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It’s that time of the year again! I know, it feels like just yesterday that the shops were all decorated and the Christmas spirit was high, with Mariah Carey singing in the back ground. As a child I have always received only one gift. My birthday is on 20 December- so that was my birthday and Xmas gift in one.When my hubs and I first started dating, (the first year) my birthday present was golden circle tickets to Bon Jovi and my Christmas presents were a Guess bag and Guess wallet. Back then, he listened and picked up on the hints I kept leaving him, but now. Also, at the time I thought it would be a brilliant idea to also get married on my birthday. Make it easy for him to remember. But boy oh boy, does he need directions when it comes to picking out gifts for me. So, for the last two years, I have bought my own birthday, anniversary and Xmas presents. But, it’s just not the same. To make it easier for him, and to give you some ideas I have put together a list of my favourite /wish list things for this season. Make sure that you read until the end.

Lina Lina Lifestyle

Bespoke robes for any occasion. You can place your orders via linalinasouthafrica@gmail.com 

ilundi Designs

Leather goods created in Cape Town.

Hanoi Coffee

Traditional Vietnamese coffee at its best.

Long Jean Silver

Handcrafted silver, brass & gold adornment, with a sense of adventure. All pieces produced locally in Cape Town, South Africa

Sweet Peas Handmade

Handcrafted Genuine Leather sandals and they are handmade to order.


The heart of gifting. Curated and custom gift boxes for every special occasion and momentous event.

Stonecamp Leather

Handmade leather luxury, mixed with local love

Woven Green

A carefully curated selection of unique products, from home decor to classic wardrobe essentials.

And yes!!!!! There will be a Giveaway! Seven Winners!!!!

Up for grabs

  1. A beautiful bespoke robe from Lina Lina Lifestyle worth R550.00
  2. An Elia purse from ilundi Designs worth R590 plus a R350.00 online voucher from Sweet Peas Handmade
  3. A Vietnamese Coffee Hamper from Hanoi Coffee worth R550.00
  4. An online voucher from Long jean Silver worth R600.00
  5. A beautiful curated box (Reflection) from Meivee worth R750.00
  6. A Postcall leather bag from Stonecamp Leather worth R1580.00
  7. A Mandarin linen blouse to the value of R879.00

Sounds AMAMAZING right! in order to qualify you have to follow the following steps.

  1. Make sure that you are a subscriber and share this post.
  2. Follow all the amazing brands above on Instagram.
  3. Tag and spread the love, but remember not to tag the same people. You will get extra entries into the final draw 1 tag = 1 entry
  4. Final step, comment on this blog post and tell me which of the above is on your wish list and it might just come true!
  5. Giveaway closes on 27 November and winners will be announced on 28 November 2018

T’s and C’s Apply

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204 thoughts on “Wishing for…

  1. The online voucher from Long jean Silver will be on my wishlist as I love those Silver& Freshwater Pearl Pendants

  2. Would love the bespoje robe from Lina Lina and or the postcall leather bag from Stonecamp Leather.
    All great prizes would be great to win any of them.

  3. Number 6: The Postcall leather bag, I am inlove with good quality for bags and shoes, would be nice for any outfit in summer.

  4. The leather bag from stone camp leather would be sooo awesome… I could finally get rid if the bag I’m using for the past 3years

  5. The online voucher from Long jean Silver… I love silver jewellery and never go anywhere without earrings and my jewellery…

  6. My wishlist is definitely the beautiful bespoke robe from Lina Lina Lifestyle worth R550.00 – I saw one of your previous posts where you were wearing one and i just knew i had to have it! I’m going into hospital next week and they advise having a gown…. this one would definitely make me feel like less of a frump!

  7. all prizes are absolutely stunning but holding thumbs for that Mandarin linen blouse or long jean silver voucher to buy my sister something special for Christmas

  8. Gosh they’re all amazing! But have always loved lindi designs. Would also love a leather bag from stonecamp leather!

  9. In my wishlist the top gift would be the Hanoi Coffee, as I am a coffee lover a coffee a day keeps the baddies away.


  11. I would love to win a Lina robe! Going in to hospital in February to have our first little baby and the Lina robe would be perfect for hospital.

  12. Definitely leather items from stonecamp leather I love the smell, texture and raw-ness of leather products. It gives me such a happy feeling when I have it. Hoping i can win. This would be such a great gift. Fingers crossed

  13. I would love the reflections box from Meivee – such a good time of year to look back and reflect on the year that has been and look forward to the year and upcoming changes to follow.

  14. I want all these amazing items but top of my wishlist would be the Elia purse from Ilundi designs. I’m obsessed with their products and this purse is stunning! If I won I’d share this amazing prize with my mom and two sisters.

  15. Hi There! The Lina Lina Lifestyle robes are just to die for! This was such a tough choice to make, all these vrands are amazing but im a kimono fanatic and these robes are perfect for my summer style! such gorgeous prints and the fabric looks amazing.

  16. 2. An Elia purse from ilundi Designs worth R590 plus a R350.00 online voucher from Sweet Peas Handmade

  17. The Postcall leather bag will be just what I need as I begin my new job next year. It will make me stand out from the rest and look super snazzy too! And leather lasts forever so it will be my arm candy for many years to come!

    Loved all brands on Facebook.
    Shared on Facebook
    Followed on Instagram (@anisasingh786)

    Crossing fingers and toes!

  18. Oh my oh my, all these gifts are too beautiful if I could I’d have them all by myself but Becca I’m a sharing person I’ll choose the ilundi designs purse please. There’s just something about handcrafted goods, I love and appreciate them so plus I like the fact that they’re locally made something to be so proud of.

  19. I would love the sling bag from Stonecamp Leather or/and the robe from Lina. I absolutely love and only wear sling bags. I wear 1 until it breaks and then buy another. I mever put it down no matter we I go, besides home lol My main wish is to be blessed with a quality bag.

  20. Wow all of these giveaways are stunning. Would be beyond excited to win any of the prizes.
    But if I must chose the Lina Lina lifestyle bespoke robe or the Postcall leather bag from Stonecamp.

  21. I would like to win the Hanoi Coffee hamper PLEASE! I love collecting different coffees and teas ♥ This prize would be amazing!!!

  22. Hi the gifts are all amazing but the woven collection are the best thus far.
    i love reading your post on insta, your are such an inspiration , i wish to have that confidence soon after i have my littler girl. Thank you for sharing your life with us all xoxoxo

    1. Awww love, thank you so much for your support. Never doubt yourself, and I am always here if you need advice xxx

  23. Everything! I want everything! What a beautiful selection of local spoils. We are truly blessed in this country to have such talented artisans. If I must choose one, then the Postcall Leather Bag is the one I cannot live without!

  24. If I’d really have to choose then the Elia purse from ilundi Designs has my name written all over it.

  25. I am in love with the Postcall leather bag. I have always wanted a good quality leather bag to rock with any outfit!

  26. Wow…. I would be grateful to win ANY of those lovely prizes!
    I think my favorite would have to be a Stonecamp Postcall Leather Bag, or the Elia Purse with the SweetPeas Handmade Voucher!
    Shared – & have Liked all Pages and ‘Following’ on Insta. What a classy lot. xxx

  27. Please a stone camp leather bag.
    Goodness this is such a lovely competition and was extremely hard to have to chose just one . Thanks for the opportunity and chance.

  28. It is such a difficult choice but at the end I would love to own a Woven Green Mandarin Linen Blouse. I will wear the blouse with pride.

  29. A Stonecamp leather handbag would be absolutely wonderful ♡ loving all though…nice giveaway! ♡

  30. A beautiful curated box (Reflection) from Meivee worth R750.00
    @brendaboofernandes following all the pages

  31. How on earth do I pick? I would so appreciate a Meivee curated gift box a little Christmas prezzie for meeeee!

  32. All would be AWESOME & AMAAAAZING but the Postcall gold leather bag from Stonecamp leathers would be the 1 ❤️

  33. All prizes are AMAZING AND AWESOME.. the postcall gold leather bag from Stonecamp leather is the winner for me ❤️

  34. You know any bag will be loked by a lady …An Elia purse from ilundi Designs worth R590 plus a R350.00 online voucher from Sweet Peas Handmade

  35. This is so difficult. All the above? Especially the Hanou coffee, I have been in love since you introduced them on your Instagram and blog. But I love Long Jean Silver’s jewelry……. Your giveaways are always so amazing!

  36. Wow, all of the above featured items are amazing it’s difficult to pick just one! Wishing for an early birthday present

  37. On my wishlist is the Hanoi Coffee hamper. Been reading so much about their coffee and it sounds like heaven in a cup. Being a coffee snob this will be perfect for me x x

  38. Love my coffee so definitely the Hanoi coffee hamper!
    Love this giveaway so much.. I tagged, shared and subscribed before I saw it

  39. I would love the Postcall Leather Bag from Stonecamp Leather… It will be perfect for my new career path in teaching. I absolutely love leather products and I’ve always wanted a leather bag.

  40. Would love any of thes prizes, but I absolutely love Sweetpeas would love to win a new pair of summer Sandels

  41. This is so difficult to decide because all the prizes are Amazing…but Im going to go with (A Mandarin linen blouse to the value of R879.00) because I’ve never owned one so would love this unique piece.

  42. I have been obsessed with that @stonecamp_leather bag for like forever now!!! So I would definitely LOVE to win one I somehow never get to owning one, but that’s Mom life lol. The kids stuff always comes first.

  43. What a beautiful giveaway! I really would be grateful for any prize but would most prefer the Sweetpeas Handmade! <3 <3 <3

  44. Definitely definitely definitely a Long Jean Silver voucher! I absolutely love her work. I’ve been wanting to buy a few of her pearl and silver rings for aaages (my engagement /wedding ring has a pearl instead of a diamond). All the products look amazing though, but I’m definitely a wishful fangirl of her jewelery!

  45. So many wonderful prizes to choose from but I’d love to win the bag from Stonecamp Leather .. its simply gorgeous or even the bag from Ilundi Designs. I’m not fussy. I’d take either

  46. I was going to say a Meivee curated gift box because it’s so special but going to have to go with the Stonecamp Leather Postcall leather bag, so gorgeous! Such lovely things though…

  47. I would love the Postcall Leather Bag from Stone camp ❤️ But I’m also a coffee lover so the Hanoi Coffee would be awesome

  48. Gosh it is so hard to pick with such lovely brands, but I think forvmrvpetsinslly it would be Ilundi Designs. The bags are divine, but the clutch bags are just breathtakingIy beautiful.

  49. I’d be grateful for any of these wonderful items as a mom (of 2) I’ve little time to spoil myself lol so this would be great! I’d especially love the postcall leather bag from Stonecamp Leather as I’m still using my maternity bag at almost 6 months postpartum (even though it’s a versatile mom/baby bag) I’d love one to call my own haha

  50. Wow wow wow!!!!!! So many wonderful prizes to choose from…. but if I have to choose… I would definitely love the Postcall Leather Bag from Stone camp… ❤️❤️❤️

  51. Wow wow wow!!!! So many great prizes to choose from… But if I have too…. I’ll definitely love the Postcall Leather Bag from Stone camp…. ❤️❤️❤️

  52. Oh my noodles, they are all awesome! Anything leather is always BEAUTIFUL. The Long Jean Silver voucher is probably the one i would choose Jewellery never goes out of fashion! And I need to rebuild my collection after it was all stolen.

  53. I love all of the prices, it is sooo amazing, my favorite so far is the leather bags and the shoes, I want that for Christmas.

  54. I would love the Hanoi coffee hamper. I am a complete coffee freak. This will definitely make my year.

  55. Totally DESPARATE for a new wallet.
    Why do we not buy ourselves pretty things once a baby arrives
    And we have number 2 arriving in 5 weeks! Eeek!

  56. I think between the breathtaking Ilundi purse (my current purse looks like a train wreck ) and the absolutely stunning Lina Lina kimonos it’s impossible to choose! Both absolute perfection!

  57. The prizes up for grabs are all fab, but I really love the Postcall leather bag from Stonecamp Leather 🙂

  58. All of these soumd AMAZING! My wishlist would definately be the long jean silver voucher, the meivee gift box and the coffe hamper!! Love love love!❤

  59. Such a hard choice. I mean shoes, handbags, coffee and robes where do you start. Perhaps with jewels from longjean silver! Because I’m a magpie!

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