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When Levi was born, we bought Hudson his first Thomas & Friends train as a gift from Levi to him. He was so excited when he opened his present from Levi and he wanted to start playing with Levi. At the time Levi was only a few hours earth side, and fast asleep. This didn’t stop Hudson from telling Levi a story about Thomas and Friends.

Hudson is now at that age where he loves imaginative play. even more. I love watching him quietly as he makes up stories with his toys. Levi is also at the age now where he can start playing with Hudson, even though he talks his own language, the two seem to be able to communicate with each other.


Thomas is a real friend to kids. Inspired by his adventures in episodes or books, your child then lives out their own Thomas stories through imaginative train play.  As a result, they begin to understand important life lessons about problem solving and their emotions.  Through their friendship with Thomas, you may witness physical, cognitive and social growth.

Thomas & Friends have released both the charge and the small engines.


When their eyes open wide to the sights, colors, voices, sounds, textures and locations in Thomas’ world their senses and imaginations are sparked.

Fine Motor

On the floor, holding the engines and engaging with their features promote hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity.

Gross Motor

Chugging trains up, down and all around the tracks encourages physical activity by getting their little arms and legs moving in a big way.

Balance & Coordination

While engaged in their own stories with their toys, they bustle around to arrange the train cars, and in the process help improve their balance and coordination.

What’s great about the Thomas & Friends website is that you can find so much information and activities. There’s information for parents as well as for kids. You can download some activities here With the big and small engines, one thing that particularly stands out for me is that no matter your size, you’re able to do a lot as well. You must not underestimate yourself, you can also go on adventures, all you need is a bit of imagination and creativity. Levi is constantly watching his brother and he wants to do everything Hudson does. He has already started to make the choo-choo sound of a train when the two of them play together. We are thinking of buying a train track set for the boys for Christmas so that they can continue story telling and creating imaginary worlds. We have also bought Hudson some Thomas&Friends books, and he often incorporates those stories and adapts them when he is playing. Continue encouraging your child to dream, to imagine and to learn through play.

Set your imagination free!

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