James Bensen

A few weeks a go, I introduced you all to a company called James Bensen. I needed some help in choosing one of the five frames that I chose of their website. A little refresher here:

The Process

So how does the James Bensen Process work? Easy! You click on their website here

The service is pretty straight forward and easy to use. James Bensen offers a 5 days, 5 pairs of sunglasses service. You select 5 different frames ( all the specifications of the frames are online, and you can try on each frame in the comfort of your home. No pressure to make a decision right there and then, in the case of visiting a optometrist. My selection:

The Decision

With the help of all of you I found the perfect pair. I had an eye test due, and emailed my prescription to the James Bensen Team. It took about a week for the glasses to arrive and they were just the perfect fit! Wouldn’t you agree?

Read more about the James Bensen story here

Any doubts on how they do it? Click here



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