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Reproductive health

This February, which is recognised as Reproductive Health Month, the spotlight has fallen on another 21st century crisis – plummeting fertility rates. Fertility levels worldwide have plunged to an historic low with scientists predicting that by 2025, almost 10 million couples will struggle to conceive. South Africa faces the same conundrum, with already more than 20% of couples struggling to conceive naturally. This wasn’t the case 20 to 30 years ago. Experts attribute the decline to economic prosperity, urbanisation and […]

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Future Life Beauty Food

The buzz word of late has been collagen. I know that some of you might have some questions on this topic and especially on the new Future Life Beauty Food. South Africa’s first anti-ageing food New FUTURELIFE® BEAUTI FOOD™ The benefits of including hydrolyzed collagen meal supplement in your diet means an innovative, convenient anti-ageing solution that EFFECTIVELY turns back your skin’s clock. With its ground-breaking ability to nourish not only your body – in a delicious yet healthy way […]

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Rugani adds new flavors

A few weeks ago I received a press drop from Rugani Juice. I have always been a big fan of this all natural, no additives juice that is available from Food Lover’s Market and Dischem. Our journey began with a purpose – create a new, consumer-centric product designed to revolutionise health and make nutraceuticals accessible and convenient to all. What once seemed an insurmountable task for a family of farmers is now a reality. From working with leading veggie extract pioneers, […]

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