Make up Brushes

This year one of the categories I would like to expand on is Make up. Do you know which make up brush to use for what? For the longest time I have had two make up brushes. Yes, I know, bad practice. But I honestly did not know what brand of make up brushes to buy or even where to start. A friend of mine recently sent me this beautiful Make up brush set from Nude by nature and it […]

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Do you judge?

As women we are so easy to judge others, this becomes even more evident once we become mothers. Do you judge another Mom’s parenting skills? Do you judge another Mom’s decisions? Do you judge another Mom’s actions? a few weeks ago I recommended the Series Servant. One of the director’s is Manoj Nelliyattu “M. Night” Shyamalan. He is an American filmmaker and sometimes also acts in his own movies (minor roles). I have always said that he knows just how […]

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Blogging Series Part 2

Happy 20plenty everyone. I know this Blogging Series Part 2, was supposed to be published last year, but you know life happens. And I have to say it was actually so good to take a break from blogging. I probably should have mentioned this before, but never ever let blogging interfere with your family time. Over and above all my family is more important to me, and I do not want to loose any time with them. That being said, […]

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