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Ok! so let’s get real. As Moms, who is and will always be our first priority? Others….but most importantly our family right? I have learned that it is so important for ones sanity to invest some time in yourself. When Hudson was born, I honestly forgot about myself, in the sense of not taking care of myself. I welcomed a five minute shower I could take at the end of the day when hubby was home to take care of Hudson. As he has gotten older, Hudson and I have become better at time managing, and he has been giving his Momma some time to just do things for herself.

Ok! now let’s get back to THIS post. Its Summer and the holidays are upon us. During Winter, Fall and even Spring, one could hide ones feet in booties, ankle booties and of course socks, or wearing stockings. Its time to bring those feet out and to make them PRETTY! I have tried EVERY heel balm, foot scrub and foot moisturizer out there. Before I sat down to type this post I actually counted all the products I had for my feet, besides all the gadgets. I had about 12 different products, some I had barely even used, as it did not deliver at all. I had really given up and was preparing myself for a lot of money spent on pedicures this Summer Season.   But then……… TA DA!


Honestly when I was told to use just a little bit of this and that I didn’t even need to use my gadgets, I had my doubts! In the past I would spend at least an hour on my feet, and now I was told I would never have to do that again, I just had to see for myself. This foot polish leaves your feet feeling rejuvenating, it really does. Within five minutes of using it I fell in love. The combination of oils and natural ingredients used  and the results I was seeing just blew me away. After massaging the polish into my feet, I wiped it off and then applied the……


With other heel balms, I have always felt that it leaves my feet so oily I have to wipe my feet before putting on sandals. The Homespun Heel Balm absorbs into ones skin so quickly and you only need to use a little bit of it. I am NEVER EVER buying products for my feet again. Homespun THANK YOU!!!!

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