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It is can be quite nerve-wracking for a new parent to bring an infant home. There is nothing like worrying about your child when it comes to SIDS, no matter how healthy they are, a parent will worry about this . If I had to ask you, which Baby Monitor is trusted , your first answer would be Angelcare, right? And you would be right! With Hudson we had one of the older models, which still worked perfectly after 5 years plus of usage. Nothing is more important to me than the safety of my little one. The Angelcare AC327 Baby Breathing Monitor with Video is a dependable, trusted and beautifully designed baby care essential. It has Angelcare®’s new 40 % smaller Wireless SensAsure Breathing Sensor Pad. Rest assured, the pad offers the exact same precise levels of movement detection.

Features of this model include the following:

Because of the position of Levi’s cot, we decided to mount our Angelcare against the wall. It is the perfect spot and Levi is still in full view for us to monitor him.

The Angelcare monitor is portable, so I can take it with me anywhere in the house. It switches on when it detects movement and you can also switch it on anytime to check on your little one. The video quality is great, the sensor pad works beautifully. An alarm will sound if absolutely no movement is detected after 20 seconds. I appreciate the fact that it is a non-contact monitor so no electronic device will come into contact with Levi’s skin. There’s also a temperature indicator. Another stand out feature is two-way talk. The boys share a room, so when they nap together we can easily talk to Hudson when he wakes up. It was easy to set up, and took my husband less than 10 minutes to set up. Peace of mind is what is so important to us as parents, wouldn’t you agree? For anxious parents, this is a wonderful way to get the sleep you might be missing from having to reassure yourself that your little one is still safe and sound. 

Here are some of the comments that some of you made on my recent post on Instagram.

We also have an Angelcare with breathing pad and this just gives me complete peace of mind. I just have to look at the screen and see the movement indicator to know my baby is safe. I used it with my first for a very long time. I also like the temperature indicator. Would recommend it to anyone looking to purchase a baby monitor. Elisabeth Nel

We were gifted this as our baby shower present and honestly our little person is 2 and we still use it, I even pack it if we are going away. And @angelcaresouthafrica ‘s service is amazing, our sensor pad bombed and they did so much to help us get it fixed. Caryn Felix

Love @angelcaresouthafrica monitors, we have the one without the camera but still so great, the sensitivity of it is amazing! Ammarah Issufo

We have an older model for our fist son, but looking to upgrade to this one for baby number 2 on the way. Deline

My daughter had sleep apnea because of her adenoids. The alarm went off a few times and fortunately for that I was able to wake her up enough to start breathing again. My son and daughter were both NICU babies, my sons lungs were a massive problem at birth and for the first year so without that monitor I would never have slept. Kelly


I have always been a believer in the quality of Angelcare products, and have partnered with them to give away an Angelcare Dress up bin.

All you have to do is the following:

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  2. Follow my accounts on Instagram and Facebook; Bonus to follow Angelcare South Africa
  3. Watch the video here and comment and tell me why you need this Angelcare dress up nappy bin.
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38 thoughts on “Angelcare AC327 – Video, Movement Monitor –

  1. I would love this bin because my daughter has just had a baby and uses so many nappies. This would help so much

    1. It will be a absolute delight and pleasure to win Angelcare nappy bin for first time mommy. A precious baby girl is due shortly and this bin will be greatly appreciated it has fantastic features, excellent quality and durability.

  2. I need this Angelcare dress up nappy bin is because it will be so much easier and so hygienic. I love the different colors as well

    1. Would love to win this hygienic bin for my good friend Lauren who is soon to have her first baby!

  3. I need this Angelcare nappy bin as we are soon moving into our own place, Children getting there own room. This is so convenient and no smell omw my daughters 💩 smells bad everytime. This will be so great

  4. So nice for keeping the baby room from bad smells and can even make the room pretty with all the covers to choosr from..

  5. Yes the Angelcare nappy bin would be great for your new home… It’s stylish and it would look so neat in a new room.. It would be easy to get rid of the smell as well and it’s easy access. So this would be perfect!

  6. I’m pregnant with my first baby and I think as new parents we don’t know how real the constant nappy changing struggle will be! This prize will make our lives that much easier and also the designs are absolutely adorable💙

  7. I would love this a grandmother looking after my youngest granddaughter
    This would be awesome.
    I hate the smell of dirty nappies .
    And for hygienic reasons too.

  8. Being in a tiny apartment, ordinary bins that dont trap in the odour is just a BIG NO no😪🤦‍♀️ this would be an absolute dream and life saver to have🙌

  9. My granddaughter has just had a baby and after nappy changes she is so petrified of smells in the house she walks to the outside bin to dispose of it. All this time she suffers extreme anxiety leaving baby alone. This would give her much peace knowing she does not have to leave baby alone and the nappy is disposed of without the fear of smells.

  10. A fantastic colourful and hygienic bin perfect for all those smelly nappies . Would love to win this amazing prize to help save me in those messy situations.

  11. It’s a fab prize. Keeps the house hygienic when you can’t get to the bin outside every time you have a dirty nappy. Stylish too

  12. I need this nappy bin because I’m a first time young mom. I am always busy taking care of baby,myself ans house chores. It will save me time walking to the bin outside to throw away dirty diapers. This Anglecare nappy bin is hygienic and odour free ❤

  13. My younger niece is having her first baby soon and I know first hand how costly it can be, this Angelcare Dress up bin would make for an ideal baby shower gift to her ( and knowing my niece the way I do, a very much welcomed one 😂)

  14. This would be such an amazing gift for us as we use a box for a nappy bin and it reeks..

    I would love to win this, it would be a blessing

  15. Would love to win this hygienic bin for my neice who just had her first baby. This would be perfect for her and she would be overjoyed to receive such a awesome prize.

  16. Would love to win this for my sister in law who is expecting in the new year. As a second time mom, my Angelcare bin has served me well and we love the brand.

  17. I stay in a complex where rubbish bin are about 0.5km from my house and it’s tiring to every time travel to throw away a Nappy because u don’t want a smelly house, winning this Nappy bin will safe me the trips while having my baby room smelling fresh

  18. My dear aunt has a baby and I would love to win this to gift to her because shes an amazing soul that always does the world for her entire family and does not take any credit or boast about everything she does for us.

  19. With my first we only had hand me downs. And they have all broken along the way
    With the second one almost here, this would be an awesome new addition!

  20. We live near a river where the mosquito’s love to have a ball. Having an angelcare nappy bin which holds a larger would load would ideally save us from opening the door each time and letting those pesky pets in.

  21. I would love to win this Angelcare dress up nappy bin as it would help me keep the house clean and hygienic .It would really come in handy.

  22. Holds up to 36 nappies and it keep the nursery smelly clean. Fingers crossed that I win this amazing prize for my very first baby on the way 🙏

  23. I’m expecting my first child in March winning this angelcare bin would be do amazing as il have to go through alot of nappies once baby’s born.

  24. Many years ago when living in Gauteng there was a ‘Nappy Bin Service’ for towelling nappies which a friend made use of; it was basically a ‘black refuse bin’ into which you dropped nappies into a solution of sorts – no rinsing so I will leave that to your imagination.

    Literally revolving! Picked up once a week and their home stunk so badly it was unbearable …. fast forward 30 years and as technology grows we have the most awesome ‘gadgets’ at hand – Angelcare!

    These Beautiful Nappy Bin’s, colour co-ordinated to match your nursery are just amazing!

    My Niece whom I’ve tagged will be a Mummy for the 1 time come mid January
    – she’said had a few issues throughout her Pregnancy so I’m really hoping she will be rewarded with her 1st baby Girl Aurora, they will be totally over the moon should she be a lucky winner or if I were; I would gift it to Jade.

    They’re stylish and it would look so at home in her Nursery -one wouldnt even have an incling it was a ‘nappy bin’!

    And as for the smell, well with this amazing tool there wouldnt be any – no smell or a worry of bacteria growing
    In your new born’so nursery! It’s an amazing gift!

    An Angelcare AC327 would be PERFECT!

  25. My daughter, Amber has embraced pregnancy and motherhood like nothing we’ve ever seen before!! It was an unplanned pregnancy but her dream come true and all she’s ever wanted. I would love to be able to win this for her for staying so strong and believing in life after having a particularly tough last few years xx

  26. This is the perfect gift for us since we expecting again. My son has the stinkest poo ever and it makes the entire room smell. So this would be such. Great help.

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