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As always with any new device that I have to review, I always do my homework. I also form expectations of a product and list some deliverables so that I am able to tick it off my list. A few weeks ago I was sent The PMD Clean Pro Rose Quartz Now before I get into more details, can we just please take a moment to admire this beauty. The PMD Clean Pro Rose Quartz comes in a travelling case with a charger.

By now you should be familiar with the PMD Brand as I previously used the PMD Personal Microderm, which you can read more about here. PMD Beauty is a brand that is synonymous with at home treatments. From the reviews I started reading and watching a lot of reviewers were sceptical at first, but also very intrigued in a device that is able to do the following:

  • Lifts dirt and debris from deep within pores and helps your favourite skincare products penetrate deeper rejuvenating the skin from deep within.
  • The PMD Clean Pro is made of beauty silicone and is antibacterial & hypoallergenic.
  • It’s a perfect fit for all skin types including blemish prone & sensitive skin types.
  • Sonicglow technology prevents breakouts.
  • Reduces oil congestion, enlarged pores and blackheads 

One side is an electric facial brush (that vibrates 7,000 times per minute to break down dirt and oil within the pores), and the other side is a large, flat rose quartz stone that heats up. The Rose quartz stone intrigued me the most, because I was curious at to how it heats up and if the temperature would be comfortable. I remember the facials that I had overseas and most included a warm stone device which was used after moisturiser was applied to my face. Now the idea behind the heated Rose quartz stone is that you should use it after you have cleaned your face, by applying any oil. serum or moisturiser. Gently glide it over the skin (this is my favourite part) and watch how easily the product is absorbed. The heat also helps to increase blood flow to the skin; which leads to more oxygen to the skin’s surface and letting that natural glow shine through. Watch the video of me using it here

Using the PMD Clean Pro

It is actually pretty straight forward. You have to charge it for 2-3 hours before you use it. It is waterproof, so you do not need to worry about any of that. Best of all, the head does not need to be replaced. This is a once off product that you buy, and you do not have to worry about spending extra money on it later in the year. I use my PMD every morning and every evening before bed time. At night it is just so relaxing to be able to lie in bed and glide the heated rose quartz over my face. It instantly relaxes me and I wake up refreshed. In the morning its also great to wake up not just your skin, but yourself as well. You will be vibing (because of all the vibrations) and not just jiving. I am so happy that it comes in a travelling case, because this baby is not going to leave my sight ever!

For the weeks that I have been using it, I did not experience any breakouts. Also, the saying as smooth as a baby’s bottom, has new meaning for me. My face is so smooth and soft. On the days that I do not use it, I can definitely feel a difference in how my skin feels, especially after using my serum and moisturiser.


Photos with make up:

Photos without make up: Only wearing Lipgloss

2020 has really been the year that I have been taking better care of myself, for me. You will be amazed at how much inner confidence shines through when you start feeling comfortable in your own skin. Always remember you are worth it all. Click here to see how a group of us, took on the PMD Beauty Clean Challenge.

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