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Food Lover’s Market makes the chic dinnerware range, Blomus, affordable for shoppers as part of new rewards campaign. Food Lover’s Market, South Africa’s largest privately owned retailer, has launched its latest in-store rewards campaign – The Blomus Dinnerware Collection. This rewards campaign offers a hefty 75% discount on the premium Blomus dinnerware. This chic and contemporary oven-to-table dinnerware range consists of breakfast plates, bowls, dinner plates, pasta bowls, an oven dish, a serving dish and a casserole with a lid.

Is it worth shopping at Food Lover’s Market for this deal?

Throughout its 30-year history, Food Lover’s Market is renowned for offering shopping theatre in its stores – a shopping experience with great value, range and quality. It has also recently come out tops in a comparison of grocery basket staples conducted by The Outlier, an independent South African data-driven publication. In the last three consecutive months – December, January and February – Food Lover’s Market has consistently proven to be the most affordable retailer in South Africa compared to the five other major retailers. Staples included white bread, sunflower oil, maize mail, sugar, rice, flour, soap and toilet paper. While it’s already independently proven to be kinder on the pocket to shop at Food Lover’s Market in a very tough economic climate, the retailer’s rewards programme aims to sweeten the experience by offering shoppers a bonus in addition to the everyday shopping experience and consistent weekly deals.

More about Blomus

Blomus is synonymous with intelligent, minimalist, and functional design for the contemporary home. It offers an unsurpassed dining experience, aesthetically complementing each other and working together to create a chic dinner table. Made in Portugal, all the Blomus products are scratch and chip-resistant, dishwasher, microwave and oven safe, easy to clean, and come in a matt finish outside and glossy finish inside. In addition, the modern 100% stoneware comes in a variety of mix-andmatch colours: Chalk white (dinner plates, breakfast plates and large oven dish), stone grey (bowls, pasta bowls and low serving dish) and dark shadow (casserole with lid). Chic, stylish, and modern – it creates an unsurpassed dining experience.

How to collect?

Shoppers can save up to 75% on Blomus Dinnerware by collecting 15 stickers and paying the additional fee to collect the Blomus Dinnerware (ranging from R79.99 for a breakfast plate to R249,99 for the casserole with lid). Stickers are issued for every R100 spent at Food Lover’s Market stores in South Africa and Namibia and Food Lover’s Eatery stores in South Africa.


To easily collect stickers within this period, Food Lover’s Market will have deals across a wide range of partner staples in their stores. Shoppers are encouraged to look out for deals on:

2kg Sunlight Auto,
X4 Food Lover’s Shredded Tuna in Brine,
2LT Clover Tropika Assorted,
1.5L Coke Orignal Less Sugar, 1.5L Coke Zero, 1.5L Fanta Orange, 1.5L Sprite and 1.5L
Stoney Ginger Beer,
2LT Pepsi Regular
6x100grams Parmalat or Yum Chums Yoghurt pack
2LT B-Well Canola Oil
Vitatech Gummies
Mars Biscuit Twx or Mars Biscuit Malteser
Food Lover’s UHT Long Like Milk – Full cream or low fat.
2.5kg Selati White Sugar
500g Food Lover’s Butter
X3 Willards Cheese Curls of Flings
X2 Tastic Products

Keep an eye on the Food Lover’s Market website here for weekly information on weekly deals. For more information on the Blomus Promotion, here.

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