Taste all the hues of autumn in Loxtonia Stone Fruit Apple Cider

Autumn is the season for apple picking in the Ceres Valley and the eagerly awaited time for the Loxtonia team to transform their farm fresh bounty into delicious cider from orchard to bottle. Taste all the hues of autumn in Loxtonia Stone Fruit Apple Cider. Delicious to the core, made with 100% freshly pressed and naturally fermented home-grown apples, Loxtonia has an award winning cider for every taste. As the cooler weather starts to unfold, the medium-sweet Loxtonia Stone Fruit Apple Cideris a refreshing comforter. Fruity with bursts of fresh autumn apples, bright peach and nectarines, reminiscent of the last days of summer, this unique cider is perfectly balanced with a dry apple finish.

In step with the growing trend towards mindful drinking, Loxtonia will soon be releasing a non-alcoholic version of this popular cider. Loxtonia Stone Fruit Non-Alcoholic Apple Cider has the same delicious taste as the original, just without the alcohol. It is the second non-alcoholic cider in the range alongside Loxtonia Easy Apple Non-Alcoholic Cider and will be available in stores and online in the next few weeks.

“The significant increase in the ‘no and low’ drinks sector sends a clear message that people are becoming more health conscious, either cutting down on drinking or giving it up completely,” says Ali Bestel, Marketing Manager at Loxtonia Cider.

All Loxtonia ciders come in recyclable glass bottles, are vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and free of preservatives and artificial additives. You will find them at leading outlets countrywide. For online purchases at R100.92 for a 4-pack, including free delivery within South Africa, visit https://www.loxtonia.co.za/. To taste the full range of ciders, visit the Loxtonia Cidery in Ceres. For bookings, email enquiries@loxtonia.co.za or call Tel 023-0040930. Stay in the mix by following @loxtonia_cider on Instagram and Twitter.

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