still using a bottle so this would be perfect for them… would love it aswell

    This would be amazing to win and would be my favorite travel item❤️

  55. Sameera Mahomed

    Backpack styles are so convenient. Since my husband works away I usually go out with my son alone. Juggling my handbag a d his diaper bag while carrying him is a mission. Would love to win this to make life a little easier. My preferred colour is Grey.

  56. Cleavon Fynn

    I would love the navy denim or grey. I have subscribed and shared on both Facebook and Instagram. fingers crossed!!!

  57. Melicia

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    I would love love to win the black or navy bag!! 🙂 Sharing in Facebook and also entered on Instagram

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    I absolutely LOVE these baby bags! The black colour is my favorite.. would love to win this

    I entered on Facebook **

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    I can’t decide on a colour though, they are all gorgeous!!
    Let’s go with Light Grey.

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    Love the black with gold zips.

  74. Angelique

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  75. Liza

    Would love to win a navy one. Love your blog

  76. farzana

    Hi Cisca! i have been hunting for this bag on instagram! found a website selling it for over a R1000!
    i would love to win this Backpack nappy bag in Grey. my entire theme is grey and it would match my grey joie stroller.
    I’ve shared and entered the competition on Facebook and instagram, as well as twitter and whatsapp

    1. Cisca

      What!!! that is insane!!!

  77. Natasha

    Navy or grey

  78. Sauligah

    Hi, would love to win black or navy. Share on Instagram

  79. Sauligah

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  83. Mogau shogole

    Black is the best

  84. Aimmee

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  85. Elrika

    O what a wonderful bag, been on my list forever! Fingers crossed. Shared on Insta and Facebook. Any colour would be great but Grey would be my 1st choice 🙂

  86. Leandra Du Toit

    I would love the navy nappy bag. Shared on Facebook 🙂

  87. Shareefah

    Black , to go with everything of my two girls
    Sharing on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

    #mumoftwolittlegirls #18monthsapart

  88. Sadiya Rajah

    Awesome blog

    I would love the aqua as i have a matching colour baby carrier.

    Posted on whatsapp,facebook and instagram as well as subscribed to your blog.

    Looking forward to more inspirational articles.



  89. Michael van Niekerk


    Shared on Facebook

  90. Zubeida

    Would love to win the black nappy bag

  91. Khuselwa Nkaenkae

    I would love to win the Red bag
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    #ImDueAugust this could come in handy

  92. Robynne

    Definitely PEACH for my baby girl 🙂 I’m due in August, so this would be amazing
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  93. Simone

    Grey ♡
    Shared on facebook ♡

  94. Tertia Lotter

    I love the Grey, I love the Navy, most I love that it has place for all that we need for Baby 🙂 I shared on Facebook and will also share on Instagram.

  95. Myuri Padayachee.

    Love the navy blue.

  96. Loveena Pillay

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  100. Jessica

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  101. cindy menigo

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  102. Donna

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  103. bibi ayesha

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  104. Jolene

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    Would love a black one, should I be lucky enough to win

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  107. Allerise

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    Black please and thank you

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    I love the navy blue!

  117. Margo

    Literally ANY colour. Looks VERY practical!!
    Thanks for the share 🙂

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    Black is gorgeous! FANCY! and hides stains easily 🙂

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    These nappy bags are gorgeous! Would love a Navy one!

  123. Helena

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  124. Marga Kritzinger

    This looks ab fab!!
    I would love it in black for my son.

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    Would love the Navy…♡ Shared the blog post via WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook…☆

  126. Jorina

    Would love one in grey. Shared on Instagram

  127. Alyana Hoosain

    I would love to win the black nappy bag for Aadila Emam. She’s due in 12weeks time.

  128. Dolly


  129. Chantal Minords

    Would love a grey bag as it’s neutral & goes with everything

  130. Zaakira Quantoi

    I would love a black nappy bag

  131. Charnay

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  132. Sofiah Motala

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    Navy or black for my son. I have shared this to Facebook Irfaan Adam.

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    Would love the grey ❤

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  140. Monique Malander

    Hi C.

    Would love black as it is so versatile and if it gets dirty you can’t really seen marks.

    I have allot of stuff to pack daily,you will know as you also have a boy


  141. Monique Malander

    Sorry forgot to say shared on Facebook

    1. Cisca

      Hi Alex, this Giveaway already closed- but keep a look out on my pages for a new one xx

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    I would like to have the Peach or the Light blue colour

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    Love to win the light purple one
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