Food Lover’s Market Easter range delights young and old with bespoke iced biscuits
from local supplier, Popcakes.

You are currently viewing Food Lover’s Market Easter range delights young and old with bespoke iced biscuits<br>from local supplier, Popcakes.

Plenty of sweet treats will be available in-store, from chocolate eggs to an Easter Egg Hunt bucket during the Easter run-up. Nothing gets everyone in the mood for Easter like the smell of freshly baked Hot Cross Buns – and this is precisely why Food Lover’s Market continues to bake their buns fresh in stores nationwide every morning. The buns are available in Traditional and No Fruit (R18.99), Chocolate (R19.99) and a special offer of 2 packs for R30.

In addition to fresh buns, the Easter range includes a selection of chocolate bunnies, eggs, an Easter Egg Hunt Bucket (R89), and a range of Popcakes biscuits, including an Ice-YourOwn Kit. Popcakes is a local supplier, started in the home kitchen of founder Gail Freer in 2014 when she decided to make cake pops for the local school Christmas Market. Astounded by the response, Freer realised she was onto something bigger and, even in those early days, envisioned a factory, a production line, creating jobs and building a different business. Today, she supplies a few local retailers – including the Food Lover’s Market Group. The Popcakes factory employs a team of 17 people and is still growing. Aside from the delicious product, Popcakes and Food Lover’s Market align perfectly. Both companies are committed to offering a fantastic product at an excellent price for people passionate about good food. The Food Lover’s Market Popcake range includes delicious Bunny Tails, round biscuits iced with pink or white icing and sprinkled with coconut and little sprinkles; Egg and Chick packs which are delightfully decorated coloured egg-shaped biscuits and chicken biscuits.

There’s also a box of assorted Easter egg biscuits, a big bunny biscuit, and individually wrapped biscuits of all the Easter shapes, cute bunnies, big bunnies, eggs, bunny faces, bunnies with waistcoats and bunnies with fluffy tails. Finally, there is an Ice-Your-Own kit with an egg-shaped biscuit, some icing and sprinkles for the kids to be creative and enjoy their creations. All Popcakes products range in price between R13.99 and R54.99. Food Lover’s Market Easter range also includes Hoppery Speckled Eggs (R89), Bonnie Chocolate Bunny (R64.99), Bugsy Chocolate Bunny (R49.99), Hen’s Bantam Eggs (R44.99), multicoloured Baby Bantam Eggs (R16.99), Kayleys Mallow Eggs (R49.99), and multicoloured Candy Lollies, ranging in price from R11.99 to R7.99. The Food Lover’s Market Easter Egg collection is available in-store until Sunday, 09 April2023, or until stocks last.

Enjoy your Easter with Food Lover’s Market!

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