Stamp your Nando’s passport and you could be munching your meal in America

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It’s undeniable that 2022 decided to bring its own level of heat to South Africans. Imagine you were planning your trip to the beach in KZN when suddenly there is heavy downpour. Devastating floods in Durbs while the Eastern Cape has a drought?! Then, just as you changed your plans to a Kaapstad getaway, that green airline company went offline for real this time. Now you’re looking at paying a full salary just to visit your main squeeze in Camps Bay. 2022 is showing us flames!

How do we celebrate the 25th anniversary of our Constitution and live the ideal of believing that “South Africa belongs to all who live in it, united in our diversity” when travel seems like a dream that just won’t come true? Nando’s has found a way to shine a light on our diversity as a country and encourage exploration in every way possible, be that by road, rail, aeroplane or even takkies hitting the pavement. South Africa’s most loved flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken restaurant, Nando’s is inviting Mzansi to make their tables bigger.

If you are wondering – what in the chicken gizzard is Nando’s saying? Making the table bigger simply means exploring tables far from you and meeting other people outside your comfort zones and regular haunts. Now you have another reason to go to Sosha or even to that Bryanston Nando’s you pass on your way home from work every day.

Nontobeko Sibiya, Marketing Manager: Communications at Nando’s, explains that celebrating South Africa’s diversity is instrumental to the progression of the country, and it is for this reason that Nando’s has launched the Make The Table Bigger campaign. The campaign calls on all South Africans to come together and be the initiators of togetherness or have what ama2k call “peace magents.”

Collecting stamps from as many Nando’s restaurants as you can get to, could land two lucky diners and their partners a trip to Nando’s in the USA. Download the Nando’s app, get your Nando’s passport, scan the QR at the restaurant and redeem your stamp. It’s really that easy! 

“We want people to jump many borders, both geographically and mentally, to collect as many passport stamps as they can, from as many Nando’s as they can visit so that we can send the lucky winners all the way to Nando’s in USA (which is a table VERY FAR away). At Nando’s, we believe that meeting people where they’re at, over a meal of their choice, is the best way to get to know someone different from you,” concludes Sibiya.

While there may be many differences between people and even countries, there’s so much more we have in common. Like the South African preamble, the United States Constitution begins with those fervent words, “We, The People” – a simple phrase with so much meaning. It echoes the sentiment that mountains may be conquered when we are a collective. It is in that collective spirit that we are extending our table all the way to America. Let’s go Mzansi, collect your stamps, Nando’s USA is calling.

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