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I received quite a few direct messages asking about our breastfeeding journey and of course popping bottles. With Hudson I had to start pumping very early on for feeds in NICU. Also, once we got home his Dad was able to feed him as well, and this was their bonding time together. Did you know that if your baby takes to a certain dummy that they will be able to take to the make of that brands bottle as well? On the second day in the hospital I introduced Levi to his NUK Genius Soother. I know that a lot of moms are concerned about nipple confusion for baby and introducing the bottle or soother too early. But believe me when I say that it will be a life changer and saver. This is what I did. I would let Levi suck on his dummy for about 2 minutes and then put him back on my breast. I did this for about ten minutes at a time.

Introducing him to the NUK Nature Sense bottles was also fairly easy. It is important to switch between the breast and bottle to avoid nipple confusion. In hospital I was told the best is to give breast first and then the second feed a bottle. Yes you will find times, when your baby becomes fussy on the breast, because they have to work to get some milk, unlike a bottle when sucking is much easier.

I did my research before choosing the bottles best suited for us. And here is why I chose the NUK Nature Sense bottles:

It has several tiny openings on the teat. The teat is extra soft and flexible. The teat is wide and flexible and it enables babies to latch on well forming a seal to reduce air ingestion. The Air vent makes it possible to drink without pause, and this helps prevent air being swallowed. The holes are positioned upwards against the palate which puts the enzyme lactase (in saliva) in prolonged contact with lactose (in milk).

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We bought our NUK Nature Sense starter set on Takealot
You get 2 x 260ml Nature Sense Bottles
             2 x 150ml Nature Sense Bottles
             1 x Genius 0-6m Soother
             1 x 2 in 1 Bottle and Teat Brush
Always remember that fed is best.

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