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Last week I was invited to attend a Clicks Baby Club event in Woodstock, Cape Town. It was the very first Clicks Baby event that I attended, and definitely a memorable one.  We were addressed by a Paediatrician who actually does a weekly question and answer session on Facebook.  Living expenses are on the rise, and I am sure that just like my family, you are looking for ways on how to save, but still get the best products for your family. Clicks offers a loyalty card that can help. Do you know how it works?

How to get rewarded with your Click Baby Club Loyalty card

“A loyalty programme like Clicks Baby Club can help ease the financial pressure, especially when stocking up on toiletries and baby essentials,” says Clicks ClubCard Executive Heloise Janse van Rensburg. She says that it’s important to shop around and make sure you are getting the best deal in terms of loyalty programme benefits. “Clicks BabyClub has a higher percentage saving in cashback compared to other retail baby reward programmes. ClubCard members earn double points on selected baby products and clinic services every day which equates to 4% cashback.  This can then be used for purchases in-store. Look out also for additional 10% savings during promo periods and great 3 for 2 deals.”

Interesting facts

Research suggests that the cost of raising a child in South Africa is estimated at around R2 million for the first 23 years. That’s R90 000 a year or R7 200 a month per child for a middle-income family! Monthly costs usually include medical aid, toiletries, clothing, childcare, education and entertainment. In the first year and a half of your child’s life, there is a surge in costs, which usually evens out after your child turns two, with expenses increasing exponentially year-on-year, as your child enters the education system. “Whatever your child’s life stage, a loyalty programme can really help when times are tough so that you can concentrate on enjoying your family and saving for the big stuff, such as tertiary education,” she says.

What’s new

I know that you all love the brand Oh Lief. Well, Clicks is stocking it now. Other brands that have also been making headlines is the Child’s Farm and Clicks’s Oh so Heavenly Mum and Cherub range. You can also shop the latest from Tommee Tippee and the new snack range, Kiddylicious and Happy Tot range is also available. If you are a fan of Claire’s, no worries, you can shop this range as well and earn loyalty points at the same time.

Happy Shopping, everyone!

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