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I have been so excited to share more about the new Schwarzkopf Gliss range with you. Last year this iconic brand turned a whopping 120 years old. When it comes to hair care, the competition is fierce out there. As a consumer and knowing that Schwarzkopf has been around for 120 years, gives me the confidence and surety that I am only using the best on my locks.

An international hair cosmetics and care brand that truly stands apart from the rest, Schwarzkopf is the industry’s trend-setter for creativity and style as well as consistent and superior innovation.

Some interesting facts that you might not have known about this iconic brand

120 years ago, chemist Hans Schwarzkopf laid the foundations for a truly international brand that stands for quality, reliability, expertise and innovation. Today, Schwarzkopf is a global pioneer in hair cosmetics. It is the leading hair care brand in Europe for colour and styling, and the most successful hair cosmetics brand in e-commerce in China. Schwarzkopf, Henkel Beauty Care’s largest brand, generates revenue of approximately € 2 billion (2016) in over 60 markets worldwide.

Gliss Intense Therapy

The Gliss Intense Therapy with Omegaplex is one of Schwarzkopf’s latest ranges. In one of my previous posts I mentioned that ifI had known before I did a full head of highlights that it would really dry out and damage my hair, I probably would not have done it. For weeks, I felt very conscious of the condition of my hair, and it being short, I couldn’t really tie it up in a bun, to hide away the damage. The Gliss Intense Therapy range offers a Keratin bonding solution that is perfect for severely damaged hair. In the above photo you can clearly see how healthy my hair looks after just one wash of using the Gliss Intense therapy products.

What makes this range different?

It works right at the core of damaged hair, as it repairs the bonds of the hair, reconstructing from deep within. You can expect healthy locks that will also be more resilient against future damage, chemicals, blow drying and styling may cause.

Blow-drying or heat styling can break the delicate bonds of hair, damaging their inner structure. This means a repairing treatment that reconstructs the innermost hair structure is crucial for the healthiest hair possible. The solution comes from Gliss, the expert for hair care and treatments. Developed by the first hair care brand to offer Bonding Plex technology at home, Gliss’s all-new INTENSE THERAPY WITH OMEGAPLEX® promises long-lasting resilience and protection for your hair against future damage*. It’s thanks to the groundbreaking formula that new bonds are formed in the hair, meaning protection for visibly improved and lasting hair quality. Added to formulation are liquid hair components that reconstruct the hair and revive its health and vitality.

The new range will also not break the bank.

  • Gliss INTENSE THERAPY WITH OMEGAPLEX® Shampoo, 400 & 250 ml, RSP R52.99 and 400ml R69.99
  • Gliss INTENSE THERAPY WITH OMEGAPLEX® Conditioner, 400 & 200 ml, RSP R52.99 and 400ml R69.99
  • Gliss INTENSE THERAPY WITH OMEGAPLEX® Structure Repair Treatment, 300 ml, RSP R89.99
  • Available from: all leading retailers including Clicks, Dis-Chem, Checkers and Pick ‘n Pay stores.

Why wait? I am on my second round!

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