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Get it? A = AppleB = BeetrootC = Carrot ABC Juice is not a new concept amongst juicers all around the world. It has been known for being a beneficial juice blend for quite some time. As leaders in the vegetable juice market, Rugani Juice decided to launch their very own ABC Juice, the first of its kind, made from fresh vegetables and fruits only! As a farm and family-owned brand, Rugani is passionate about raising a healthy generation and […]

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Avon Justine introduces alcohol-based sanitisers to its product range

As South Africa and the world grapples with chronic shortages of sanitisers, one of the critical products in the fight against coronavirus infection, Avon Justine has introduced alcohol-based sanitisers to its product portfolio to plug the supply gap created by an unprecedented spike in local and global demand.  The World Health Organisation (WHO), the Department of Health and the health fraternity have identified the use of sanitisers and soap as the first line of defence to stop the spread of […]

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The Inside Book

Our normal has changed quite a bit in the last few weeks. The hardest hit has to be our little ones, as it’s hard for them to understand the concepts of lockdown and the Corona Virus. Matthew Griffith produced The Inside Book to help children understand why we are stuck inside during the COVID-19 lockdown. Matt is an author and creator of children’s books. Please get in touch with him if you have feedback or would like to translate it. […]

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