Bed time with Chicco

It can not just be me. But I feel like the older your little one gets, the more your bath time routine changes. When Hudson was a teeny tiny baby, he did not really have a say or could not run away and hide when it was bath time. Bath time was so much easier. It took a while to get into the routine, but when he was one month old, we had it locked down to the T! Hudson […]

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Fun Times, this June!

A few weeks ago the whole family was invited to the Tree House at Boschendal. An exciting new edu-play centre offering children a chance to enjoy an authentic farm experience. The new Playground next to The Tree House is the brand new addition and available for all young visitors to the farm. Short-listed for the We Are Africa 2019 Design Award, the Tree House at Boschendal is an exciting new activity centre that offers children aged 4 to 14 years […]

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Potty Training

I feel like as soon as Hudson turned two years old, the pressure of starting to potty train had a snowball effect. It seemed like it was all that other Mom’s talked about. Then comparison started to kick in. This one’s chid learned to potty train in one day (gasp) and that one in 48 hours. I remember nagging at my husband saying that we need to start potty training ASAP, because everyone else’s kid can do it, but not […]

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