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Sensational Masks

I am always looking for new skincare masks that delivers. Being a Mom of a a 2 year old, “Me Time” is a luxury. So when I do get a chance to go full on body and facial treatments at home, the products better deliver on quality, results and be worth the price tag of course. SIX Sensational Skincare This is the second time that I am reviewing some skincare products from this brand. The company prides itself in bringing […]

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SoyLites Review

Their Story – Colin and Nicole SoyLites was born in 2007. From very humble beginnings operating from a small room at the back of their house, they have grown into a fully fledged – and still growing – manufacturing entity with 7 permanent staff.  The education of consumers about soy candles and their relative advantages over conventional candles remains a key necessity for their growth. When they launched their first products on the shelves in 2008, the whole concept and idea […]

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Review: The Body Shop Cactus Blossom collection is here!

Aww where do I even start with my love affair with The Body Shop. I first came across this brand while living in Asia and fell deeply in love with it. Upon returning to South Africa on holidays, my suitcase was usually packed with my favourite The Body Shop products. Christmas being one of my all time favourite collections. Today, the 4th of February , The Body Shop will be launching a new limited edition range called Cactus Blossoms. What […]

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