Birth Photography

I’m 36 weeks going on 37 weeks pregnant, and in less than 2 weeks our lives, as we know it, is going to get more eventful. To say that I am having mixed emotions of fear, anxiety and excitement would be an understatement, but I could not imagine our life any other way. If you have been following me from the start, you are likely to be familiar with Hudson’s birth story. Picture a 3 part episode, filled with what […]

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The Body Shop Sheet Masks

As the weeks grow closer to meeting our little man, I am also realising that “me time” won’t be the same again. One thing that I will definitely still make time for is using a The Body Shop Sheet Mask. A few weeks ago I was sent three new sheet masks that was added to The Body Shop range. The Vitamin E Quench sheet Mask (R95.00); The Aloe Calm Sheet Mask (R95.00) and The Seaweed Balance Sheet Mask (R95.00). The […]

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NEW! AGE with Dermalogica

A few weeks ago I attended the launch of Dermalogica‘s NEW!AGE Bright Clearing Serum and the NEW!AGE Bright spot fader. If you are suffering from clear breakouts and visible signs of premature ageing, then these two products mentioned above are for you. It is a proven fact that more and more people are experiencing chronic stress and adult acne than ever before. Our daily lives are quite packed and driven and this has an effect on our body’s biochemistry. This […]

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