Local Brands

There are so many amazing brands out there, especially the local ones. If you follow Chenel Kruger’s page @raisinglittlejames you will be in awe of how modern she dresses her son and the amazing brands that she promotes. I knew from the start that I did not want to dress Hudson old fashioned, but that I wanted him to  be trendy and of course fashion forward! Our first local brand is Tiny Tribe. They had a sale on all their winter stock and the bargain hunter that I am, took full advantage of this! These are the following pieces I bought;

Because it was their winter sale I decided to buy bigger sizes, so that Hudson is able to wear it for Winter 2018. These prints will never go out of style and will definitely stay on point! I had to buy the “Curls gone wild” too as well. Can you just imagine how long and curly his hair will be by then???? Swooning already I tell you.

There are a few more pieces I want to get my hands on, but alas will wait awhile. Go and check out their website!


You’re Welcome!


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