NIVEA’s First Ever Targeted 5-Minute Wrinkle FillerNEW: NIVEA Q10 Wrinkle Filler Serum

You are currently viewing NIVEA’s First Ever Targeted 5-Minute Wrinkle FillerNEW: NIVEA Q10 Wrinkle Filler Serum

Meet NIVEA’s highly innovative Q10 TARGETED WRINKLE FILLER SERUM, a de-ageing treatment with instant 5-minute antiwrinkle results. What’s in the mix? Your skin gets an advanced 5% ACTIVE COMPLEX containing pure Q10 combined with BIOXIFILL® peptides. This means it can fight even the most stubborn wrinkles. Potent anti-wrinkle action creates real and noticeable anti-age results that will get even better with time. In other words, while this offers instant results – it’s been formulated to deliver long-term deep-wrinkle treatment too. What a win! A Powerful Blend of Ingredients in a Smart Serum Revolutionizing its hero ingredient, skin-identical Q10, NIVEA has teamed this ingredient up with BIOXIFILL® peptides and anti-age actives to create a fast-absorbing serum formula for a highly powerful treatment. What does that mean for your complexion? The visible look of collagen-boosted skin helps fight even stubborn wrinkles effectively. And that’s critical in turning back the skin’s clock. What’s more, BIOXIFILL® peptides (made up of skin-essential amino acids) helps to restore the appearance of collogen-rich skin and help to effectively fight all types of wrinkles. The skin-hugging texture, rich with precious pigments, creates a hydrating film and immediately fills and re-plumps the skin. This means you’ll see an instant reduction in the appearance of wrinkles in just 5 minutes. Rewarding, right? The potent 5% ACTIVE COMPLEX gives skin long term results. Think a softer looking, firmer feeling skin, with less visible lines and wrinkles on the forehead and lips as well as an obvious reduction of wrinkles around the eyes and the nasolabial area of 50% after 4 weeks of usage.

Q10: A Youth Boosting Success Story
NIVEA was the first brand in the market to launch an anti-wrinkle range with pure, skin-identical Coenzyme Q10 – a world renowned technology. The Q10 range has advanced to become NIVEA’s No. 1 face care collection. The brand is now continuing to reinforce its market leadership position and skin expertise in wrinkle treatment with the launch of the Q10 TARGETED WRINKLE FILLER SERUM. “Our Q10 range is extremely successful – every 2 seconds a Q10 face care cream is sold! Consumers the world over enjoy our renowned R&D expertise and ambition to drive world-class innovations,” says Julia Frankenberger, Global Marketing Director Face Care. “We are now taking it to the next level by launching the first-ever serum with visible 5-minute anti-wrinkle results. It is dedicated to treat even the most stubborn wrinkles in the delicate facial areas around the forehead, eyes, lips, and nasolabial folds – areas that need special attention when it comes to wrinkle reduction.” The innovation complements the existing successful core anti-age range Q10 ANTI-WRINKLE POWER tailored to women who want their skin to stay healthy, seeking an effective treatment solution to fight tough wrinkles while enjoying those instant results.

Q10: Why Your Skin Needs More!
Signs of premature skin ageing appear as fine lines, with first wrinkles starting to show in your mid20s when the skin’s ability to produce its own co-enzyme Q10 declines. This means the possibility of weakened cellular energy and less antioxidative defence capabilities. This is when deeper wrinkles start to form. Fortunately, the skin can be supplemented directly through topical application of Q10 (treatment products like creams and serums applied onto the skin) to strengthen the skin’s own natural defences and helps the skin to put back the Q10 that age takes away. Not only does this mean helping your body maintain healthy skin for longer but also aiding the skin to work against ageing by rejuvenating the skin. “Q10 supplementation is effective both during the day and at night. During the daytime, it protects our skin against environmental harmful agents, such as UV radiation and pollution, due to its direct antioxidant capacity. During the night, when biosynthetic processes mainly take place, it helps to regenerate the damaged components of the skin,” elaborates Prof. Luca Tiano, Professor in Biochemistry at Marche Polytechnic University and Member of the Executive Committee of the
International Co-enzyme Q10 Association (ICQA).

Skin looks smoother in 5 minutes

Heard of clinical testing? These trials are conducted to prove the efficacy of a product. So how did Q10 TARGETED WRINKLE FILLER SERUM score? It was tested by independent institutes and revealed and confirmed that 90% of women who have tested the product experienced an improved youthful look. “We are extremely proud that our innovative serum provides both immediate and longterm results, complementing every anti-ageing face care regimen and is suitable for different skin tones and types,” concludes Frankenberger.

How to use the Q10 WRINKLE FILLER SERUM:
Step 1: Apply NIVEA Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream on cleansed skin.
Step 2: Apply NIVEA Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream, gently massage into your skin moving from
inner to outer corner.
Step 3: Apply NIVEA Q10 TARGETED WRINKLE FILLER SERUM using the silicone applicator on
the skin and spread the skin-hugging serum evenly with your fingertips to fill lines and wrinkles. It
can also be applied on the rest of your face to intensely hydrate and smoothen the skin.
Available at leading retail outlets and pharmacies nationwide and online at Clicks and Dischem.

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