MultiChoice’s Studio Reach is looking for young talented TikTok content creators

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Now in its second year – Studio Reach is calling all budding video content creators native to the TikTok platform, to be part of the highly successful incubator programme once again.

If you are a content creator native to the TikTok platform and are between the ages of 18 and 35, you could be one of 10 content creators chosen to become part of the Studio Reach incubator – an online content creation program in which you will learn digital storytelling skills, business skills, connect with other creators, and get offered a one-year subsidized internship with MultiChoice brands.

MultiChoice is continuously looking to enrich the communities in which it operates, and Studio Reach aims to increase skills sharing through content creation, technology and storytelling by connecting creators to producers, marketing and programming teams to give young talented content creators an understanding of the broadcast industry.

“We are really excited to be calling TikTok creators to be part of Studio Reach once again this year. This programme has been fundamentally designed to help our business develop a pipeline of talented content creators for both long and short formats on TikTok. More than that, we want to develop local influencers and content creators on the platform to service the MultiChoice brands and their core marketing targets,” says Charis Coleman, Head of Content for Group Digital at MultiChoice.

The second iteration of this successful talent incubator will not only celebrate the local creator community but the power of short-form storytelling and the culture it informs but also help generate long-term revenue opportunities and commercial sponsorships.

“Studio Reach is about unlocking the next generation of digital video content creators. The programme will engage young creative digital thinkers to produce digital first content in line with future thinking and social trends,” adds Coleman.

“There is an abundance of untapped creatives amongst our nation’s youth, who only need a springboard to showcase their skills. MultiChoice wants to offer a hand up to help kick-start the careers for 10 young creatives, giving them the opportunity to improve their abilities as digital content creators,” says Tumi Masekela, Executive Head, Corporate Affairs South Africa at MultiChoice.

How to enter:

• Think you have what it takes? Simply create a one-minute video on TikTok that shares a day in your life and why you are a hot storyteller. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #MCGStoryTime

• Submissions cannot be longer than 60 seconds in length and must remain on your personal account on the TikTok app for at least 60 calendar days after the expiration of the application period.

• Applications close on 28 May 2023.

• The video must be original, exclusively created and owned by you, and you must have all the rights necessary to submit the video, including written permission from anyone featured in your video (or if the person featured is under 18, a written permission from their parent or legal guardian).

• Extra points will be given to the smart use of popular trends, sounds, filters, and trending topics.

• The video must have been produced in a safe and responsible manner, having due regard for the physical, mental, and moral effects on all individuals involved; you should have between 20 000 to 50 000 followers and your TikTok account must have been active for at least three months.

• All applicants need to meet the application requirements for MultiChoice’s Yes4Youth programme.

Get creating, share your entry now and you could be one of only 10 content creators selected for this exclusive programme! For more information on how to enter and terms & conditions click here.

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