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I only started investing time into my skincare routine and products about 3 years ago my late 30’s. To be honest, I wish I had started taking better care of my skin in my early 20’s. I regret those years, but I am glad that I started taking care of myself. I mean I intend to be around for a few more years at least. As a Beauty Blogger, I often get asked to review products. Sometimes, the products I review makes such a big difference in my life that I continue using and purchasing it for myself. Before writing this blog post, I actually went through my IG account to look at the health of my skin in photos. Whenever I edit my photos, I only edit the background light to enhance the image, but never use filters or photoshop. So what you see is an exact representation of the condition and health of my skin.

Exactly as the above stated, my first ever “naked” picture on the gram. No make up and no filter. I started feeling more and more comfortable, and my confidence levels started growing. The following photos are from this year.

The above photo was when I just started using my PMD Beauty Personal Microderm. Before using it, I watched and read a lot of reviews about the product. The main thing that stood out for me was that you had to use it correctly to achieve the results. Now, let me back up a bit and tell you exactly what the PMD Beauty Personal Microderm does. The Personal Microderm is an easy 3min at home microdermabrasion that provides spa quality results . Use weekly to reduce the appearance of enlarge pores, Blemishes, Dark spots , Fine lines, Wrinkles, Even out skin tone & texture.

I started gradually finding the right disk for me, and I got excited each time I saw all the dry skin. It is also so easy to clean your Personal Microderm. As a Mom, finding time for my self care is not easy, so I need something that does not take up half of my day but that delivers results.

Guys this year I am turning 41. And dare I say, 40 has never looked this good. I recently wrote an IG post about what I have been using differently in the last few months and so many of you have noticed the difference.

Check out this post here

The Personal microderm is definitely becoming a permanent beauty tool for me. Think about all the money you will be saving if you purchase your own PMD Beauty SA Personal Microderm I really do not have to say much about the PMD Beauty SA Personal Microderm as the results speak for themselves. I am definitely continuing my journey using the product once a week. The discs can also be bought here I want to buy a travelling case next, because it will just be easier to pack it in safely when we travel away for weekends.

Another product that I suggest you also look into using is the PMD Beauty Clean Pro

PMD Clean Pro is made of beauty silicone and is antibacterial & hypoallergenic. It is a perfect fit for all skin types including blemish prone & sensitive skin types. Sonic-glow technology prevents breakouts and lifts dirt and debris from deep within the skin. Reduces oil congestion, enlarged pores and blackheads. Sounds amazing right?

Yours in skincare.

Disclaimer: I received the PMD Beauty SA Personal Microderm to review and trial for three months. The views expressed above are my own.

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