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“Way too much coffee. But if it weren’t for the coffee, I’d have no identifiable personality whatsoever.” David Letterman

Do you share the same sentiments? Without my morning cup of coffee I am a very annoyed person/gremlin. A good cup of coffee is easy to come by, a great cup of coffee tends to be a little more difficult. Hanoi Coffee Club brings you authentic Vietnamese Coffee. Last week I spent a little more time “getting to know” this brand, which my husband and I am slowly getting addicted to in a good way!

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I had a Q and A session with Michelle from Hanoi Coffee Club:

Please tell me a little about yourself and how Hanoi Coffee Club was started? Why did you decide to start the business?

I’m a 26 year old business enthusiast. I worked as a Human Resource Manager for 3 years at a South African toy retailer. After suffering the loss of my Father from the dreaded big C (cancer), my partner and I decided to change our environment and take on Asia. I left the corporate world and booked a one way ticket to Vietnam. I spent a year and a half there, learning, growing and appreciating a different culture. Most of this time was spent out of my comfort zone, just what I needed at that stage of my life.

After visiting home (Cape Town) for two weeks in February 2018, the only thing I was missing was my daily coffee routine in Vietnam. Your conventional day in Vietnam would begin by sitting on street corners drinking delicious coffee from street vendors. Take away coffee in Vietnam is frowned upon as the act of drinking coffee should be an experience and a time to take a step back, slow down and connect with those around you. Vietnamese coffee is also very different to coffee as we know it in South Africa in both the way it is consumed and the actual nature of the coffee bean. It was in my flight back to Vietnam that I decided I wanted to share this experience with South Africa as far possible and the idea of Hanoi Coffee Club was born. The next 5 months was spent sourcing and acquiring a premium Vietnamese coffee supplier as well as designing and developing the product image. I moved backed to Cape on the 31st of July and launched Hanoi Coffee Club on the 24th of August 2018.

If you could describe Hanoi Coffee Club in three words, what would those three words be that encapsulates your brand of coffee?

Premium, Cultural and Distinctive.

Any future plans for Hanoi Coffee Club.

Hanoi Coffee Club is currently selling to home users as well as coffee shops. While these consumers are getting the full experience of our product, we do not want the experience to be confined to these spaces. We have identified that most of your everyday coffee consumption is during business hours. For this reason we are currently creating an exciting package for corporate’s whereby we will be providing our Premium Vietnamese coffee beans at wholesale prices and they will in return receive a free coffee machine for their office if they order a set minimum of beans per month.

The Process of brewing

Here’s a video that we did on how to make the perfect iced Vietnamese coffee


The packaging

Very easy to open and to reseal. In the past I have had some very bad experiences opening coffee bags with the beans ending up scattered all over the kitchen floor.

The taste

Vietnamese coffee is distinctively strong because of two reasons.Firstly the type of coffee bean. Hanoi coffee beans are picked from the best Catimor variety Arabica farms that Vietnam has to offer. The fruits are then submerged in a water tank where fermentation takes place. Water power is then used to remove the skin. The beans are then dried under direct sunlight to get optimum moisture. This process gives the beans a fruity and acidic flavour. Secondly Vietnamese coffee is almost always drip coffee by means of using a Phin. You can expect an exquisite aromatic cup of coffee. Traditionally a Vietnamese coffee is enjoyed with condensed milk and ice. Bold, yet subtle is how I would describe the taste of Hanoi Coffee Club.

Starbucks who?

Yes! I have to go there, because I am VERY passionate about this brand. In the past, whenever we went overseas, or a friend came to visit, our order would be Starbucks Coffee please. Until now. Never again! If you are a coffee lover and addict to great, amazing coffee, then you need to give this a go! Everything you need from the phins, ground coffee and coffee beans is available on Hanoi Coffee clubs website. Shop here


  • You can WIN a 250g bag of ground coffee, the small phin and 1kg of coffee beans, valued at R540.00
  • Follow these steps.
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  3. In the comment section tell me what you need to use when making traditional Vietnamese coffee.
  4. Giveaway closes on Thursday and the Winner will be announced this Friday!

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  1. Theshnee Reddy

    Traditionally a Vietnamese coffee is enjoyed with condensed milk and ice

  2. Seshnie Govender

    Condense milk and ice …yummmmmy

  3. Seshnie Govender

    Condense milk and ice …yummmmmy in my tummy

  4. Leandra Krige

    I think I need my second cup of coffee after this read.
    A person needs a Phin when making traditional Viëtnamese Coffee enjoyed with condensed milk and ice. Had a decaff coffee this morning with condensed milk and I blame your video It was super yummy!!

  5. Selloane Molahlehi

    Condensed milk & ice , Oh my goodness I’m a coffee lover even now I’m drink a cup

  6. Leigh Anne Swart

    Condense milk and ice yum

  7. Simonè

    You need a phin to prepare the coffee and it is enjoyed with condensed milk and ice. This coffee looks amazing. Definitely have to get me some

  8. Jaclyn Goliath

    You need to use a Phin to make traditional Vietnamese coffee and can add condensed milk and ice.

  9. Leanne hartwig

    A phin, condense milk and ice. Super duper yummy. I lived on this ice coffee from the markets while traveling Vietnam. So delicious

  10. Zayne Khan

    The best Hanoi beans, condensed milk and ice but don’t forget the Phin!
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  11. Kim

    condensed milk and ice.

  12. ann foster

    you need a phin, condense milk and ice

  13. Lisa van Zyl

    Condense milk and ice! Sounds amazing! Wpuld love to get some beans!

  14. Roxanne Cairncross

    Traditional Vietnamese coffee is made using a Phin.

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    Condense milk and ice

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    Condense milk and ice

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    Phin, condensed milk and ice.

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    Condense milk and ice

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