AuthorCisca de Kock

Natralogic Review

With my first pregnancy, I was not clued up at all, as to what products to use during and after pregnancy. I knew that with all the changes, there would be aches, pains and the dreaded stretch marks. My stretch marks only started appearing in my third trimester. They did not creep in, but made a grand appearance all at once. By now you have probably seen the Natralogic range all over social media. As I have mentioned before, I […]

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Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

A few months into my pregnancy I was diagnosed with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. At the time I had never ever heard of this condition before, and was did not even know where to start or how to handle the news. In the beginning of my pregnancy I endured a lot of pain in my pelvic area, but thought it was probably due to the pregnancy, and hoped that it would gradually go away. I never experienced any kind of pain […]

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Loss and Mental Health

As most of you know, I lost my mom to cancer when I was 22 weeks pregnant with Hudson. When Hudson was 3 months old I was diagnosed with severe Post Partum Depression and anxiety. I documented my journey with PPD here. It has been two years and three months, and it has not been easy. With the help of a brilliant and supportive psychiatrist and medication, I was able to face my demons and fears head on. And then […]

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