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This February marked the first year in our home that we bought last year. We have made small changes on the outside, with the focus being on filling in empty spaces in our garden and bringing more color to our garden. The one thing that I still feel we need to make ours, is the feature wall as you come into our home. Do you all remember the red wall? I have never liked the bigger frame picture on the wall, and I just feel like this should be a statement of who the de Kock family is and our journey. I have also realised that we have so many memories  saved electronically, but that we rarely get a chance to reminisce and go through it. I also wanted to create a space for the boys to tell a story when they get older and their friends come over to visit them.

When PrintWild contacted me to collaborate with them, I was torn about what exactly to create on this space. I knew I always wanted a feature family wall. But I was not sure which of the PrintWild products would work to bring out the best in this wall. I showed Bianca from PrintWild the photo of the wall and asked her what she thought would work bets. She suggested a canvas print and the some Faceblocks. Response time was within less than an hour. The only thing that took forever was to choose which photos I wanted to use from our family pictures. As a consumer the biggest appeal for me when shopping online is how accessible and easy it is to navigate a brands website, either from your desktop or from you’re the convenience of your cell phone. The first confirmation email I received was right after I submitted the order form. The second email I received from PrintWild  was to state that my images have been downloaded and will now be checked. Their team of photographers manually review each image to ensure it’s printed perfectly. They check things like image resolution, colour and contrast, as well as apply the correct ICC colour profile for the printer that your image is designated to. All this to ensure that they keep up the top quality PrintWild customers expect. Later in the day I received another email from PrintWild that stated my image files were checked, edited, and were ready for print. 

Fun Fact! PrintWild’s clever print queue system automatically shuffles around all their active print orders to ensure that they use the various paper stocks as efficiently as possible. It’s one of the many things they do to eliminate paper waste. Check the below for the process photos.

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