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When it comes to breast pumps, I can honestly say that I have tried and tested them all. The NUK Nature Sense Rechargeable Breast Pump definitely tops them all, and here are my reasons why. I made the personal choice to start pumping quite early on, when Levi was about two weeks old. With Hudson it was important to me that his Dad also started bonding with him. Starting him on the bottle early also meant that I would get some breaks and if need be that I had to attend a meeting I could leave the house knowing that Levi would be fed. Let’s look at some information on the product itself.

It has 16 individual options for rhythm and suction strength. It also includes a memory function where you can store your favourite settings. It has a powerful pump unit of 330 max. The rechargeable battery ensures 3x express sessions. You also have direct control of your pumping session on the LCD-Smart-screen.

What I love most:

This pump is so quiet. That was the first thing that surprised me. I also love that it has a practical strap, so you can pump and not have to sit at the same spot each time. The variety of suction strength is also great. I usually start with a medium suction and then to high. The rechargeable batteries make it easy to pump for 3x sessions. Again you do not have to sit near a plug, you can go about doing what you need to. It is portable. You can also check the exact time that you pump on the LCD screen. It means that the unit is truly portable. It is comfortable, efficient and of good quality. It is more expensive than a manual pump but well worth the investment. It’s very easy to clean and sterilise, and assembles and stores away easily as well. All in all a very good example of a modern, automatic, breast-pump .

Storing expressed milk

Breastmilk can be stored in clean glass or BPA-free bottles with tight-fitting lids in the fridge. or alternatively in milk storage bags which have been made to be frozen. The NUK Nature Sense Breast Milk Container with Breast Pump Adapter is perfect for storing milk.

NUK Nature Sense Breast Milk Container with Breast Pump Adapter
  • All-in-One Breast Milk Container: expressing, storing, warming and feeding breast milk, no transferring
  • Can be used with all NUK NATURE SENSE Teats
  • Includes adapter, for connecting NUK Breast Pumps to NUK NATURE SENSE Baby Bottles
  • Also suitable for storing puree
  • Breast milk container, high-quality polypropylene, screw ring and silicone sealing discs, BPA-free, 2 per pack

Guideline to storing breastmilk

  • Six to eight hours at room temperature
  • 24 hours in a cooler with three ice packs
  • Five days in the fridge
  • Three to six months in freezer compartment
  • Six to twelve months in a deep freezer
  • Thawed breast milk – use within 24 hours
  • Never use a microwave to warm up milk
  • Never refreeze thawed milk
  • If there’s milk left over use it in baby’ s bath water

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