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Nespresso Spiced Coconut Coffee

Recipe by Zola Nene An explosion of tastes to take you to the southernmost tip of Africa. The Spiced Coconut Coffee is inspired by the flavours of a Koesister. Your senses come alive with this dynamic pairing of World Explorations Cape Town Envivo Lungo and some classic South African tastes. Sweetness, tang, and spice all come together with this Lungo coffee’s intense woodsy aroma in a tasty explosion. Whipped cream brings the smooth and silky texture to the vibrant flavours […]

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Zola Nene’s take on every foodies dream destination

As part of Nespresso’s current World Explorations campaign, the coffee brand has set out on a quest to explore local cultures and cuisines. With Cape Town being one of the cities celebrated in this latest collection of Lungo coffees, and with the City often being considered the culinary capital of South Africa, we simply had to take a closer look. To get the best in local insight, Nespresso partnered with renowned Cape Town-based Chef, Zola Nene, who believes, “Food is […]

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Food and wine at Muratie Estate

The past weekend we explored Muratie Estate. Nestled in one of the oldest and beautiful estates in the Knorhoek Valley. From the minute you step onto the farm, you are transported back to an era when the living was made easy and what you had was more than enough to share. We were presented with some of the finest wines. Each wine with an even more intriguing story then the last one. Imagine being in the centre of greenery, part […]

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