About Me


I am Cisca, the creator behind, Its a Mom’s Life.  I became a first time Mom in 2017, to our son Hudson. Together our family grew from having two yorkies, Charzi and Minka to a little human that wanted constant cuddles and kisses. I started blogging in September 2017. As a first time Mom, I really struggled and I was in need of an outlet to share my fears, my accomplishments and everything in between. I am a lecturer by day and a Social Media Mom by night. My blog gives authentic and raw accounts of trying to do it all. I have always been a creative, and through my blog, I am able to share and review some great local and international brands in the following categories, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, food and whatever else is on demand and interests me. Come a long and enjoy this roller-coaster ride called, Motherhood with my family and I.

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